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from rockboy :
in think we should both make new diarys. you and me both. what do you think?
from understood :
Yes, it's a good thing to not see your successes/failures as something relative. But then again, if I cured cancer or something I'd probably where a shirt 24/7 that said "You know that guy that cured cancer, that's me!"
from girlreview :
Hey. It's Dani from girl review. You made it on to our all-stars 95+ page because your diary scored a 95 or above. That also makes you avaliable for an invitation to become a reviewer. Let me know as soon as possible if you're interested. Thanks!
from liquid-mojo :
built-in camel toe? interesting... =p
from ixlovely :
your words are powerful. they've moved me. every person has a different way of expressing themselves but whatever way they choose to. it will move someone somewhere. it will touch their hearts, believe me. xoxox
from ixlovely :
you should give &never expect anything in return. thats what my mom taught me, but its true [like you said] sometimes we're just doing volunteer work for the sake of looking good on our college applications. but the point is we try to learn from the experience. =] xo darling.
from cmkern3 :
I think the intention behind any action is the most important part of that action personally.
from ixlovely :
i applaud that entry. i cant wait for the next election because ill be able to vote by then *YAY* knowledge certainly is the most beautiful thing in the world to posess. lovely entry, darling. exoh<3
from cmkern3 :
The Time Travelers Wife is good.
from cmkern3 :
I love love love Hoobastank. If you like that song, you'll love their new CD which kicks all types of ass. Also, their first CD is amazing. Uh, yeah - can you tell I like them a little?
from leslieirene :
I really adore your diary template! I've probably said that before, but it's great. I put the entry where "I Vent and Get Angry" in my private folder so that no one can read it anymore. I realize you were the one who said it made you "cringe". I don't like to be snarky or negative, and I am glad to have put that behind me, and am more devoted to Christ than ever. Hope your week goes well! Love, Leslie
from leslieirene :
Thanks for the info! I posted your comment as a revision on the entry. Wow. I guess it's just fiction. Thanks again. Love, Leslie
from ixlovely :
that was beautiful; as for me? middle school graduation was only a year ago & some may say i havent grown up much since. but i would like to think not. i have matured enough to not worry about silly things like nails, makeup, etc. but as for what im looking for? im not even sure ill know that 10 years from now. but all i can say is one thing is for certain. a soulmate, thats what i want. someone who means the world to me & i mean the world to them. who completely understands me & loves me unconditionally. maybe these hopes are too high for a high school girl. ridiculous & radical. but i like the thought of it.
from cmkern3 :
Absolutely beautiful entry!
from ixlovely :
i must say your dog is a p-i-m-p (or pimpette if she's a girl) ciao <3
from minderella :
that is weird that you just got my email!! i do remember writing you a while ago. i may try out the sex museum - thanks for the tip. best, m.
from rkwj1 :
I made the mistake of watching that video also. Trying to erase the image of that will be a hard thing to do. I can't even imagine what his family must have thought. What a world we live in huh. Later,ROB
from peterkeating :
Thanks for the note. I used to be 'ohioman', but I think I deleted most of the entries. I love your journal and look forward to more. Dave (aka Peterkeating)
from ixlovely :
pw:whimsical, just givin you a heads up! xoxoxox
from ixlovely :
i would do anything to leave home &be in college. but then again. i dont.. heh crazy stuff. OOH ur in psychiatry &whatnot? aweeesome hehe xoxox
from mewlips :
sure you can :) username is monday, pw is mornings.
from mylifeat16 :
i just saw one of your banners, it was nice :)
from raven72d :
Lovely writing... You're someone I do plan on reading often.
from lovstarsies :
layout beautiful youre beautiful and i love your writing.
from othelladub :
I agree with the fellow about your banner being awesome. Mine is cool in concept, not as much in execution. I enjoy inhaling your thoughts. It would have been cool to have been in college in the dorms w/you. Unfortunately, I am too old. And there were few dorm folks who had such coolness. Drop me a note! (I will return)
from tear-fucked :
yeah, you should delete that previous note and this one.
from not-tuesday :
Your banner and layout are both awesome.
from ixlovely :
i was browsin and saw ur diary, the layout is lovely. and ur entries are even better. congrats to you and erik, you guys seem like the perfect couple. ive added u as a favorite so ill be coming back for more. xoxox peggy
from tear-fucked :
That banner was false advertisement... "Not everyone in long island sucks", not everyone. Girlsmad.diaryland doesn't. But this one does. I'll be back-I liked it in spite of sucking.
