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from ladyofjazz :
Great name! Great diary, interesting musings I am nodding along to as I read.
from veganese :
see you like elliot smith and alkaline trio, me too!
from iamanemokid :
at least someone besides me still uses diaryland.
from alkalinetrio :
Hey dude, i live in Chicago now. Are you still around?
from biggoomba :
bumped into your diary at random, and can say for a fact that saying goodbye to weed and wine- and hello to sane women who want the truth and proper love is good.. and all that has nothing to do with the law, or society or anyone elses overview--its just funner and gooder to be there, where ever that is on your own terms..just to say hey you are not alone in discovey of the new frontier thats out there- however as artists we still gotta inspire the rat race .. dream on
from sickriotgirl :
Finding a new, awesome and insightful diary to read always makes my day.
from punk-off :
Awesome Diary. Just wondering where you got your image from. It would make a really cool stencil. I want to make one. Alright, 'tis all.
from orchdreamer :
high school totally changes everyone. it's kinda sad actually. everyone wants to be popular, and will do anything to conform and be excepted, even if it's masking their entire identities. but I guess that's just how things are. anyways, nice diary, and have a great day. bye
from alkalinetrio :
excellent! yes, those are some exceptional bands, except i havent heard much of the stereo. maybe i should check them out.
from alkalinetrio :
hey Dude, do you still like alkaline trio? what stuff are you into now? Do you like bright eyes at all? Theyre so much more serious than all that drive thru stuff, i've always felt it was superior.
from alkalinetrio :
for some reason i remember that the name of the psychadelic furs cover was "heaven"
from alkalinetrio :
was that the order?
from alkalinetrio :
ive never heard them play queen of pain, i would have liked them too. Also, i hate it when people tell me that radio is their best song, because maybe its their best song when you first hear them but then when you hear their other songs you realize that radio loses its novelty and it just gets repetitive.
from alkalinetrio :
Yeah, and there's no goat blood either. fooey. that's like joining islam and finding out there's no virgins waiting to have sex with you. Damn.
from alkalinetrio :
Go to the dan show, how often do you get the chance to see dan away from the trio?
from alkalinetrio :
i got that vagrant dvd!!! what i want is the dashboard cd/dvd
from alkalinetrio :
If we hung out on a regular basis, i would never be too good to hang out with you
from alkalinetrio :
Woah! sounds like your friend is a big assclown. you should be assertive and just do whatever you want. your relationship sounds a lot like my relationship with my friend danny a couple years ago. i always had to listen to him (and still do to some degree) and also he would buy me stuff without asking but i never had money so if i bought myself something he would bitch that i never buy him anything and he always buys me shit. but i really wouldnt care if he never bought me anything. if we just paid for ourselves and didnt bitch about it it would just be a normal situation.
from alkalinetrio :
that amuses me to no end, but it was spread out over like three days. confusion!
from alkalinetrio :
Ok i give up. i dont get it. explain it to me.
from iamanemokid :
your new design is insanely bright and blinding.
from cdghost :
you know where it's at...

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