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from trinity63 :
Everything okay? I just went to leave you a note and it's locked?
from trnoffthesky :
soo, are you implying that i have bad taste in music?? hehe, it's allright if you are since some people think i do indeed. what type of music is it that you listen to? is there any way you can give me the names of some diaries that i mght enjoy? i know you probably don't know what type i would like to read, but some of your favs would be cool. - Taylor
from trnoffthesky :
hello... i live in brea as well. you sound like one of my friends... and a person i might enjoy the co. of. if you feel the desire, please respond.
from hope-street :
wow, are you the one I always see leaving messages on the trembling blue stars farewell to forever web page? I don't know very much about the band, but their music is amazing. I just ordered in the slow soft sighs cd, I'm really excited to get it.. Anyways, I just thought I'd write a note to a fellow fan! goodbye for now *Beckie*
from jujubunnie :
RE: 3/22 entry... All men want are someone they can curl up next to, a pair of breasts they can bury their faces into, and to be cared for. Men want Mom, simple as that. Mom is Belle to Sebastian. There are too many times when I wanted to be the plain one. The one who was 2' deep. So natural to feel that way because most men don't want a woman who is pissed off and thinks for themself too much. They want Mommy. Pathetic, isn't it? I like being a bottomless pit. ^_- <3
from jujubunnie :
Hey thanks, it means a lot. ^_^ (You live in Brea? I'm in Pasadena...)
from rhoeng :
I am greatly impressed that an American loves Elizabeth Smart. So few people in her homeland know of her...shame, isn't it?
from promiseoftin :
Thanks for the email, and furthermore...hidey-ho, neighborino! :) We should converse more, seeming that you're from Brea and all.
from gavinjane :
I went to check out any current entry, and found a happy surprise! Super cool new format. Sehr fuckin keen. Unemployment agrees with you.

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