from catsmeow1224 :
We're starting the reviews again at Magick Review. I was just wondering if you were still interested, since it's been a few weeks since you've updated. Please drop us a line and let us know, Thanks!
from rkwj1 :
Happy St. Patricks Day May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine upon your face. And rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of His hand. Later,ROB
from pantasy :
i'll miss you gwc! hope your semester goes well. xokim
from bushidogirl :
Hi girlwcurls, Thank You for your kind note, I am sorry there were so many gramatical errors in my entry (I wrote it on the fly), I have corrected some of the many errors in it. I am glad that it did not offend you. I hope we can talk more on other stuff as well. By the way I love your diary. Love, Shannon P
from gnu-high :
Belated as this may be, I just wanted to thank you for stopping by. My diaryland notification for notes and things has been a little goofy lately. :( Anywho, I particularly liked your layout, and enjoyed the read.
from bushidogirl :
Hi Girlwcurls, I posted a response on my diary if any of it offends you please let me know and I will soften it or remove it. I hope this make my point a little clearer. Love, Shannon Petan
from bushidogirl :
Hi girlwcurls, Sorry it took me so long to respond to your notes, very busy travelling for work. I would never exchange hateful words with such a thoughtful person as yourself. I will respond to your note as soon as I get settled in later tonight. By the way I hate war to and I have been there for several experiences. I have also visited battlefields across the world, that is part of my job, anyone who knows war up close does not love it or like it. If they say they do they are either liers or insane. I am for peace, but not peace at any cost. Love, Shannon P Happy New Year
from sinnergi :
You know...honestly, becoming the best beer bonger on your floor isn't going to make your college experience richer. However, what I have that it's not the act of drinking, but going out to those parties and socializing--puting yourself out there--is what DOES make the experience richer. Hey, maybe you drink one or two, or maybe none at all...but it's fun to let loose, have fun. College, in and of itself, is an's not just what you learn in the classroom that counts. Hell, I could even argue it's the people you meet and the times that you share together OUTSIDE the boring lectures and labs that makes it worthwhile. So put yourself out there...figure out what you can find...because you might just find yourself. Okay I'm done now...haha.
from groban83 :
Hey there I am just surfing on to read others. I will be back to read more ;)
from frostopia :
just finished reading some back entries of yours.. i enjoy your writing as well. the ironic part is i have a head full of curls too. ^_^
from sinnergi :
I clicked on your banner and read a little bit...liked what I read :) Looks like we're in the same type of boat...I'm about to start my second semester of Freshman year in college, also. Consider yourself a favorite.
from pantasy :
GWC! What a great year! Congrats on all of your milestones, and may 2004 be the year for more. (that's the way I'm livin' it)
from redstarhelix :
great layout, very classy.
from pantasy :
gwc, even if the caption is a loaded one i must say that you are adorable. how was your first semester?
from cmkern3 :
LOVE your new layout!
from godsong :
hi there - i also saw your note on lighted path. I'm interested in what you said - love to hear more! you can find me at [email protected] or at my diarylink. Thanks and God bless!
from lightedpath :
Hi There. Would you mind elaborating on your note? Maybe my brain is mushy from it being so late ;) my email is [email protected]
from compendious :
Hey you! Your review is (finally!) up at Compendious Reviews. Thanks SO much for your patience .. have a great day.
from irishdream :
Hey just wanted to say you sound just like me, then I saw you're a writer and I had to tell ya... I dig it!
from session10 :
hm yourself
from rosytears :
Great writing, great diary!!
from idiotreviews :
Like getting reviewed? Check out Idiot Reviews!
from betterthnu :
Your review is up! exoh, Meg.
from betterthnu :
Hello there! I received your request for a review. I would love to!!! long as you put up a link. You can find some nifty little buttons under our links menu. I was also wondering, would you consider reviewing for us? Hope to hear from you soon.
from easyreviews :
Hi! I just started a new review page and need new people to review. Interested? sign up on my page...
from pantasy :
Go to Slayer, flash some rock horns in the air and yell "Slayer!" Survival will be the least of your worries. Slayer rules.
from godsong :
thanks for visiting my diary! Come back again soon!
from guderian :
Aloha Chica, Your My Father entry moved me to tears-I am so sorry, I love your diary though. Bless You, Ciao Bambina, Guderian
from enchantrev :
Like getting reviewed? Come get reviewed at Enchanting Reviews
from decemberguy :
Oasis indeed kick much, much buttocks. Very underrated.
