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from neeeeek :
i admit that was not very gentle
from neeeeek :
In the farm everybody was hacking on each other and moaning bitching complaining, never taking action for themselves or others.
from neeeeek :
I once worked in a chicken farm and it was oh so similar. *boakboaboak*<br><br>Men and women are different. We should just treat each other with more respect and kind understanding to find happinesss with each other. Those who still complain haven't learned every man runs away once he's treated badly. It's the same with women. Everyone can deal on his / her own and rather travel alone than with the wrong companions.It's as easy as that. Take it easy. What goes around, comes around ; - ) You can find a good match.
from neeeeek :
If we had any tears you'd feed on us too. They have run dry when you girls started to moan and bitch and be passive agressive defensive instead of lovely and kind and cute
from neeeeek :
"Hm, manboy. But, I worry that with the manboys that I associate with, they will a) refuse to have sex (totally serious) b) not be nearly as good as the sex I'm currently getting or c) become psycho stalker manboys. And besides, there's always my vibrator. All the sex I want without the heartbreak. Well, unless the batteries die. That would make me sad. --s10" Doe sthat mena womanhood stops bitching and moaning once boys gather enough money to supply them with enough batteries for their vibrators? What an idea. ; - )
from neeeeek :
I hate girls because they don't call. They never call. So once you call them (anyway) or write them they end up pissed (anyway). I hate girls ; - )
from tequilashot :
dude....that is like the funniest thing ive ever read/heard (i read it out loud lol)
from herdarlinsin :
No dear. But this email works, secretxwhispers69 @hotmail. com
from tequilashot :
I could be s19 or s20 or s something! You should let me be one of the boy haters, seriously. I really really hate boys now. I hate anything with a dick. It's like boys were created to fuck us over, like they survive on our tears or something.
from raggedyanne0 :
everybody hates boys dont worry your not alone lol
from velvet-heart :
hello owner. I apologize for never informing you of where I went when I left this diary. I was wondering tho, if I was a member before if I could be again? you can find me at herdarlinsin (diaryland) or you can email me, if its not too much trouble. ([email protected]) thank you
from girlreview : Here's your girl review
from jens-world :
u guys rock
from tequilashot :
damn s18, u just read my mind, gimme my brain back! lol, fuck all of those sons a bitches except him(ur guy) and my Miles (sigh)......
from justlovely23 :
hey it!! lol b/c i get it..lmao..lylas!! & there are some guys that are ok...roland!! my honey!! lol love ya!!
from critiques :
Your review is posted.
from suggest :
you've been suggested as a great diary :)
from xdreamlandx :
Really love the diary. Boys really do suck, and welll sometimes I hate them to. Well for the most part I do. Anyways, just came across this diary and thought I'd leave you guys a note. Laters ~S.E.
from bassclargrrl :
s17: I know that feeling.
from tequilashot :
oh my god how funny is that! ow!
from tequilashot :
no get a man/boy!
from critiques :
I've added a new rule at Critiques. Please check it out to make sure it isn't a problem in your journal. If it is, either fix it or let me know to take you off the pending list. Thanks.
from tequilashot :
i think you bitches need to get over these dumb ass boys and just use them for dick and nothing else just like they use us!!!!
from eanna :
Hi, heres a hug, thats not true of all men, just most of them...;>
from bitterboys :
Hey, i just have to say that i love your site. I'm a guy and you have all the exact same thoughts about guys that i do about girls. So it's refreshing to know what a woman or women think about us men. Keep it up. -PRS
from parlance :
Boys & Girls suck.
from hcatty :
Happy St. Patrick's Day, ladies. ;o)
from molzo :
I was all about the "forgiven" entry. Not everything we say is totally true. Duh. This place is a venting place. Double Duh.
from bassclargrrl :
We're all about emotions here.
from peachick :
I'm s17. I was just very frustrated when I put on my entry, so it was not meant to be objective. It's more like expressing my emotions than to state a fact. Of course, we say "guys suck" and there are people who say "they don't, I love them." It's just a matter of your own view and opinion, sure guys don't break promises and being forgiven more than girls. However, I clearly know why I was writing it. I think it's not wrong to express my emotions, maybe I was just being misleading.
