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from scud :
hey, long time no friggin see. and now there's a pword so i can't really see. can a brother get a hookup?
from jenifer012 :
I love that CLICK HERE IF YOU KNOW ME thing...I should have had that a while ago, not that I think it would have helped thigns, and actually, looking back on it more good came out of it than harm, but still...Im rambling.. i think the point is that I am in love, i have a new wonderful boyfriend, and i cant even write his name or post cute pics...=0(
from reality :
wanted to add something to your new analyzer. love it! hugs, me
from luckypenny :
hey. you signed my old diary's analyzer. i have a new one, because my ex kept reading the old one. he's found the new one now, too. anywhoo, you have a great name! did anyone ever tell you how rad us mandy's are? well. we are very rad! your diary is rad, too. ta ta. great stuff, kiddo!
from ic0noclast :
Whoa...mandy....i saw the date for "stop raping me with your eyes" and it said Feb 1st 10 somthing PM....EVERYONE>....Mandy can travel into the future!!'s now Feb 1st 7:57 AM...mandy continues to amaze me....
from harbinger :
sorry for the passwording everyone. i will be taking it off tomorrow night...and all will be fixed. :o)
from mocksie :
Oh NO!!!! ='( Whyfor you passworded? *whine*
from reality :
i love you mandy. it's ok. i'll be your bonus.
from ic0noclast : fuckin' rock. you'll do more than wonderful as a pop artist....i just want back stage passes so i can bring you roses and get a hug. although i've still not heard your voice *sniff*...i know it's amazing...and you can do something kewl like Ani and say "maaaan this is soo fuckin' weird it's unbelievable..." *hugs* -ic0n
from pixgrrl :
mandygirl! glad to hear that yr surgery went well. i am thinking of you...enjoy yr rest and relaxation and i hope the pain is minimal. yr a doll. treat yrself accordingly since i'm not there to do it. xoxoxo.
from unicornbeaut :
Thanks for stopping by my analyzer was feeling slightly lonely. I know I shouldn't care about an audience but what the heck I like to know someone cares. I'm just waiting for you to come back from your vacation and give us all some inspiration. :-) Hope you are enjoying your holidays.
from reality :
you let me know if he won't let you back in and i'll give it to him. Sorry to hear about the shower. Loves to you!!!
from reality :
yes, we'll definitely have to get you out and about.... i'll search through my rolodex, first :)
from fuboowuzzle :
Merry christmas.. happy holidays.. whatever...
from reality :
Loves loves loves from closeby!!! we need to get you out and about, hooking up with guys and breaking hearts!
from reality :
home is where people love you. *we* love you. i always wanted to be an actress but I never followed-through with it. I fear speaking in public but it also gives a high, so i should've gotten over it and went for the gusto.... loves... me
from timethian :
What's this I hear about you thinking about leaving? *snags by ankle* None of that, ya hear me? :) I understand the anonymity factor (try living with 2 dlanders), but... it's a healty outlet for at least SOME of the poison. ;) *BTW* I *will* eventually get to that email. But... i figure I have at least a month before I'm beyond payin' ya back, right? (j/k, jeez... :)
from reality :
you can't leave. you shan't. you're one of my favorite diaries. And it doesn't matter that i read it or don't read it. it's for you, is it not? I'm just along for the ride like everyone else. It's helpful and healing. love,me.
from cordeliameg :
Hi snuggle-bug! Don't apologize for the artwork in one of your recent entries. It's your diary and you can express yourself in any way you please. We'll love you regardless of what you say or present to us. So there! Everyone has a dark side. Some darker than others. Doesn't make us bad...unless you're a serial killer. And I know you're not Mandy. So don't worry. *hugs* Your diary is the cat's meow. ahahahaha. I heard someone say that in a movie once. I laughed. Carry on...
from the-one :
Make the scary monster go away...Puh puh puh pleeeeeze??? Nightmares...
from apatheticq :
i like your diary more than steamed carrots!
from i-am-unique :
thanks! i still luv yr diary as well
from the-one :
Yay! You checked out my new page..I knew you'd come. YOU SERIOUSLY ARE THE MOST AWESOME D-LANDER!!! x0x0, The One
from shmoop :
my confidence is defined by how smart i perceive other people perceive me to be. follow that? if i think that other people think i am smart, i'm happy. it's about what's important to you. what you value. what you live for. completely healthy.
from abbyroadme :
I love you sis, but I had to do this. LMAO!! "Well you came and you gave without takin' But I sent you away, oh Mandy Well, you kissed me and stopped me from shakin'And I need you today, oh Mandy" - Barry Manilow ( spelling whatever!!)
from pixgrrl :
[sings loudly] "mandy! there's a minister handy...and it sure would be dandy..." [blahblahblah] " come on and let the wedding chimes/bring happy times/with mandy/and me" okay, please tell me you know what i'm singing in my little cubicle desk. don't you think you should come to california for new years? yeh. that's what i thought, you lovely girl. kisskiss, your pixita/
from xoxoxox :
hallo mandy!
from shmoop :
Coke! Is! It! Coke is it! The biggest taste you've EVer found! Coke is it! The one that never LETS you down! Coke is it! Da na da na, da NA na na! Coke! Is! It! Coke is it!
from fungal-nail :
Ha, all those signatures aren't really there, well they are but about 70% of them are from my very own stalker. We have some strange conversation going on in there.
from timethian :
Ah... it appears we all were subject to that evil Analyser-purge. *sob* Well... I figured I would drop by and say hello again. "Hello." There... done. Eyes drooping now. Sleep... GOOD!
from fungal-nail :
Ack! Have I not started on refilling your analySer yet? Urgh, I thought I was finally getting round to everyone but it seems not *weeps* We must refill these things with more lovins so here are some for Mandy ((HUGS LOVE))
from fattitude :
You said sign so here I am. But I'm not sure if it's gonna help your loneliness cause I'm going through a "feeling sorry for myself" stage so I am all depressed and feel even lonelyer(is that a word?), and well, I need some love. Hell, I don't want love. I just want some fucking companionship. Maybe I will drown my sorrows. Yeah, that will make me absolute shit. Wait! I already do. With all that said, I adore you.
from abbyroadme :
She is da bomb!! ( not because she is my sister!) I love her diary and it rocks!
from i-am-unique :
you added me. yeehaw to you! and you're mother.
from mangoes :
And since we're all whinging, where's mine? I love you anyway.
from i-am-unique :
you are the best of all the rest. i still don't see my diary on yr list. that stinks. but still! you are the best of all the rest.
from jenifer012 :
I went to the Shmoop, and i loved it!!! I was a Shmoop virgin, but not i can read like the rest of 'em. LOL.I wanted to be the first to sign your analyzer, cause I just luv your page.. I luv it, luv it luv it...! =0)

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