from trinity63 :
I don't think I ever did think that I was better than any other living creature on this planet. thanks for the comment.
from pantasy :
oh girlwcurls...we have more in common than you know. xo
from pantasy :
I'm sorry to hear about your cousin Lois. It's heartbreaking.
from purtyreviews :
Hey, I fixed your review. Sorry about that, I guess I missed the guestmap. -Tina
from justcircles :
hey, thanks so much, you can get into my journal with the username=absence, and password=thinair
from common-tegus :
#1. there is no plane in that picture. #2. it's a monster from a godzilla movie named MANDA and my name is AMANDA (funny, eh? #3. that's not even a picture of two towers. it's a skyscraper (a fake one at that) depicting a japanese city and finally #4. i think that's enough said. seriously. chill out.
from maskedsorrow :
thank you much darling. yr compliments mean worlds to me <3<3
from girlreview :
You scored a 95 or above on your review, and if you have the time to review 4-5 diaries a week then girl review would love to have you. Come by and read the reviewers rules, the scoring sheet, and the review for us page and see if you would like to be a reviewer. If you would, just follow the instructions on the review for us page. I look forward to hearing from you. ~Dani *If you've recieved this before, just ignore it.*
from izzabel044 :
i might become one of ur readers
from liquid-mojo :
thanks Jessica, welcome to my list as well ;)
from liquid-mojo :
Ok, you are going to have to share with me your AIM addy, or just put me on your list and message me when you see me online. My screname is liquid68mojo. =)
from twin-review :
Your review has been completed at twin-review! Great diary!
from cmkern3 :
Hang in there girl! How's it going @ the new school???
from purtyreviews :
Hey your review is up.
from divamel :
Hi and thanks for your request at Compendious! We'd love to honor your special request regarding averages except...we don't do it that way. :) We do the review together and then decide/agree on scoring. Like we ask each other: "Do you think this section should lose/gain this many points?" Just wanted to let you know so when the review goes up, you wouldn't think that we just ignored you.
from honestme :
Thanks for dropping in on my diary and leaving me a message on my TagBoard. Read through some of your entries and enjoyed them... I love your style of writing.
from pantasy :
The memories...they're not gone.<P><P><P></P>There she goes There she goes again Racing thru' my brain And I just can't contain This feelin' that remains
from girlreview :
Girl Review is in need of new reviewers and you scored a 95 or above on your review, so we would love to have you, if you have time to review 3-5 diaries per week. Please check out the site and the reviewers rules and the requirements to be a reviewer if you are interested. Thank you
from liquid-mojo :
I knew you had a boyfriend which I why I never made a direct offer, or at least I don't remember making a direct offer. Thank you though for at least considering to keep the offer in mind. I'll keep my credit cards from being maxed just in case. ;) Oh and especially thank you for your thoughtful comments. I don't know, I guess I just think too much about stuff...
from pantasy :
girlwcurls, where are you going to school? i think you should scoop all the Viagra pens you can. i think that would be hilarious.
from myhappiness2 :
Hi, thanks for stopping by and letting me find your diary.
from iopeace :
Hey :) sorry about that. If you want to read, my diary codename thing is "macaroni" and the password is "salad". It's only my parents I'm trying to lock out... unfortunately I haven't been updating a lot lately (at least, nothing of interest) but if you are bored one day, hopefully the older entries will amuse you.
from mewlips :
No, thank god :) I didn't mean for it to sound that way.. I just felt weird around him today, but I'm probably just tired.Thanks for the note anyway.
from caspia :
Hey. I'd make a "politicans lie" diaryring, but I have to believe it first. Don't get me wrong, they lie all the time, and so does the media, and every guy you see on the street. It's just hard to know which ones are sincere, and which ones are covering their own asses. I understand the "democrats lie" ring might extreme for certain people. But, it expresses how I feel about certain politicans, and it was the only ring around at the time, that was the way I felt. Either way, I like to assert my political views, it's important. So, I hope you do the same, even if you think they all lie. As I often quote "There are three kinds of lies. Lies, damned lies, and statistics." People use statistics all the time to stretch the truth. Use your own judgement, and decided for yourself who's lieing.
from pirategirl :
Hey, thanks for stopping by and writing me a note. I love notes. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.
