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from trinity63 :
I would not let one snake in the grass run you off. You can ignore her. Do not go to her diary. Do not read her. Do not acknowledge her. She does not exist. She isn't going to hurt you, she's not smart enough. She has kids, if she does get stupid, you can always press charges. If you need help legally let me know. I have taken care of a stalker or two in my life.
from ashtraygurl :
i know, just wanted to let you know that i was a, maybe i didnt word it right. anyhoo, i'm a fan. now you know. =).
from nixtress :
I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy the togetherness :) Merry Christmas.
from mightymaeve :
what a poignant, elegant entry about love. i feel the same way with my husband. thank you for sharing your thoughts about lasting love.
from jehsika :
Perhaps he won't remember it...but I wouldn't put it past him to ask for it back if he did remember. But I won't give it up, I'm definitely going to sell it. I may give it to a friend for safekeeping. Thanks for your kind words.
from theemily :
I joined your Gatsby diaryring... where can i find the code?
from trinity63 :
Man I am way fatter than you. Like 20 sizes larger....and yes you have pretty eyes.
from trinity63 :
They are cunts, not worth your energy, ignore em...they really are cunts. Smelly nasty cunts.
from gwenllian :
I will cross-post this in your notes as well, but don't tell me how to deal with my anger. This is my diary. I need to vent. And you're not a therapist, so quit dispensing advice.
from roxyelliot :
I don't think it's as hard to resist attention as you make it out to be. I don't really want to get in the middle of this, but come on! Proofrok is a grown man, a human being who made a mistake, but a big boy nonetheless. Blaming others for his actions is selling him short as a person. This is his crap, and he should be the one held accountable. This other woman has nothing to do with your marriage. You guys both need to let her go, and stop being so damn apalled by her actions. Her role in this is so secondary it's not even funny, and focusing on her is only going to distract you both from the real issues. Sorry if I'm stepping out of bounds here, but I figure since you guys are writing about it you're open to feedback.
from trinity63 :
Oh sweetie, I am very very sorry, and I hope everything is okay in your world. Relationships are so very hard. You are in my thoughts.
from trinity63 :
I wonder if we have been drinking out of the same toilet bowl. I feel the same way. Don't want to smile, don't want to interact. Just want to read, quilt, and hug my kid. Sending you positive vibes your way.
from trinity63 :
I am thinking of you and hoping school is being kind to you this year. xoxoxo
from trinity63 :
thank you so much for the well wishes in my comment section. My thumb is healing, but man oh man I was such a baby. hugs, hope school is well!
from trinity63 :
Sooooooooooooooooooooo how did the first day of school go???? I am dyin to find out!
from fulminous :
As far as I know, he's okay -- he ended up moving to Tampa for some unknown reason instead of New York. I'm sure he'll be back to D-land eventually. (grin)
from trinity63 :
Hey here is an apple for the teacher!!! Have a great day at school tomorrow -- you are going to do fine!!!!!!!!! I promise!!!
from iluvtunes :
Hi! Hey, thanks for the information, I really appreciate it! I got my very FIRST computer only 9 months ago which is probably pretty unbelievable 'cuz I'm half-way through my 30's already! How I managed to go all that time without one, I don't know. I've never taken a class or anything so I've had to learn through trial and error ,or from the kindness of strangers, such as yourself! Thanks again! XO....Christina
from roxyelliot :
Thanks. I don't think you're being at all judgemental, and I think two people setting limits on things like that in their own relationship makes good sense.
from jehsika :
Urgh! I've been trying to sign your guestbook but I can't seem to get through...if this comes up more than once I apologize...You are NOT alone in your probably already know my stance...but thank you, thank you, thank you for voicing my objections so clearly and completely...I think most porn, especially the modern day hardcore stuff, is extremely damaging to society as a whole as well as to women particularly and individually.
from candora :
very strange, I clicked on a link at proofrok and it too me to the Blogathon page for artemis waiting, for whom I already pledged, and I clicked back and found myself here... Windows or the night or my fingers or the ether is playing tricks... I like them :)
from naked-jen69 :
just wondering what medication you take to help your ocd? a friend of mine was just telling me yesterday about a fear she suffers that sounds similar to what you briefly described. ty!
