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from gwenllian :
Just wondering whatever happened to you...
from imaginated :
I'm not to fond of ginger or bugs, but I do find you amusing. *random happy thoughts from dee*
from sani :
hey, I forgot where is you new diary ( the passwordet one) and the word and suername..could you resend it to me please? Thx Sandra
from p3-corr :
Hi i just joined your 'lush' ring, great stuff! your diary is funky! xx
from maeve-arie :
I have a new review site Come check it out and let me know what you think! Maeve
from sweetphatty :
just writing you both here and your notes page (im hoping you get to read at least one of them). I always read your diary and i think it sucks about all this drama going on.. but im so upset that you locked your diary.. i was lookin forward to some readin!
from damodred :
*gasp* you are locked! what happened??
from paper-rose :
augh!!! password please!
from jen69 :
sob you have locked your diary. please send me a note when you unlock it
from taliana1 :
Just noticed that you are locked....bummer. Found you back in July after my fiance attempted suicide--your posts on your mom helped me out. Hope you are doing well...and if you unlock yourself (or care to share the pwd) let me know. Take care...
from glitterscars :
is this locking permanent, miss bug? I'll cry, I will...
from jen69 :
just discovered your diary and i LIVE your layout. especially the little book. apologies if you visit my diary. it's a tad bright and i got giddy with html
from floodtide :
Hey, beautiful. Thanks: I was very flattered and honored when a banner appeared at the top of my buddylist page; lo and behold! there was something I'D said. "I've been quoted!,: I thought... It's a great banner idea, by the way, and thanks for making me a small part of it. Love, Flood.
from mandypandy83 :
You've been nominated!
from apt-get :
Well, you have your uname/pass to my diary all set up ;) I sent it a while ago to [email protected] If that's not your regular addy and you'd still like to read my bitchy rants, please drop me a line and I'll update the password database. :)
from raven72d :
I studied History in graduate school-- 19th and 20th century Eastern Europe. Wrote my doctoral thesis on the Habsburg Monarchy ("Politics, the Nationality Question, and the Armies of the Habsburg Monarchy 1848-1914"). So I needed to know at least a little Magyar. And, yes, as a boy I tried to learn Tolkien's Elvish...which I only learned last December was derived from Finnish...
from raven72d :
I just found your journal and it is delightful. The idea of a Finnish-Russian bilingual school fascinates me, too. I studied Magyar for a while-- I have a sense of how alien Finnish and Estonian must be. The panic attacks I can sympathize with: I can no longer fly or drive in heavy urban traffic. In any event-- I will be reading along in your journal.
from floodtide :
Hey - and thank you for your terrific note. You're right, of course, and I KNOW all that - of course one will feel the urges to feel accepted, approved, loved; these things are inherent in making something so private into something at least semi-public. The trick for me is disciplining myself to behave and write the way I would if I DIDN'T feel those things - to be honest in spite of the urge to impress, in spite of the urge to seem snappy, witty, erudite. I checked out your diary, and you write beautifully and honestly and openly - the way I hope to. I will come back!
from rebelchic13 :
good luck on your relationship. I'm also a huge dragon fan! Enjoy the movie! I saw it, it was very interesting!
from autumnal :
your bio was very powerful to read.
from dernhelm :
Hi, I'm a member of your chocolate ring. I wanted to tell you that I'm locking my diary, but just for the summer; it'll be unlocked at the end of August. Please don't kick me out of the ring! Also, thanks for the info on Comet Cursor. I installed it in a fit of madness a year ago, and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't delete... but I followed your instructions and cleared up some space, so thanks. :)
from stats01 :
thank you SOOOOO much for the cd. i absolutely love it (and you!).
from evil-edna :
Thinking of you and what you're going to have to go through tomorrow.
from ravenheart :
Thank you for the virus tip. I have deleted the exchanges I were a member of and I hope it's goon now. I only have my own codes on now.
from themagicdude :
Happy birthday, in that case. And I mean that; I hope and believe it is a happy birthday. Looking forward to the future with hopes and good feelings is always wonderful. At least you won't feel that goalless... Secondly, nice to hear from ya again. Sounds like the con was a real lot of fun, glad to hear that. Talk to ya..sometime.....Youri.