from dmgirl1 :
Thanks for the visit! Glad you enjoyed your stay. I will visit you. :P
from thecritic :
Oh hey this is TheCritic from review-whore. Sorry to tell you this but I'm not currently accepting reviews so I took down all of the review links (the site wasn't down I was the culprit) hehe. I'm just absolutely swamped with requests and hardly have enough time to do the ones I have. Thanks anyways though! If you want I'll be sure to notify you when I start accepting more requests? Sorry again! Bye.
from ktdream :
Well thanks for giving me the idea to put myself as a fav diary. It's wonderful. Also good to know signmyguestbook is down at Rouge Reviews (but I see you were able to still sign and request. =) I hate when that happens!
from banefulvenus :
woah, thanks for the note. YOur site rocks!
from ktdream :
Thanks for stopping by and glad to hear you enjoyed the stay! Also appreciate that you think I look pretty. =) Wanted to say it's so cool that you put your own diary in favorites. Can I copy that idea?
from sylvantyger :
hey thanx for the note on my board. i'll be sure to check back at your diary soon. feel free to visit anytime :o) <3S
from tailbonelust :
Hi there. Thanks for the note! I'm glad you weren't completely bored. ;D
from chadmuska :
where is your lj at?! mine is chadmuska (yes i realize jsut how orginal i am.)
from blondeh :
Hey, I just read your note. I didn't actually see oasis at glastonbary, but rather just on tv. It was a great performance and one day I hope to see them and go to glastonbary. Keep up the diary, it's great.
from diary-viewer :
Your review is complete. Check the site!
from lorrogue :
Not a lot here listen to Brand New, but some do. I wouldn't be surprised if they get big soon :). Sic Transit Gloria.. Glory Fades is one of my new favorite songs. Do you like them?
from rosereviews :
Hey this is Val from Rose Reviews, a recently opened review site. I hope you check us out. We're also looking for reviewers if you're intersted. Thanks!
from chadmuska :
i like your banner!
from poisonedfae :
Oi!I made some last minute changes &I thought I updated it on RareSilk but I didn't. So I just fixed it, you can go look &you have a higher score ..sorry about that =)<33
from dragonblade0 :
i read a random entry from last... wow... october. and you were liosting off guys you knew liked you. i found that amusing, i have no such thoughts to plague my mind, nope indeed. not that i wouldn't complain if they were there ;)
from golfwidow :
Thanks for your kind note. My diary is unlocked again and I appreciate your support. :)
from whydoucare :
hey there friend ... you were once there for me. and your life is note-worthy ... leave the praying to me, i'll have a whole church for ya. and dont' freight ... there will be a better day.
from anglewings :
Hey smile,'did you know love is always there for you. Now smile that sweet smile, yes you see how you can feel better with that smile. Hey, now you keep that smile, now you can come read my weblog. Now don't forget that smile, I'll look for it. Latezzzz
from liquid-mojo :
I'd say "don't be so hard on yourself", but that's way too cliche. In a way I know where you are coming from. You want your diary, which is a reflection of yourself, to be purposeful, something you can look at with a breath of joy and dignity and somehow when it seems to fall painfully short of that you wonder why you even bother. This is why I don't mind going several days with no entries. If I have absolutely nothing to say I spare the mundane details of my life from my diary, but the moment I detect a hint of emotion inside me, I do my best to get it all down in an entry. I think I'm digressing here but I just wanted to let you know that you are indeed a very good writer in my opinion and your diary entries are something I always look forward to reading.
from compendious :
Hey Jessica, your review is up at Compendious. (
from whydoucare :
changed my mind. it was too much work .. even for me! ( i had to give myself a password ... isn't that ridiculous?!) anyway ... read the last entry ... it's a doozy!!
from whydoucare :
yes *gasp* it is now locked. but you should have recieved a password. if you didn't let me know ... and also, weren't you supposed to interview me?
from cmkern3 :
Thanks for interviewing me! The interview's on my site thing I forgot to include, since you asked for advice for "lil ol' you" is that NO MATTER WHAT get your degree. Don't drop out. Don't say "I'll just take a break this semester and then I'll go back." DON'T. DROP. OUT. Get your degree girl, trust me.
from pantasy :
Hi Jessica. Your entry on desire was beautiful and so full of truth. Sigh. I wanted to thank you for your questions and I plan on getting around to them soon. They are good questions and I've been too busy making arrangements for my vacation and my move to give them the attention they warrant. Soon! I promise! And I'll drop you a line when I post. xoKim
from one-liner :
hi there. thanks for the note...this one is way overdue so i won´t say much cause you´ve probably forgotten who i am. bye.
