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from soleclaw :
you've locked up your journal...i used to read a while ago and i'm not sure when you let me know your new diary name...i've been gone for some time. i'd love to read still though!
from raven72d :
Your entries never fail to intrigue...
from tapestrygirl :
i havent seen this page in nearly a year. it made ma so happy to see it tonite. im not sure where youve been, but i hope youre back. -sara.
from dharmabum :
oh, where have you gone?! i do so selfishly want to follow along ... :)
from raven72d :
Good luck-- and I hope the new digs make you feel most thrilled and happy!
from raven72d :
I do hope the new digs work out-- and that 2004 ("the year Four") is a great one for you.
from raven72d :
Joyeux Noel!
from raven72d :
Orbital... they're wonderful.
from raven72d :
Dial-up is evil. Or...*eee-will*... I like saying *eee-will*.
from raven72d :
Don't let work make you cry. And tell your boss you expect her to be professional and supportive. Make it clear that you have a life beyond the job.
from fiftythou :
Dear Ms. Hyacinth- Just a note to wish you luck and good writing for NaNoWriMo. Also to invite you to Literati if ever you should suffer from writer's block. -M.
from discodave :
Guaranteed in about a day, the guestbook message I tried to leave will show up, but never mind. Anyway, as I said: Good luck to you (and to me). Did I ever tell you how much I liked this template? Every time I come to say hi, I have to stop and take it in for a second. Dxx
from lannyismail :
I'll be hitting you on my new site soon. Meanwhile do stay in touch. My email: [email protected] Have a nice day!:)
from tapestrygirl :
thanks for the news. ive been updating as of late. its rather boring love-crazy dribble. but whatever. i think the world should be rid of "nicks".
from factorygirl :
thanks for the heads up. my diary is currently locked - if you want the password, just email factorygirlATdiarylandDOTcom.

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