from smile-z :
hey gingerbug! i took a layout from u a few days ago... sorry for tellin ya so late cos my internet had some probs... 2 of my frens used ur layouts too: me- thanx!!
from evil-edna :
Ack - what can I say? No, really. I've developed this strange problem where I can't think of anything to say. Oh yeah, that's it. There's something so damned familiar about your face - you remind me of someone and it's bugging the hell out of me who it is.
from veg :
what a clearheaded, honest entry (settling that is). I hope things start to go better for you.
from damodred :
W is really weird. you aren't asking anything strange or abnormal at all. i would never be able to stay with a guy who didn't do the things that your boyfriend won't do. no oral sex???? *gasp* i would go nutty. maybe ask if you guys can do mutal masturbation or something. maybe if you were both doing it he'd be more comfortable?
from jetton :
please go to my might be crap but noone read it :(
from pixiia-8 :
Wow, ok, the universe really does give you what you need if you are open, doesn't it. First, I went and read your review, which was awesome :). Then through that I went and read 'Dinosaur' was like it was just for me today. It made a big difference, and I'm really glad for it. You are coolsville gingerbug :).
from faecat :
W sounds like my husband re:presents and understanding my needs...i dont know if they will ever get....for our wedding anniversary he got me things he wanted for the VDAY present this year or last....i uderstand....not greedy
from potireviews :
Hello, I just read your entry and am supper curious to know more. I just wanted to tell you that your review has been accepted, and that I'll (HonestJewel) will be your reviewer.
from pixiia-8 :
Hey Ginger! :). I'm starting to really get into learning how to design my own site, and I wanted to thank you so much for helping me to understand stuff. I'm wondering if instead of designing one for me, you might be willing to answer some questions in the future about how to do some stuff on my site when i get really confused so that I can learn on my own...tell me what you think of my page's new look, k? Thx :))
from void :
Thanks for the layout again gingerbug! I joined a ring and visited howtouse and got it all set up. Just thought I'd leave ya a note to tell you. *hugs*
from ajjreviews :
you've been reviewed :)
from embereye :
hi there. just discovered the community of diaryland...even though I've been around for a while. what you write and all of your helpful sites. I may be just another face in the crowd, but I am a friendly smiling one. :-D
from stats01 :
we love you, ginger. without you, there would be no interview (or interview wannabes) on DL. you're a diaryland goddess, if there ever was one! :)
from sovain :
Heads up! you review has been posted. Hope you like :) Ariadne xxx
from vegangirl :
hey. i just read your how to guide to diaryland. Thanks! It is rather nice. I was wondering if you could mention my "project site" in there. It is called veganfriends. It is basically a public post site for vegans, vegetarians, anyone wishing to go veggie, or anyone who cares about enviromental or animal issues. Thanks!
from damodred :
woohoo, i want to meet you too!
from void :
hey gingerbug, wow the layout is soooooo cool! Its way better than I expected and so fast too! I'm sorry that I missed talking to you in chat today but I had to go to school. My diary will explain why I can't come on for long tonight also. I hope tommorrow I will be able to have you help me change my html of my page. Till then, thanks so much, I LOVE IT!
from damodred :
wow, is that another picture of you? you are so beautiful. i love that bra too.
from evil-edna :
Damned fine update :-)
from outoftime :
Hey there, I allready complimented you on your howtouse-diaryland-project, so I won't do that again ;). I browsed through the entire project and I noticed there wasn't any article on counters and statistics for diaries. I know the goldmembership offers it, but a lot of diaries are non-gold so adding an article about that would really complete your project I think. Just some constructive critisim, that is all :). Take care, Outoftime.
