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from carirogers :
fuck i am the only diary lady who has been using her REAL name. fuck... oh well.
from melwadel :
I'm days away from my d'land one year anniversary as well. Congrats, on all counts.
from veggiedog :
pop in some duran duran and suck on some flav-o-ice - a sure-fire way to reverse your aging process!
from peth :
ALL the cool girls KNIT EXCEPT FOR ME! oh alas, alack. I'm going to marry Adrien Brody's nose.
from lass :
hey look, it's me again! funnily enough, i have a b.a. in radio-tv-film. no grad degree though. you go, monkeybunnygirl!
from lass :
oh my good god, the cancer survivor booklet with monkeyrabbit just made me spit coffee on my monitor. ha! and is that you on the bike?
from lass :
Okay, I have stared at monkeyrabbit for a few minutes and still can't figure out if the thing on the monkey's head is a bullet, a pineapple, or something else...I am disturbed. ;P
from floodtide :
hey - "I'm smart and permanently broke" got me laughing out loud. But: Would you think it was charity if I offered to buy you the four skeins of yarn? I'm unemployed, but will be living off my last NCSA paycheck for a month or two, and four skeins of yarn seems a small price to pay for the peace of mind it would bring me - and possibly bring you. I'm not kidding; i.e., seriously: Leave me a note and we'll figure it out to make it happen.
from veggiedog :
who's phoebe (besides my rabbit)? i guess i haven't read back far enough. anyway, i have a friend with hearing damage from a chop stick. i felt bad laughing at his horrific story, but i guess that's what he gets for having been an overactive kid who desired to be the center of attention.
from floodtide :
Hi - I've been a regular reader of your diary for a while, finally added you to my favorites list recently. But today really grabbed me: I'd had no idea you lived in Michigan. Traverse City is home for me, though I'm usually around the country acting and/or teaching (in NC now). Thanks for your nod to Jennifer; my good (although Republican!) friend JB worked on helping to get her elected. The only sad part is how many morons actually DID vote for Posthumus, who makes George W. look like Steven Hawking in the brains dep't. I think of you often and send thoughts of healing your way. Love, Flood.
from veggiedog :
i'm almost embarrased to leave another note, but feck it. i am interested to see 8 mile for the D landscape as well. when i mentioned this to my bf, joe, he burst my bubble by stating it was probably all filmed in a studio. hmmph - but there has to be *some* footage of the ren-cen. or something! if not, i'll just watch grosse point blank to satiate myself.
from veggiedog :
hello. it is starting to look like i'm your biggest fan here on the notes page. jeez. anyway, hold a peroxide-soaked q-tip to your canker sore(s). it burns, but feels awesome, as it cleans it out. in my experience, they heal faster.
from veggiedog :
if anyone deserves to beat cancer, it's you. i just don't know how you do it. finishing your research after 6+ hours in the er? I was exhausted from merely reading your entry.
from veggiedog :
your 25 lb. cat is beautiful. and drink some vernors ginger ale for that queasy stomach. oh, drink one for me too, since it doesn't exist on the east coast (bastards!)
from drunkenmime :
it seems as if everyone saw your banner. i did as well. wish i had something worthwhile to say. *hugs* take care
from comment-anon :
I clicked on your banner :) Both of my sisters had cancer and I had tumors in my throat once upon a time. I'm glad I stopped by. I'll be back.
from kateso :
i caught your banner. boy am i glad. i'm tired now, but fascinated. i'll be back. you can stop on by if you would like. i love visitors. so. i visited and i didnt' want to just leave without saying hi, all rudely. so hi. and see you soon.
from girlincrisis :
i'm done praying. you know what i said? "dear god. i don't blame you if you're sick of me talking to you again and again, but this is what i REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY want. please find a cure for everyone who suffers from cancer, HIV or AIDs. thank you." "dear god. especially hodpodge."
from girlincrisis :
can i ask you something? this might sound stupid but i'm only 12 and i know NOTHING about hodgkins disease. are you gonna die or are you still fighting? because either way you're gonna be in my prayers. I PROMISE!
from veggiedog :
right on! we should all move to canada, and we'll help take care of you. i'd like to give you an outpouring of sentiment, here. i applaud you for taking this disease in stride, and keeping a sense of humor about it. i don't have any ailments that are potentially fatal, but i do have lots of stupid (in comparison) little ailments, which always send me to the doctor. i feel your pain, on the referral side of things. it should not take a weeks worth of phone calls to get my allergy shots, let alone your CANCER treatment. what the hell is wrong with our society?! i am from michigan originally, so i, of course, can sense an instantaneous michiganian connection to you. hang in there, homey. we are all here for your moral support.
from girlincrisis :
i'm soooo sorry to hear you've got hodgkin's disease.
from freshness :
the Sopranos is the best thing on TV!
from carirog :
hey hodpodge, just thought i'd let you know that you've classically conditioned me into dispising hazelnut flavored coffee. too bad the coffee joint i work at don't do dose flavors... otherwise douse every customer who was to order it. "here smell this for yourself buddy". can't begin to understand your sensitivity to smell or the act of, but i always tell j your stories at work and she understands first hand. she said her husband lost "40 lbs" when she was going through chemo. i like j... we work in a stressful work environment sometimes and we used to have bonding jaunts to the dumpster together. now that clean scapes took the rubbish bins away, we will expand our jaunts to the bar... she says hello. and i say hello. to hell with hazelnut (and from now on... it's very name)! take care, carirog

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