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from janedoe0 :
Hi, I have moved my blog to a new I'd LOVE it if you kept reading! Please email me and I'll send on the new addy! [email protected]
from janedoe0 :
I left a comment, but dland thought I was a spammer. So now I'm here. I'm loving the pics!! The pillow and the puppet is so cute! And of course always loving the entry!
from janedoe0 :
So, how are you settling in?? I dreamt last night that I had moved out of my parents' house, weird but nice, if I could afford it I would!!
from janedoe0 :
(((((HUGS))))) I just felt like it. :)
from johnguinness :
Well, good luck with your first semester. In my MBA program, they give us the book list with the ISBN numbers way in advance. That way we can look for the book at amazon,, abebooks, and some places in google that check a hundred stores at once. Some book companies charge one price in the United States, but sell the same book way cheaper overseas. The only real difference in the reputable copies is that the cover is soft instead of hard. I pay fifty bucks for books that my classmates pay three times that. You have to keep an eye out for shady companies, though. If you ever want to check it out, just go to google and type in ISBN (whatever one of your ISBN) numbers is. have a great semester. John
from johnguinness :
Hi. I just happened by. I was wondering if you buy your text books off the Internet? I bu International Student editions for my MBA courses and pay about a third of what the bookstore charges. Cheers. John
from janedoe0 :
He can be a hard worker too, no really he can!!!! LOL. I am so not looking forward to Monday!!!
from janedoe0 :
I definately think that it's the second scenario!!!!! I hate bad drivers!
from ivyparker :
Such a pretty diary with beautiful words, too. Keep smiling.
from janedoe0 :
HA! I couldn't help myself. I just HAD to change it. And it might be changing in a feew days again. I have another buddie that's looking at a particularly difficult one for me! I love that song btw!!!
from janedoe0 :
Thanks for your kind comment! I have a thing with layouts. I get sick of them quickly, and have been thinking of changing it again. But now I think I'll stick to it! :)You write beautifully, and I'll definately be reading more.
from janedoe0 :
Hey there! I love your layout! :)
from augustdreams :
Welcome back! :) I've been rather haphazard about updating myself lately. I've been even work about keeping in email touch with everyone. I shall try to do better. Good to find you in my comments. *MWAH!*

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