from void :
gingerbug- you do layouts for people? I would dig having you make a layout for me. Write me back with details. I'd try myself but I've got no idea how to use html. ttyl
from invisibledon :
Happy Saturday
from pixiia-8 :
Hi gingerbug! So, I saw your sexy are so pretty! And what's weird, is you look pretty much exactly how I picture you :). Pix
from sovain :
Hey there. Your diary is beautiful and the truth is we'd love to do a critique of it over at SoVain. Come check us out - Ariadne xxx
from roguemarine :
HEllo there. You're missing something from your application for inspection at Rogue Reviews. Be sure to check the Rules and Scoring sections to find out what I mean. :)
from lexdesigns :
Hi there! Well I don't have a diary on diaryland anymore, but I still have my template site so.. it's your call. :) If you'd like to do some sort of Interview based on Lex Designs that's fine, or whatever.. if you could email me (I'm at work right now so I can't email you) at [email protected][nospam] we can discuss things - or my aim name is lexypalki. :)
from pixiia-8 :
OH Phew! It was a false alarm. It may have been the computer I was on, or maybe it was because the site was being moved, but the entries that weren't there are again. I thought it was a nasty trick, because I had some nasty little things going on, lol, but they are over now I think. I feel soooo relieved! Yes, I would love for you to do a template for me, my site looks limited. But it looks soo much better than it could have without your help, you made some things make sense to me so that at least I could express who I am a little :). Thank you, and thanks for writing back so fast, luv, Pix
from pixiia-8 :
Hi Gingerbug. I feel all yucky and a little freaked out, and I remembered how much you know about computers, and diaryland, and how sweet you are, so I thought I would ask you about this - someone erased my three latest entries. It was a grudge thing, and I'm really creeped out that someone could do did they do this? Thanks if you write back :)luv, Pix
from catherines :
Hi! I found your free HTML code for diaryland use and I want to thank you! I loaded the yellow flower template onto my page ( and think it looks great! However, I think there might be a glitch with the code for the top of the page. The flower itself as well as the "previous" "recent" "profile" etc. tags seem to be way off to the side when on your example template they were centered. I know nothing about HTML, so I did not mess with it. Can you help? Thanks so much for putting those together for HTML morons like me. Catherine P.S. So sorry to post this on your guest book page, but I don't have e-mail short cuts at work, so I couldn't e-mail you directly. My e-mail is [email protected] Thanks again!
from stupidshit :
That sucks.. Well either way I hope its a good one. Hey if you ever see me on-line give me a message. My screen names on numbers are in my profile. Peace Out, btw I think your funny shit. Greg
from stupidshit :
I apoligize I forgot to add I wish I could go to therapy with you.
from stupidshit :
What company do you work for?
from themagicdude :
W is a straaaaaange guy... Glad to hear you're feeling something "normal" again. Although I didn't dislike the entries you wrote while you didn't...anyway, I'm just talking crap. Cya.
from orangina21 :
I am so sorry about your mom. I wish you the best. I know how difficult it can be at these times. Sometimes, you just have to let yourself take the time you need to heal.
from ringostarr :
Hi. I just read about your mother. That's a real downer. Anyways if you want to talk about it either via e-mail ([email protected]) or thru PM let me know. I'm a good shoulder to cry on. lots of love, ringostarr.
from vortex79 :
I've got the link to clarity on my page now, and a link to Interview... When you get time. I read all the rules and whatnot, just let me know when everything's ready to go again. Thanks.
from one-on-one :
hi, glad you like the site. i did give credit...on my own site, cabbages69. i wouldn't have taken the initiative to do a new site, but i've talked to many people who have been in limbo for months, as well as my self. we all asked, "how hard is it, really?" so i figured i'd find out for myself.
from trinity63 :
Hu Luv - I hope you are feeling better, been thinking of you:) Miss you! Love, Trinity
from witchmedic :
Hey - Loved your artwork. :) Catch you around when you're on the chat.
from wendchymes :
Chat has not been the same without you. I have been reading your diary, and words are inadequate , but they are all we have, to link us. So, i wish I could scatter some beautiful ones outside your door for you to find one morning, but until then, I will just have to say, " hello GB. I see you, You exist. You are beautiful and I love the way you smell like Lush. You have an exquisite heart and you are not alone" love, ~wendchymes xox
from damodred :
my god that perfume sounds awesome! i wonder if i can get some here in canada, or even just a smell of it. you sure know how to treat yourself :). again, thank you so much for the lush present.