from trinity63 :
Hi there:) You articulated yourself very well:)
from trinity63 :
the lie is -- you were a skater:)
from aheadofred :
Hey Gwenllian, Just want you to know that I've added you to my list of favourites. Your site is beautiful, your writing too. I actually read your Random Acts of Journaling entry, and that's what brought me to your site and ultimately, to Diaryland. So thanks.
from trinity63 :
hi you:)I didn't realize you had to buy your own text books to teach school with, how yucky! And let me know how the day care situation goes -- I am looking at having to do that with my son. *sob*
from msboombastic :
I am really enjoying your journal--I've been reading some of the archives as I have time. I think it's so cool that you were also a high school and middle school teacher. I think that was what originally made me want to read your page, but I'm staying because I love your writing.
from trinity63 :
Can I come to your house and hang out with you guys while it thunders. I do so miss thunder and lightning.
from fyredragon :
hi, just thought i'd leave a little note... found your diary on accident, wandering around dland. nice diary... :)
from wealhtheow :
Hi. I just found your message in my guestbook. Thanks for checking my page out. Yes, Beowulf does rock and actually I'd be very interested in seeing your study guide. I usually try to read it about once a year and am always finding something new. Nice diary.
from msophelia :
hi there! been away from the computer for a bit, so just found your notes in my guestbook. thanks so much for the kind words. :) and feel free to use the tower library... much better than the tradition use for a castle tower, eh? ;)
from jelligyrl :
HI!! I read your diary quite a bit. I used to work as a teacher but gave it up for the time being. Now I'm considering going back. Anyway, I used to hate grading papers too. They became too much with all the responsibilities of SPecial ed and what not. Anyway, sometimes those papers made it into the round file, or simply a check mark. You can't be expected to grade everything. Another trick I learned was to have the kids grade them, or to do project based learning. COmplete all the projects, get your grade. I had to call parents quite a bit also, and I hated that. Just remember you're trying to help their kids, regardless of what they think. Schools are notorious for letting go the people who would make the best teachers, and not giving them the assistance they need. Keep your chin up and if you ever neet to talk, send me a note. i've got more ideas, but I don't want to take over this whole thing. Take Care. :)
from gbg :
A belated welcome to the Trading Cards diaryring!
from liteningsyrp :
I read the answers to your love survey, and your's were the only one's I could bring myself to agree with at all. So, I very much like your view of love (and it's very similar to my own).
from sybil117 :
Have you read the ( to me ) latest Ann Rice? Merrick? Where she entwines the Mayfairs and the Vampires? I have always loved her descriptions of New Orleans, just as you said about it becoming a character in and of itsself.. it breathes in her novels. Of Course I am a big fan of her Sleeping Beauty Trilogy as well :) Hope you and little man are well & resting.
from dollyllama :
I totally understand your bliss with breastfeeding. I get it at times (I'm still breastfeeding), and I love the intimacy, and love the feeling that I've got the magic and no one else does!
from kitchenlogic :
Oh! Congratulations on your new baby boy!!!! The sweet smell of a a new little baby. You lucky thing you!!!! Hugs & kisses...Kathy
from inkdragon :
Congratulations! A perfect little man for your family. I am glad everyone is healthy and happy, this is wonderful news.
from mychoice :
I so sympathize with you! ;) Hugs!
from tornlace :
wow *falls off chair* uh oops.. 'scuse me. (wow)
from carinosa34 :
I love "The Giver"! it's such a good book. My cousin had to read it in middle school (She's four years younger than I am) and I started to read it out of boredom. I ended up totally engrossed! My best friend is also stuck int he blizzard in Denver - she just moved there from Dallas about a month ago, poor thing!
from ursamajor :
i'm so very happy to hear dr. evil is gone. what a wonderful way to go into that last month... finally able to relax!
from jelligyrl :
I used to work as a teacher with a boss who had it "in" for me. Every day that I read your journal, I realize why I got out. Kudos to you for sticking in there. The kids do need you and the principal is an idiot for not realizing it. Love your journal, it's always a great read. :)
from strawburygrl :
I found a diary you might appreciate: I'm not sure if it qualifies for your medeival kink, but I thought you might find it amusing!
