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from anticrew :
hey girl, remember me? i was rummaging through some stuff of mine and found some pictures i had of ewan macgregor and wanted to know if you wanted them? i'll mail them to you if, no problemo. one of them is this great photo of him doing Details magazine. he's wearing a fred perry shirt and has a shaved head--very skinhead hott. let me know. my email is on my site.
from soulfan24 :
Hey there! Found your site through the Strokes ring. Stop by and say hey sometime. You're more than welcome. ~Hannah
from moonlit-eyes :
Hey, hey, hey!! Would you mind telling me your new URL??
from montage4life :
ohh can I have the new address? :-D
from heatherbird :
since i obviously am a huge scarlett fan, please link me up scottie!
from quixotic-boy :
To continue my quest to steal your identity, I am requesting your new diary's url. Oh, and maybe your social security number and a lock of your hair. Just kidding ;)
from rose-trees :
Can I have your new address? I am glad to hear that you are still writing.
from montage4life :
hey, I've been a reader for a while...can I have the new addy? I would love to continue reading :)
from shrinkodebt :
sadly, I cannot seem to read your diary. Either I'm having a stupid moment or you've made it so that one cannot read it... either way, you've got a cool layout ;)
from anticrew :
Ewan is on the front cover of Details magazine!
from hysteria-fan : you rock! heh.
from crazed-gurl7 :
i could draw a picture..of a guy..with a big knife..
from montage4life :
Your layout is really really awesome. I read a lot of your entries and they cracked me up. Your one of my favorites now. I also love Ewan, he's so great in trainspotting. :)
from rose-trees :
I am glad you are with me on the miniskirts.
from name-less :
i likes your layout
from heatherbird :
when i was little the scariest thing in the world was that scene in E.T. in the field. i would run away crying.
from rose-trees :
a world without that 70s show would be a world that i would definitely not want to live in.
from purplebanana :
you know, i bet you burned more calories lugging that bike around than you would have if you actually rode it for while. words of encouragement from one oinker to another.
from heatherbird :
you can tack your name on as many entries on my notes page as you want. and i love that you put my eminem-inspired wannabe thug quote as the description of my diary in your profile. maybe it will lure guys in wifebeaters to my page. or dr. dre.
from koalapad :
have babies with my new background too! I love it.
from rose-trees :
Better to fall in love with boys based on their Pumas than based on something unreliable like the way they act. [that was emo of me.] A lot of the times I fall in love with boys because of what kind of pants they have on, which doesn't really work out for me because a lot of the boys who wear pants that I like turn out to be gay. It's a good thing I don't follow through with any of this love...haha.
from rose-trees :
I own the Natalie Imbruglia ceedee only because I like that song "Smoke"! It is hidden on my bookshelf sort of behind some books. My best friend Beene also listens to that song a lot. I talk to my cat too. And I fall in love with Puma boys the first time I see them. Yeah, I know just what you are saying. Oh, now I really want to hear that song so I am going to go listen to it.
from rose-trees :
i think we would be friends too.
from heatherbird :
Scarlett, did you know that Come On Eileen is my JAM? I love pretty much all those songs you listed - I added some of them to the list on my pitas page. Oh, and Harry Potter WAS scary, it gave me a nightmare about getting eaten by a huge spider. It was good though. Luv ya!
from she-scrawls :
Hmm. Well, the graffiti does add a 'unique' touch to things. I must say, hot pink and Ewan McGregor have never looked better.
from dailynightly :
Thanks for joining the Rolling Stones ring. Ewan and Colin and accents (for the last three months my diary has been me in love with my British Shakespeare teacher, heh heh)... oh my.
from art-is-dying :
Maybe the Jane cover was a joke, and next month they will say, "Just kidding guys!"
from art-is-dying :
oh yes, we are cool. i read your diary so long ago, and i was going to add you as a favorite diary...but i forgot or something. i really was going to! irresponsible me.
from chibiutena :
Are we related? Moulin Rouge, British stuffs, and Star Wars.
from art-is-dying :
your eye is so lovely!
from megz8806 :
the link to ur g-book doesnt work. theres 3 ts insteada 2 . Bien venidos.
from megz8806 :
Hey scarlatti! hehe i saw dp running on my way home from student council...and i screamed out my window and he almost tripped. The moral of the story is...keep off the grass(pass the grass)..and u wont end up like dp!
from oostaroo :
you love Ewan!!! You're automatically insanely cool with me!! ahhh! lol :)
from crazed-gurl7 :
I..I am Scrat. It is I, with the knawy ( rrarr, rarr ) teeth and twitchy feet. barky.
from heatherbird :
i'm not your friend heather but i am heather and i can be your friend. the weird thing was that i had not checked my notes yet when i sent you that one and then i looked and there was a note from you. ooh it's creepy. hey cool you like heath ledger too!
from heatherbird :
if you take puma boy can i have cutey von blueshirt? he sounds nice. i like the new layout. thanks for listing me as a favorite diary! you ROCK the casbah.
from cutoutstars :
**to days of inspiration / playing hookey/ makin something out of nothing / the need to express / to communicate / to going against the grain / going insane / going maaaaaad** (hehe. i heart you ,and rent! i saw it three times! xoxo!)
from goldenapple :
I love your diary! You are so sunny-funny! The kind of cool girl I always used to see at my High School and never got to meet...poor, shy, confined me... We have mucho in common and I too -- like a dork -- will listen to queen or the beatles or the police for hours on end -- and then go around singing it for the next month... *takes a deep breath* Bravisimo! You BeautifulcrazysillypinkladyGurl! loves, Goldenapple!
from keasbeynight :
we all live in a yellow submarine...yellow submarine...yellow submarine...
from mmonroe :
omg! u like moulin rouge ,rent, trading spaces,madonna and kevyn aucoin! so do i! ur the best!
from keasbeynight :
the rain in spain stays mainly on the plain.
from milkmaid :
Okay! You can be my honorary kidlet too, but only if you promise to do your homework, eat all your vegetables and get a good night's sleep - except, of course on the weekends! XOXO
from milkmaid :
Don't panic! We're going to be okay!
from lost-chicken :
liked the desktop a lot.
from brezdawg :
The ants in France stay mainly on the plants. Oh, and don't do drugs.
from weezergirl :
giraffes have the same number of vertebrae in their necks as humans. i'm serious.

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