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from ihearthockey :
hope your birthday was totally rad.
from along-theway :
the plugs are rad.
from kortnay :
I don't knwo who you are... but you like great music. I love The Plan, and Joe Millionare was great last night.
from moonsocket :
mmmm....bon's. i miss that fucking place. it's only but a month now. ps-kudos on the new arms.
from stilldunno :
my scooter is blue and black and it is Port Kells, Surrey. It lives at Scooter MD. I believe it likes it there. Actually, it is awaiting parts from Italy as it is an Italian made scooter and interestingly enough I found out that it is the only one of it's kind in Canada.... I'm special
from stilldunno :
i tried to send you an email twice, but it was undeliverable. I'm sending the scooter out to surrey tomorrow, so don't worry about your friend! Thanks anyway for your help. hopefully i'll be back soon, and maybe we can hook up for a wee tour
from stilldunno :
could it really be that easy? I honestly think it has to be something simple, because it wants to start, but won't. Since it's my first time with a scooter, i have a feeling that it's something really dumb, but I just can't see it. I would appreciate any help!

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