from mechanica :
I'm sorry to read things aren't going so well, hang in there. I hope all works out.
from word-of-day :
Hey ginger, I found your brother. It was a bug that I droped in Ginger. It is him, cause I ate him.
from damodred :
there is nothing you should do, and your condition isn't something you just "get over". it's an illness, like diabetes or rickets (tee hee), it needs treatment like an illness. you aren't weak!
from twinarrows :
haha... no, i wasn't trying to be insinuative by putting that picture's address on there or anything... i might be wrong, but it seemed you thought i was hinting at that... thanks for the offer though, very kind! i wouldn't want to put you out... nay madam, i was mer'ly wishing you a wunnerful day, just as i seem to be doing now... i hope to talk to you soon (or later... whatever comes first)... byebye!
from twinarrows :
hey there ginger...... just wanted to say hi, and wish you the best day one can possibly have without hurting one's self! hope all is well!
from nakedreviews :
your review is ready, madame! get well soon and thanks for submitting your diary! *hugs*
from simon- :
Don't worry about it. :) I have the same problem. Sometimes work needs to take center stage, but it won't be like that forever.
from toothbrush :
Hey Ms. Gingerbug! I stopped by this morning and was/am noseying through your older entries... good stuff. I noticed that Like Water For Chocolate is listed as one of your favourite films. I love that one too! Have you read the book by Laura Esquivel?
from brokenwords :
Hey, I've tried e-mailing you several times with my interview stuff, but so far it keeps telling me it can't e-mail you. Just wanted to let you know that I wasn't ignoring you guys or anything.
from wateryone :
Have you read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman? it's another cool alternate London story.
from melisander :
Glad you liked the link! I enjoy reading your diary. The situation with your mom sounds like it will never end. I just found out my mom has been subliminally psychologically using me against my dad. It's pretty awful when you think about it. Ever think about going to a spiritual healer and figuring her out? There are several in the US i can recommend.. they do healings over the phone too.
from simon- :
Well, I hope you don't leave just after helping drag me here! ;) Unfair! - But seriously, I do hope you stay. Your diary is an interesting read, and I don't think that makes you an attention seeker. The thing is, if you find something interesting to write about, the chances are other people will want to read it too. And if it helps the people you know IRL to understand you better, that's a good thing too.
from melisander :
hey. Dragontails area all very well and good, but have you heard of Simon- told me about it and it is SO FUNNY!
from simon- :
Thanks... I didn't actually know that. :) Good to see there are still some fans here and there. Sorry for letting your secret out though! ;)
from gingerbug :
Oh, crap. I was still logged in as "interview". Oopsie.
from interview :
Eeeek! You KNEW! Well, actually - the band's name "Ozric Tentacles" was supposed to be their trippy brand of breakfast cereal. There. The cat's out of the bag...see what you've made me do?
from simon- :
I am assuming the milk reference might have something to do with the boxed set (er, wasn't it vitalin, damn I never bought it before they ran out) that looked like a Kelogg's cereal packet... Or is there another reason too?
from flipstash :
OK I admit it I am HTNL challenged..what is an index and what is broken cuz it all seems to work for my on my pc?
from gothdaria :
Hey there. Just writing to let you know about the Diary Review ring for those with scores of 90 or higher. You can find out more about it and join at
from connie-w :
ok, it's fixed now. once again: THANK YOU! :o)
from connie-w :
thx for the info. i did fix it, but for some reasons i don't know why it can't be fixed :o( it's in my email & gb status bar ...
from connie-w :
thank you for accepting my diary to yr ring :o)
from diarycritic :
Hi, Gingerbug. Haha. Yup, you did critique us! Good catch. Thanks for letting us know so we can (do our best to) keep our site error-free. :)
from gingerbug :
Thanks for the comments (and no, just a pause in entries for the moment - I'm busy moving house and soon my net connection will vanish for a day or so *grin*)
from london-joker :
I like what you write. Does your move mean no more entries?
from gingerbug :
*chuckle* thanks
from sunny-girl :
COMMENTS!!! =D Thought I'd leave you one!
from gingerbug :
Uhh...comments, anyone?

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