from inkdragon :
Yea! Little blue booties for you. :)
from kitchenlogic :
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
from inkdragon :
I would like to share one of my dolls with you. I tried sending it through e-mail twice but it did not work. If I should do something else, just let me know. <IMG SRC = "" border = 0>
from caerula :
Well, our 9 y.o. has to be reminded to use SOAP when told to wash his hands. Never mind when he takes a shower, which he has to be forced into. I think it's a thing at that age; there's so much going on that they just don't want to take the time to bother getting clean. They might miss something!
from jenne1017 :
thanks for signing my slambook!!! :o)
from paper-rose :
I think it's pretty much all kids that age. The brats- er, girls- that I babysit have to be practically FORCED into brushing their teeth. One girl is very developed and refuses to wear a bra, and neither of them will remember to wash their hair unless you bang on the door during their shower and remind them. I have no clue why that is.
from zengasmic :
Thanks so much for your advice. I would ask other parents but since we just moved here I honestly don't know any of them. I thought about dropping in unannounced just to say hi. I'll figure something out either way. I was shocked to read the note before mine. How could parents never see their children's teach? Amazing. I used to do the "Thursday envelopes" and was suprised to see how many envelopes got lost of came back unsigned. Its sad really. Anyway, thanks much for taking the time to answer my question. Hope you and the hubby have a great weekend.
from seastreet :
Y'know, come to think of it, I particularly enjoyed YOUR entry today, too. For better or worse I've never seen any of my students' parents. Go figure.
from zengasmic :
Hi, I've got a question for you. Since you are a teacher I would like you opinion on how to approach something. My daughter who is 8, loves computers but since moving here she hates computer class. She recently told me that her teacher yells at the class. I'd like to think I am supportive of the school and the teachers, always been a volunteer in the class although since moving here I haven't been able to so I honestly don't know what this teacher is doing. I thought about asking her regular teacher but I wouldn't know what to say without sounding like I was attacking the other teacher. Anyway, any advice you could give me would help me out a great deal. My daughter is a very good student and has never complained about any of her teachers before. I don't want her disliking school because of one class or one teacher. Thanks for your time in advance I appreciate your advice.
from prostituee :
Where did you find such great pictures for your page? Are they authentic? The women in them are "toned", more so than I've seen anyway. That's not a slam on the women in those days. I wish we could go back to that time where women were not all twiggy.
from prostituee :
Well I'm still sorry. I do feel bad, as I should. It's totally a reflection on me.
from prostituee :
NOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU are not gross. I just went back and read that entry. It did not come out at all like I intended it to. Part of the problem with me writing sometimes is that I don't explain why I'm feeling the way I am. Whether you want it or not...Here's an explanation. I am going through a phase in my life where sex is more important to me than I thought. After much communication, there is still no difference. Let's go for the plain and simple truth, I am very envious that obviously you're getting what you want. You can even express yourself in words. Here I am, thinking that sex between my husband and me is icky, because there's just no passion. It's boring. I am so sorry I caused you to be upset. True, I'm no one you know, but I know words can still be upsetting. Again, there is nothing about you that is gross. Just my poor way of trying get through this time without going nuts.
from inkdragon :
Dear Gwenllian: I could spend my life reading your creations. I feel humbled beyond belief. I just finished reading your poetry, I feel like crying. I will enjoy reading your entries and only hope someday I may express myself as beautifully. Sincerely, Yvonne
from tater-fay :
Wow..your lay-out is stunning (so, is proofrock's actually!)..I just wanted to tell you so! Stacey
from slapmeharder :
i have to say that I'm only two entries in and already I feel like I want to take notes...that is to say that you're making me think incredible amounts. thankyou. xxx
from specialpete :
hey i don't believe that bit with star trek...i was crushed! I don't think the movie as a whole measured up to others, like First Contact, but it was entertaining anyway. But still, i can't get over it! (.....he's gone!!! Ah!)
