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from neetocheeto :
from nfinity701 :
That is so funny about the prank call. Not funny in a "ha ha you've been had" kinda way. But funny in a "I can't believe a crank call actually lasted that long" kinda way. I am glad to hear your friend is not dying though.
from hemopoetic :
ooh i can see up yer nose! cool. must be reason enough to add you to my buddylist....or could it be the fun writing? :)
from marieh :
hey, i was deleting a bunch of rings and accidentally deleted yours. if i'm not mistaken, i need to be approved, so i'll go do that now. i'm such an idiot sometimes.
from boredtodeath :
hi, u don't know me, but I am heather too lol :) so i thought i would just say hi, and i am adding you to my favorites, cause we heathers have to stick together! Bye!
from chikbeatnik :
i know this is a lot to ask but could you find out if he's heading out my way soon for lectures? i have a first edition of his autobiography. its practically my bible... i want him to sign it... i want to talk to him.
from chikbeatnik :
yevgeny yevtushenko? last i heard he was touring america giving lectures. what does he teach? -xoxo- kristen
from tirellius :
That's the bad part. So far it hasn't had any higher points than a Sousa march. It's shameful. :P
from tirellius :
Heather rocks my world!
from heatherb :
shooby: thanks =) john: word up about wierd man eating beings.
from shoobydew42 :
about live and let shack: I agree with you.
from thisisjohn :
ha. well thanks. i didnt even think that that ring was just diaries you read. im dense like that at times, but im glad you like mine. [acceptance] is always a good thing. unless you are accepted by weird weird stupid people, or aliens that like to eat people, or by mobsters (which isnt that bad, but mostly bad). then acceptance is a bad thing. my dorkiness is apparent.
from thisisjohn :
hi. i am john. a nobody. i saw you had your own diary ring. so i wanted to join. for no reason. i have one too. yeah. so. there you have it.
from heatherc :
Heathers of the world, unite!
from darlin1982 :
Hello, Heather. :) I apologize for not viewing and replying to your note sooner! I don't know you, or anyone you know... I actually found your diary completely by accident and have been reading it (off and on) ever since....because, well, it's good. lol I was actually going to ask to join your diary ring, but considering I haven't added anything to my diary in over a month, now is probably not the best time! Anyway, take care. :)

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