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from chickpea981 :
also, read your note on moonshadow - are you a NOVA person as well?
from chickpea981 :
an ass witch is the product of beer. also, apparently I grab everyone's ass when I'm drunk, while wearing a witch's hat it only feels proper to call myself an ass witch.
from moonshadow34 :
Dead Poets Society inspired me to yawp barbarically.....somehow I think you've got something on me there. Ironically, Office Space inspired me to drop out of a private uni and run off to Ireland, run back to the States, then just run around in circles for awhile til I stumble in some other direction. Can't relate to Debbie Does Northern Virginia, though, but I hear pet chicken groups are popular there. This, and the fact that you're a Yankee's fan makes you a somewhat suspicious character to me -- what can I say, I'm a lifelong Red Sox fan. Damn the Evil Empire.
from pixie-grl :
Yeah, I suppose working at a veal fattening pen would suck. But, working at home... I'd be all over that, no matter how much my job sucked. I could just sit there, bull shit to you guys, catch up on my soaps, eat, and do work when I got around to feeling motivated. Sign me up, I'm in.
from lizzie217 :
Hey! Thanks for taking my random survey!! Reading your diary makes me laugh, and it reminds me of an older, um, male version of myself! I am always telling people how the world will be when I happen to be President. Of course it will never happen, though.. Too impatient!! Anyways, thanks and have a great day!!!
from pinklyn :
Thanks for linking me on your profile! You rock!
from futureceo :
I posted my list of favorite things today (9/9/04) in case you are interested.
from futureceo :
I like your sense of humor and your writing style. I plan on adding you to my buddy list. Thanks for filling out my survey and giving me a chance to check out your diary in return!

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