from dana-elayne :
"If the moon smiled..." is lovely. I can just imagine the nights in Atlanta. Clear, crisp, icy, and somewhat lonely until you see the hubby smile. Wow!
from wifemotherme :
Your layout is beautiful. I have really enjoyed reading your diary. Now I am going to pop over and check out your hubby.
from dana-elayne :
I gave a little wave as we drove through the Atl. area. I hope that you have a wonderfully happy and relaxing time with your family. I'm so glad that they've seen that they need to accept Mr. PRock. :) Ohhhh, new haircuts--they always make me feel so sassy.
from darkocean :
Hi Gwenllian. I just found As i was surfing through the entries and sites, i was immediately taken by yours. I love it! I can really relate to a lot of the emotions and thoughts you have. Sometimes i feel a bit intimidated by others journals because i feel like i could never be or do anything as great as them, but i know that isn't true. It's my negitive mind talking! Me and my positive mind usually beat it down with a stick. I'm married to a deliciously wonderful man too. And we are expecting our first child March 14th, 2003. I think I just may get more into this diaryland site to share in the understanding and fun! Do you think i'll have time when i'm on maternity leave? Hahahaha. Seriously though, Sometimes we need to make the time...part of our self-respect and esteem. Thanks again for sharing yourself on diaryland! [email protected]
from of-her-soul :
I love your name.
from trinity63 :
How are you feeling? I remember when I was pregnant with my son:) awww great memories:)
from paper-rose :
I predict Harry will end up with Ginny Weasley. And that the next DATDA teacher will be Arabella Figg- Dumbledore mentioned her.
from kitchenlogic :
Yep. It's been quite the wacky group at Diary Survivor. You were very wise to steer clear!!! You pregnant thing, you!!!!!
from mightybruja :
I think you're right about the next HP book, and I think it might be Dumbledore that dies. It would make the death of Richard Harris easier to work around... did she say this before or after he passed away?
from dana-elayne :
I voted against Barnes today too. Ohhhhh, I so hope that he loses.
from dana-elayne :
Oh my goodness, I'm so glad that you're okay! Boys in their trucks with their jerk chains. I swear they live for that stuff :)
from dana-elayne :
I have the same freakin' problem. Classroom management. Why can't they just behave?! If you'd like, I'll send you my ideas. They seem to have worked in my 4th period. It sucks to have to be so mean but it really has worked. It's like a step by step process. *HUGS* We're not bad teachers...we just have ill behaved children!
from seastreet :
Missing my daily dose of Gwen...
from dana-elayne :
Is it not insane that parents can't see what's right in front of them? I have a couple of kids like that. They're just unbearable. When they're gone, my classroom is quiet and productive. When they're there, it's chaos. *ARGH*
from elateddream :
Heyyyy! I absolutely loved your diary, and couldn't help but get the idea of us linking back and forth (through our favourites) If you're interested you can email me:[email protected] Thanks, and keep up the awesome writing! Katie
from rajni :
I really like this semi-revamp. :) And oh, get a tagboard! They're fun.
from alicatstrut :
Hello. This is your friendly neighborhood Ali; here to tell you how you did on the grammar survey. You got all but one right! The last one had a non-idiomatic phrase in it. Two or more people cannot put the child next to themselves in formal English. Instead, they must put the child between themselves, or next to one or the other of them. But you rock and got more right than most. Thanks for taking my survey.
from forleafclovr :
Welcome to the Starry Night diaryring and thanks for joining! ~Lindsay~
from panjandrum :
Welcome to the Romeo†Juliet Diaryring!
