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from jenistar2 :
hey--thanks for having jenistar on your buddy list. I'm moving--new url is Hope you'll follow along!
from liebstar :
Hey, it's been quite a while since I heard of you..I'd like to read your journal again, so if you want to let me in please mail me at [email protected]. Thanks! Lieb
from weymouth66 :
Hi Heather! Please could you let me know your passwords? e-mail me at [email protected] - many thanks. lots of love, Jess xx
from liebstar :
*knocks at the door* Hey there! Is anyone letting me in this locked place? =)
from kymee :
*ahem* Locked diary? What's up with that missy?!!
from youscareme :
i just tried signing your gbook again, but it's not letting me. all i basically said there is that my phone is old and doesn't support newer features. i'm going to try and send a message to your phone from my phone. let me know if it works. also, if you send a message to my phone from your email, i can send messages back to you. brandi and i have done that several times.
from maralisa :
username=passport, password=control xx
from scottishlass :
No you MUST go see it as much as me!! Its so worth it! Haha! I'm going again twice tomorrow....I HAVE got a life, honest!
from tv-dinners :
re: your gbook entry to lilith/vixenated, if that was what ALL guys did, it would have made my year a lot easier. news flash: denzoner is not that kind of guy (i can only wish he were) :(
from star-fishing :
Hey! Couldn't get into your guestbook for some reason... Have seen that Shopaholic book about but wasn't sure - think I might read it now! I hear what you're sayig on the job thing - the worst thing about changing is you're basically starting from square one again - you don't know anyone, you don't know the office politics, you don't know where the loos are, where the teabags are...all the usual day-to-day stuff. But within two months you're settled again - it's well worth taking the plunge. Someone once told me you should attempt on thing every day that scares you xx
from toothbrush :
Hey Heather! P is sorta a tightwad but he's usually more upfront about wanting me to buy him dinner - i.e. he'll just come out and say "Will you buy me dinner?" However, there is no possible way that he could do that now because he knows that I haven't been working for the past three months and that I barely have enough money to actually buy myself dinner. If that. I figure when he really wants to tell me what's up, he will. Or not. It doesn't matter. I know one side of the story anyway.
from majikulangel :
hi! just got your note. thanx for enjoying my diary! i'll be sure to read up on yours!!
from i-d-i-o-t :
cheers! well, i got more notes than i have for a while so i'm guessing people liked it...
from toothbrush :
The Pistachio Prescription!

Yes, I read that one too, but it was by Paula Danziger. She was another one of my favourite young adult authors. And I don't think I had heard of pistachio nuts before reading that book so I was baffled at why the girl's fingers were always red.
from unsorry :
yeah, alan mcnish is scottish, but he crashed not that good so far :)
from molzo :
blah-hahahaha-hahaha-HA! (I just felt like laughing.) I'm chasing all your sexy links. I now know what you look like, so I'm really going to stalk you! Also, I noticed that you've never been to the States. I'm horrified! GEt over here dammit!
from scottishlass :
Whoops! Forgot all about it! Tut tut! Happy St Andrews Day to you too though! :-)
from xsty :
Thanks hevbell for wishing me a Happy Birthday! I love your diary layout. :)
from unsorry :
I read that thingy in the Herald as well about the weather. V.true. Tis pissing down at the mo. yay! hmmm.
from cosmicfish :
Hello! It works! Hooray for notes because they are great! Ali xx
from hevbell :
does this actually work?? hmm...

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