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from heartshaped :
hi. do you still write here? i don't know where to find anyone anymore. anyway, i know i've probably asked you this before, but what kind of cameras do you use? i hope this finds you well. it's been so long. <3
from mymixedtape :
I'm very glad you updated. I really like your diary. <3marie
from anchors- :
I saw that you left me a note but since notes don't have dates, I don't know when you said it. Sorry if it's been a while. You can see my photos at either my flickr account ( ) or my new diary ( ). Thanks for being interested. I've always loved your photos and writing so I'm flattered that you like mine. Thanks, take care.
from manzanas :
hello. i really love your photos. i was wondering, do you had a flickr or deviantart account?
from andthisair :
i really like the fourth picture down on your latest entry: the one with the sun and the table and the trees? beautiful.
from pinkxdawn :
the desolation of this city is so evident that i never noticed it until i looked at it from someone else's eyes. i want to get out of here.
from sleepystorm :
heres to photo albums like yours//x
from candoor :
some of the photos look so familiar, but then, sometimes everything looks familiar to me... I think I've lived a lot of lives :)
from anchors- :
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I'm probably not going to update anchors- very often anymore, but if you're still interested in my photography and would like to see it more often, I sometimes post photos in my new diary at My Flickr account (which contains all of my photos) is also linked on the diary. Thanks, and take care. xo
from mymixedtape :
I LOVE the last three from your latest entry. LOVE. <3marie
from forget--hope :
from sulk-- :
gah. i keep getting blown away by you
from hairplay :
I like the b&w photos very much. When I saw the second to last one I thought "I'd love to see the same photo with that girl close up" and then I scroll down, and there it was. Read my mind.
from guiltyflash :
Are you going to Ryerson's Maximum Exposure? You totally should. <3marie.
from youthdecay- :
i love your photos, i added you as a fave.
from taxine :
i think my pictures want to marry your pictures
from hairplay :
I love your photos (and writing) so much. You have no idea how wonderful you are.
from kisstiara :
I adore your pictures. xxx
from november-- :
god i love those yakult milk drink things.
from hairplay :
are you thefallofart? If you are, why don't you write there anymore. I've been trying to find this diary for ages, I forgot the name of it. Please please please tell me if you write anymore. I haven't looked around this whole thing yet. It's photos, right? I love your writing.
from november-- :
ahaha nadia our asian boyfriends and their silly ties that they mismatch with regular clothing<3
from blackout- :
just wondering, how old are you? <3
from cematinla :
from cematinla :
that makes me happy
from creme-egg :
the photo of your hands is stunning. beautiful photos x
from o-twinkle-o :
your toes are very small. .. i love your composition. the window reflections on the sidewalk, the people sitting in them .. and then the portrait later with the man gone .. was really incredible.
from privatedrive :
trevor was there too.
from naila-dnl :
grrlll.. wat cam.u use dere??all dem r soo lovelYy.. *muahh =)) enjoyEd
from reevo :
i know it's always polite to ask first... do you mind if i add you to my buddylist? love, star xx
from screemingink :
let me guess...chintatown in sanfran? ive always loved this diary...and always will
from cematinla :
it was my friend elizabeth's cd. the girl on the left side of the mirror being all gangsta.
from time-enough :
the pictures in "airport sky" and "lost" leave me speechless. honest. i feel so silly saying this. was anything in "lost" photoshopped?
from abusemyheart :
beautiful ♥
from privatedrive :
haha, texas. i dumped him because i didn't have any feelings for him either. i think that's what happens. he gets boring. my camera has 3 megapixels. i don't like a lot because then they take up too much room on my shitty computer.
from november-- :
i love the clown ones
from privatedrive :
ohh, i see. nah, that's not stalkerish. what did he say about me? hopefully nothing too bad. lol.
from november-- :
oh poo some arent showing up :(
from privatedrive :
=/ yes. how did you know?
from takexmyxhand :
yr photos=amazing
from cematinla :
from november-- :
update whores unite!! c: <3x
from november-- :
crazy. conor oberst is brilliant..that was taken near downtown sandiego :)<3
from fadedxme :
oh yeah, first note. i <3 you so much. your photography is beautiful. xoxox

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