from whydoucare :
very. short. message. i promise. i could really use your advice. i don't know how often you read. but i hope you do. read the last one. i could use the help.
from foxgallagher :
I'm glad to find yet another oasis lover on diaryland! I'm also glad you like my layout (as my design site has not been found yet :P - I'm pretty new though, so that's okay). Oasis will LIVE FOREVER! *wink wink nudge nudge*
from wide-eyes :
&hello dear. thank you. i think that the trivialities of our lives lend meaning. because our lives can't all be made up of those great grand shattiering moments where we learn something about ourselves. we need those odd trivia filled times to lend meaning to the great huge ones. &i think that those trivialities will be our most treasured memories when we are ninety-nine &sat in a rocking chair thinking back on our lives. because those moments hold so much meaning. loveness paige xoxox
from whydoucare :
first i would like to say thank you for being concerned with my dad. i'm really sorry about the anger ... i was just overwhelmed with emotion. second, your latest entry 'hmm', what i have been struggling with for a while ... you put into perfect words... i'm just really stuck on the part of wanting that extrodinary life... i lost sight of the everyday miracles that i'm blessed with. thanks for the reminder :]
from mrrecords :
hey, I noticed you left a note for me. I'm glad you liked my entries and think Angelina is gorgeous too! keep in touch! -Fallon-
from godblessit :
thanks :)
from leely :
yes; i will keep coming back to tell you more lovely things</3
from olliecow :
yeah, i made my own layout. but not the backgroud. i stole it from some japanese website, hehe. i made the banner thing though. it's my stuffed cow, lil'me, and my dog when he was a baby puppy. :) i enjoy your diary, some stuff you write about i can really get, and some is just so philosophical. have a nice day.
from leely :
hi there; you pretty girl with curls<3
from broken-dyke :
My other diary isnt locked right now! it shouldnt be anyways did you try it? I appretiate your note it made me feel special!! ~Carey~
from pantasy :
Oh, gwcurls, like me and those that I love the most, you are not very good with goodbyes.
from pantasy :
Oh yes, and I do hope that you're on the mend. I don't even know where to begin about parents. I left the house as soon as I turned 18. It was rough. And tough, but I'm sure it would have been rougher and tougher had I stayed.
from pantasy :
The religious right groups...they boycotted my radio shows a long time ago. If you can and want to listen, I'm doing a show this Friday (June 21) from 2-4 PM MST. I'll send a shout out to the East Coast for you! Any requests? And BTW, I'm heading to NYC for 9 days in July and August. You live around those parts, don't you? We probably can't go for a "drink," but there's always coffee...and six packs in parks.
from dorkfists :
thanks for your note, i like your layout too.♥
from mewlips :
Heheh no actually we slept outside the school in tents on the pavement..or, okay, we didn't sleep. I don't think it was legal but nobody complained, so nothing happened. wow, fast reply by the way!
from bibulous : makes me smile to think about them.
from zero9 :
Heya. Just saw what you said about my diary in your profile. Whooo! :) Thank you so much. *bows* Now if only I can manage to keep updating... and please do apply for a moo-review. I will enjoy reviewing you. :)
from moo-review :
Oh, hey, apply. :) I already know what I don't like about your layout but I can blame the designer for that. ;) Request form will be up tomorrow sometime. Cheers, Nina.
from rockboy :
hey yeah of course i still do. how did you get a comment board on yours? let me know. and plus an early graduation congradulations. yeah that rhymes. wow.
from cmkern3 :
What about student loans?
from myrainstorm :
Thanks for the note. I am heading to work, but have added you as a buddy and plan on catching up on your words.
from apparatus :
thank you so much for your kind words about my journal, you brightened my day. i am glad to read that your concert didn't go horribly even though it wasn't as planned.
from bibulous :
Thank you so much for your note. My thoughts are with you this week. Stay strong.
from lancesroom :
I can understand why you "lost" it. I hope you manage to get through this week. Don't forget all the little mircles along the way.
from whydoucare :
i enjoyed the poem myself .. especially writing it. you know your'e pretty cool. you already knew that, but now i do too. you are now apart of my two diary favorite diary list. you should feel special. oh wait you knew that too.
from mylifeat16 :
they could pick me cept i don't have the awesome personality. but then again, none of the people on mtv have very awesome personalities.. cept maybe some of the artists :)
from neo-geek :
The sky must be falling... I'm going to get out of the way.
