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from rotted :
i appreciated what you had to say in the most recent entry. thank you. i too have been guilty of talking about the election and such in my journal but i don't think i've been bitching about it... i might have to rethink that.... thanks tho'... i enjoyed reading!
from dangerspouse :
Hey there, sicko! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the nice congratulatory note you left. So: Thank you for the nice congratulatory note you left. Sorry it took me so long to get over here and do that, but I'm still fighting the Troopers for computer time! Anyway, hope you feel better. I think the problem is that you're taking too small a dose of Southern. Also, try mixing it with NyQuil - one pint of each. By the time you finally wake up, whatever you have should have run its course. Hang in there!
from kitchenlogic :
Go booze therapy!!!! I like the idea of just staying drunk when I get sick. I'll have to try that next time.
from dangerspouse :
I know I'm supposed to send all warm and fuzzy sentiments about your precious little boy and his new friend and blah blah blah. But seriously? All I can concentrate on is wondering what a cat licking her but sounds like.
from kitchenlogic :
Nice pimpage - thank you!
from starlight42 :
You gotta love those emails. I mean, sure, why wouldn't a foreigner offer us money like that?! Spam has to be one of the most annoying things.
from dangerspouse :
Hey hey!! I just got back from vacation and saw you'd put up the roasted red pepper dip and sauce recipes. If only I'd known you were going to do that I never would have gone away!! Also - glad you gave up on the flavored wine swill. Blech!! I enjoyed your Carnival Adventures, too :)
from dangerspouse :
So how did the roasted red pepper dip turn out?? My wife LOVES roast red pepper ANYTHING, so I must have a repertoire of 150 different uses for the buggers. Funny story about Pickles!! :)
from dangerspouse :
Well, you've restored my faith in beer swilling chicks. Hooray for beer with flavor! Now go pop a good Bock or five for breakfast - if you're gonna SOUND buzzed, you might as well BE buzzed. Hope the mouth feels better!
from dangerspouse :
After reading your latest "sleepless" entry, all I have to say is, "Thank god for my vasectomy"!! (signed, Childless And Alert in NJ) :)
from dangerspouse :
Hello again, HF! Hey liste, I really did enjoy "Deus Ex", but I haven't tried the sequel yet. From what I've read, it's fun, and they've made some improvements, but it's very short - almost like just an added mission. I'm gonna wait til I find it Used for 10 bucks or so, rather than pay 50 for an what is essentially just an expansion pack. Stop shaking your fist at your oven! You'll just make it hot.
from kitchenlogic :
Hi! I saw you through my stats and just had to add you right away to my buddy list. I like the looks of your diary! Keep on writing!
from dangerspouse :
Ow! Ow!Ow!Ow!Ow! OWWWW! Root canals!!! Thank YOU for the horrific visual! LOL...well, I'm glad you've been pain free for Two. Whole. Days. Woo hoo! Oh, and thank you for the nice mention and link - that was very sweet of you!! I loved your note to me, btw. Yeah, definitely try those asparagus rafts. They're super easy, and grilled asparagus takes on a whole new flavor. Just remember to soak the skewers first (if they're wood) so they don't catch fire when they're on the grill. Trust me, I know that one from experience *sigh*. Thanks again, baby!! :)
from nmnohr :
Just stopped to leave a quick note! I stumbled upon your diary and am a fellow Wisconsinite and mom! Love your diary!
from dangerspouse :
Thanks for the note, and thoughtful suggestions for my Great Leather Dilemma! You girls sure like Coach stuff, huh? I'm almost sorry I didn't get one, then. Oh well, my wife has no class (she married me, after all) so I'm sure she'll like the catcher's mitt. That fits ME for some reason. I hope. Anyway, thanks again - really :)
from msguided :
Thanks! ;)
from hamlette2002 :
She just said she wants you to leave feedback - she didn't say it had to be positive! I'd go ahead and leave it, and state your complaints while you're at it. Other people will be able to see it, and maybe they can take warning from it! Mary Kay people are kinda creepy, anyway. I went to this "free makeover" thing, and this woman (who just happened to be my 3rd grade teacher, btw!) plopped me down, showed me some samples and told me to do it myself. Well, THAT is not a makeover. Second, there was a product that I was interested in, but she told me that in order for me to be able to buy anything, I had to buy a $60 kit. !!!!! THEN, when I told her I couldn't make a purchase like that without talking to my husband first, she said "Well, we have 'creative financing'." Meaning that i could give her 3 $20 checks, and hubby would never have to know. Uh-huh. Lie to the man I love so I can buy her lousy lip balm? HA!
from hamlette2002 :
Too fun when the kids dress themselves - you're a nice mom, and a BRAVE one! People always give ME the dirty looks when my daughter wants to wear her striped lime-green shirt and purple floral skort!
from dangerspouse :
Does my browser decieve me, or am I really the first person to leave a note here?! WOW! Hey listen, thanks for adding me to you Buddy List - I'm very flattered :) Looking forward to reading more about the geriatric gerbil. Thanks again!

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