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from fuschiashock :
so what atwood books do you recommend?
from ravynespeaks :
Just want to wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2005 be your best year ever!
from meowheart :
i know that you haven't updated and i know that this was an old entry of yours but you asked about adrienne of made to be broken? she turned out fine and is better then ever and has a new site at
from tool-nin-fan :
hey, do you remember me?
from twitchygeek :
hey, glad to see you're back. keep doing it. :)
from twitchygeek :
i care!! take a break and update pleeeeease!
from hyacinthgirl :
hi! scrabble747 has moved to cheers!
from indrid-cold :
And no, I don't think undarkened is a word.
from indrid-cold :
I thank you for adding me to your favorites. May your window remain undarkened by shadows.
from mazeofmirors :
You're welcome<3
from diedpretty :
Here's what happened to me..
from mazeofmirors :
I've been having trouble signing guestbooks lately, so I'll put it here. Thank you so much for signing my guestbook. I never check who has me on their buddy list, so I will add you. It's nice to know other people know what it's like. None of my friends really understand, so I can't relate to them. It feels wierd writing it in my diary because I know they read it but they never say anything. I have a good feeling about this year, more so than last. Oh and the Coffee Coolata is my favorite, if you like coffee. The Strawberry one is good too. Thanks again for writing me<3
from fictioner :
I failed my written test three times. I passed my drivers simply because my father drove me an hour and a half to a one horse town with only two stop signs and a population of thirty people. I'm certain I would have failed my first time out if I drove in a town or city.
from simple-me :
sweet banner!
from amberfalls :
I caught the Ani reference in your banner and thought I would leave you a note.
from twitchygeek :
phew.... i know.
from twitchygeek :
shit, i had the exact 2 problems when i had to go to my best friend's wedding a few years ago. only they weren't scars--they were fresh cuts. and i was a bridesmaids but didn't find out the dress was leeveless (or even that i was in the wedding) till the day before. so not only was i the fat bridesmaid in a skinny lil dress when everyone else looked smashing, and they had to put bandaids on the top of my arm. it was a disaster. so i'm hoping you have kickass luck and find a dress with sleeves that you'll look great in. my fingers are crossed for you, sweets.
from twitchygeek :
yeah, if we have to wait another year for the next book, i'm going to have to kidnap that lady and just have her relay the whole thing to me orally. ;) anyways, i also had my on go at attempting suicide. luckily i have a goddess of a best friend and just enough regret. landed myself in friends' hospital where i saw that i'm assloads luckier (and a smite smarter) than a lot of people and i was just being a butthead, to say the least. so yeah.... dunno where i'm going with this; just sharing, i think. :) anyways, i need to resume packing for my trip to florida. keep writing; i'll keep reading. peace.
from twitchygeek :
potter saved my sanity this week. but now i'm done and... well... it feels like my purpose in life was slightly chipped away. also, i'm somewhat perturbed that ron and hermione didn't start ripping off clothes and sucking face in the common room. **sigh** sorry, just needed to vent that frustration, most of my friends just don't understand. : P aaaanyways, check ya later :)
from sylviashadow :
Omigod!!! I sm your new bigest fan! I love Charles de lint and ani difranco! You rock! Thanks for taking my bookwhores fave de lint is the onion girl..all about jilly!--sylviashadow
from fraudulent :
you're new templates really nice :)
from seventigers :
Sounds like our thoughts on this whole war are pretty much in line. I'm equally as mad as you are. The media is making me increasingly angry...every moment that passes is another that I lose faith.
from fraudulent :
of course you can have the code. I'll give it to you on monday.
from fraudulent :
Mr.Rogers used to scare me too.
from cursedfemale : ..try that one. THAT is addictive. and stuff.. thanks for the kind words in my guestbook. you are uber nifty. and WONDERFUL!! later..
from anti-all :
hi! i was just going through everyone that lists me as a favorite and I wanted to let you know that I am going to be locking my diary and wanted to know if you wanted a username and password so you could still read it. Well just leave me a message or something either way so I know. Hope you have a great day =)
from ohdeary :
hi. thanks for welcoming me to your ring. new waterford girl is a really good movie. and i just adore liane balaban.
from angeloffear :
Thank you :~)
from always-crazy :
ani difranco is beautiful. i love your diary. :)
from clauren :
Thanks so much for answering addict2sims survey and for the compliment. I appreciate it a lot. I completely agree with you at the end. There are so many things you have to do either for the house or for the sims that it doesn't feel like you are on it for 4 hours or more!!!!! I will have to check out seven deadly sims to see about downloading some good stuff!
from notaprgrl7 :
hey, i'm a huge ani fan and i've never heard this song? where did it come from? and where did you get it? :)
from infnitystorm :
i love your ani quote i noticed the banner and it lured me to your diary which in turn i loved your diary. you may seem down but there is a strong person there i can see it. you take everything and you just look for the beauty in life. i do that too
from clauren :
Hey. Welcome to addict2sims diaryring. I am glad you join. I was checking out your diary. I hope everything is okay. Sometimes I do feel a lot stretch thin. Anyways. Check out when you get a chance to think of other stuff, check out addict2sims surveys to see what other d-landers wrote about sims or write some yourself>>>
from twitchygeek :
y'know, i do that all the time, myself--find things to be distracted by at the time when i most nned to concentrate on something else entirely. strange, isn't it? ever feel like you did it on purpose, without even really knowing why? ...and yes-ani. my saviour and yours. i love your journal. i am faithfully yours. :)
from twitchygeek :
great ani quote on the banner. :)

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