from trulypoetic :
Just wanted to let you know, I read your entry about your car insurance..etc..situation. I have so been there. More times than one. Just the other night I got pulled over, given a $80 ticket for a mickey mouse stop and mostly because I was with a male that the police officer determined wasn’t husband and therefore not the owner of the car I was driving. I swear that prick gave me a ticket just because of that. I claimed it wasn’t my car and therefore I didn’t know where anything was. But truth be known…. 1. no insurance 2. no registration 3. no way I’m admitting to it. I was happy to get a $80 ticket and that was all. No insurance because husband lost his license twice before and then got a D.U.I. so insurance companies want your left arm, second dog and future income for a year to get instated. And… in the state of FL even if I put a car in my name only, I have to insure husband even if we reside in different house’s, that’s FL law and they CHECK! Bastards!!!! Right now we have a loan on a car that we have no insurance on. Now that So your situation….that could so easily be me. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes I feel so alone on this issues. Like everyone else looks at the situation and can’t understand how easily you can find yourself in messes like this through no fault of your own. Yeah so $80 seems doable. But I still have no insurance. Just had to put $65 into a new battery for the car, add to it $80 and …perpetually…no insurance. One problem always deems itself to be more of an emergency than insurance. Nevermind I have a “Bucky” to feed first…*sigh* Anyways..sorry about the looong note. And thanks for sharing real life. I hate people that are too embarrassed to admit to this stuff. Glad you didn’t go to prison, I doubt you would look good in stripes. Oh and remember…take a deep breath….there’s a little baby in there… ;-)
from seastreet :
Thanks! :-) And congrats on the new baby, as well. Oh, and if I end up getting this English teaching job, I'm definitely starting a diaryring- there're so many around here! Sorry about your crappy day yesterday, hope things get better.
from trulypoetic :
ok the name form wouldn't work for me...sorry! ......'Caralisa'.... [Latin Beloved.] Any child born of this love will 'be loved'. (PoeticaL sed so!)
from trulypoetic :
woohooooooooo I told him and I'll tell you... another awesome. I'm so happy for you and for the Mr.
from agentfatman :
Such a beauty M'Lady Gwenllian, a lair of such words to know and love.
from agentfatman :
Thanks, like the answers.
from agentfatman :
Jest telling you of the new poems survey.
from trulypoetic :
*drops Bucky in that classroom* ;-)
from strawburygrl :
ok, i've figured it out. you're not OCD, you're autistic: rainmain style. you *are* the freakin' dictionary! or encyclopedia, or whatever. there are multiple kinds of moraine's?!? aiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!!! how did you ever survive that class??
from strawburygrl :
You actually knew what a moraine was???! Just throw your dictionary away - you don't need it! And I read back over that entry, and I wrote something like "who actually knows how to say onomo..." fuck, that one word. When I *really* meant who really actually remembers how to SPELL it. it's fun to say, but oh such a bitch to spell! eek!!!!!!
from omzhaara :
Hi! Thanks to both you and your husband for taking the time to fill out my little survey :) Your diary is wonderful... I look forward to reading past entries of yours to catch up on your life! :)
from sirensinger :
welcome to we-are-eve! Wonderful diary and I love todays entry. It's so full of hope, and that's so important. Keep smiling, Laura
from planetqueen :
Catch a bright star and place it on your forehead, say a few spells and a there you go. Take a black cat, sit it on your shoulder and in the morning you'll know all you know. Marc.
from bildschoen :
Thanks for joining the Anne Sexton diaryring! *krie*
from dana-elayne :
*eek* A hello kitty what? *L* that seems almost well WRONG! Have you ever seen Lady Jane with Helena Bonham-Carter? It's a splendid watch if you adore GOOD period pieces like me. :) (It's more of that Tudor mess)
from poetical :
I moved my diary to "trulypoetic".
from poetical :
Happy Holidays my fellow ink And may your New Year be blissful to the brink.
from poetical :
hang in there girl...I've been there. I know a repo man by name...I was getting close to being familiar with his future grandchildren...and then finally paid the piece of shit off.
from cardensaraid :
i stumbled on your diary yesterday and i've been reading, trying to catch up. i must say i really like those 2 chapters of your book you put up. i really hope it gets published.
from poetical :
*PoeticaL hands proofrock a broom*
from breathless- :
Good luck with the interview! Anyways, I like your diary, very good. I'll be back! Check out my diary and drop me a note sometime ;)
from danaelayne :
*L* yeah we're nuts but best of luck at the job interview. I think you'd be a fantastic gifted teacher. You've got the kind of passion for learning that those kids crave. :) Go get 'em tiger.
from poetical :
travel agent in another life? tee hee.... That was cool.

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