from babybroadway :
hey thanks for the note! graduating is bittersweet, good luck on yours. oh my hair is curly too, lol just thought i'd add something else we have in common. good luck and best wishes! ~holly
from weirdo-face :
YEs they are gooooooooood =) I recommend buying and some eating ALL of them!! Good luck with job hunting; I'm trying to to the same thing ;) hehe its not going well...i havent started haha
from tatooedloser :
I'm going w/ my choir. Only 50 ppl could go so I got lucky - I was one of the only sophmores. We're singing w/ other choirs, Beethoven's Mass in C minor. I can't wait. By the way - my name is Chelle. Do you have Yahoo messenger?
from tatooedloser :
hey - i'm a singer too. We're going to Carnagee hall to sing next weekend and i'm excited. Glad you liked my template - i just got it. i think yours is cute. See ya
from genuinefake :
hello girly curly girly, thanks for your nice comments about my diary! I've had a read of yours and it's really, um, good! sorry I'm in a really inarticulate mood, so i keep describing everything as "nice" and "good"... Claire x
from cmkern3 :
Hey girl....I just love your diary. I can't believe you're only have such profound wisdom! Many women in their 40's don't think (and especially don't convey in writing) as deeply as you do. Keep it up! What are you majoring in next year?
from pantasy :
Congrats on your graduation. I guess you don't have much time left. Whatever are you going to do with yourself in the summer?
from mewlips :
hi :) i think theres a bandwidth problem with the picture's, they work for me. Maybe you should just try again. Hope you have a great time at the prom, I envy you.. we don't have proms in norway.. *rolls eyes* backwards country ;)
from pantasy :
Hi girlwcurls. Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry it was a difficult one for you. I hope the prom is better. Whatever are you going to wear?
from kb8 :
Thank you for your candor in filling out my survey. "No legacy is so rich as honesty." -William Shakespeare
from diaryreviews :
your review is up at
from diaryreviews :
your review is up at
from perceptionss :
Thanks for taking my survey. You had very cute answers:)
from tessarex :
Happy Passover, being a not-so-religious Jew myself, I didn't even know tonight was the first night until I came across your entry. Mazel Tov ;) Take Care, Tess~*
from realjesus :
hello buddy!! thank you for giving me a favorite diary!!! you should AIM me sometime and we will talk about heaven and stuff!! my aim is iamrealjesus!!
from mewlips :
Hey! of course you can have the new url.. mewlips. Heh, finding a new nick sucks, all the good ones were taken ;) Okay, have a nice day!
from mylifeat16 :
I would like to give you the fourth compliment on the t-shirt, very cool! And you have really pretty curls, I can feel it
from mnemesene :
Hiya! Adding you to my favourites because you're you. if that makes any sense. Just letting you know! ...Marie
from pantasy :
Thanks for trying to listen. Tomorrow will be the better show, though, so if you can, listen then. 2-4 pm MST, I don't know about the streaming software. I use realplayer and it works fine. Any requests?
from pantasy :
hey, have you checked out this: I came across it and naturally thought of you.
from pantasy : guys should just go ahead and stage your play anyway. Find another venue. Bastards.
from jadedmist :
Welcome to the A Beautiful Mind ring. And extra thanks for actually putting up the code without having to be cornered. *gasp* Again, welcome. :)
from candid-revu :
Ever thought of having your diary reviewed? Try candid-revu, for your reviewing pleasure ;) *this isn’t spam, we’re just letting you know we’re open*
from btchelicious :
I think superniguer (supernigger) is a superpussy.
from fumblinglust :
Thanks for listing me as a favorite diary. And look, we both have the same template. It's rather embarrasssing, much like when you show up at a party and someone is wearing your exact same outfit :). Cheers! ~Andrea
from superniguer :
because i'm supernigger
from superniguer :
welcome to supernigger
from cutiepie1983 :
Just wishing you happy holidays and a happy new year! ~Nancy~
from emo3 :
If only life came with a guide book, Maybe we could all be experts in everything, But sadly it doesn't, And fate takes advantage of that, So you really can only wing it until you get a handle on things, And then wait for the next curve ball, Then you must start all over again. I love you.
from jenistar :
Hey, money isn't everything. If you think that coming to Boston is going to be what makes you the best you, find a way to do it. And I'm not saying that just 'cause I love my city, though I do.

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