from bassclargrrl :
I agree with s17's entry. I know lots of males who have broken promises and been forgiven. It all depends on what kind of experience you've had with guys, I think.
from i-h8-boys :
Haters: I went to alwaysinhim and left a note. Check it out, yo. I stand by my people.
from alwaysinhim :
You know, the creator of this diary should really screen for maturity before just letting just any ole girl write lies. It's pathetic. Guys are not forgiven more than we are. If anything, it is equal, not more. Try growing up, would you, s17�.. I was excited when I first started reading this diary, as a female that has had her share of male encounters, but I have since been disappointed again and again by the lack of maturity shown by some of the writers. Try living a little; figure out the truth, s17. Then, just maybe, you'll have anything intelligent to say about why guys suck (there is no debate on that issue). Yes, I understand that some things come out in the heat of the moment, but blatant lies like that� I can�t stand by and say nothing. At least give valid reasons for why guys suck, otherwise, you�re not better than the worst of them.
from crazywicked :
haha! thank you for the mr. bozo entry. thank you soo much! you just made my day. on the other hand, i fear men are all the same. but, like i say, time to get the chin level with the ground and press on. love can wait!
from critiques :
I"ll be adding you to the pending list.
from tequilashot :
dear s18, fuck him! even if your were together he would probobly be trying to get with somebody else. most boys are just stupid like that, thats why I hate their mentally challenged asses. *sigh* cant live with them, cant live without them! the truth is...all boys suck from time to time amd i bet you have someone great thats right infront of your face but youre too stuck on a dumb ass boy who cant even say your name right. leave is punk ass alone!
from crazywicked :
well, as you can tell, i like your diary. i think this must be my third note. you put into words exactly how i felt. chin up girl, better days are commin. i promise you that.
from blueforever :
oh, umm I want to write here but I just don't know who to e-mail. Could I?..I mean write here and who do I e-mail?
from blueforever :
Happy V Day.
from bassclargrrl :
looks like Sunday/Monday was prime time for boy hating.
from crazywicked :
youre go to hell entry was awesome. thats exactly how i feel and i hope you dont mind that im adding it as a favorite entry. and if youd like, hes some advice. try sastisfying your own needs. like sex. sex is good, right? yeah, so go out there and get you some, and then be on your way. ive learned its the only way to coexist with men. kel
from likealady :
I clicked on your banner quite a while ago and have been reading. Does your guy read this? Just wondering. Cuz wow. I would feel really bad if I knew that I was putting someone through what he's putting you through. My boyfriend broke up with me a month ago and is expecting me to still have sex with him. I tell myself that I will not call him, but end up breaking down and calling him. I always regret it later.. I regret calling him last night. Anyways. Make a long story short. I think that me and you are going through the same crap. BOYS SUCK.
from hcatty :
boys have always been stupid. They're worse when you love them.
from aint2proud :
Hi, I came across your diary thru your banner; The "boys suck cause they fall in love with you after you're gone" one. I like that quote, saying, what have you. Well, anyhow, I read your entry for 2004-01-24 11:16am, I liked it, so I hope you don't mind, I'm gonna had you to my favorite diaries. Thanks. Take care.
from ktdream :
Just wanted to say I really agree with your banner saying I don't want to just hope you care but really know that you do.. I'm going through something very interesting that relates to that and I could really know what you're talkng about in the current entry with a boy. They're hard to figure out but I hope it'll be okay for you. I don't know how it'll turn out with me though. =(
from crazywicked :
i know people have probably told you this before, but i am going to do it again anyway. i went through the same thing you have, and two months later, its still on my mind. but what kept me alive was remembering that it took strength to do what i did, what you did. strength that at the time i didnt have. but i promise you one thing. you did the right thing. youll thank yourself later. i know its not much condolence now, but it will be later. and while im here, i want to let you know that i hate boys too. ive been burnt by them more times that i can count failures in my life. so, i guess youre not alone. anyway, you seem like a nice person, so ill be back later. but for now, stay strong and believe in yourself. love always, kel
from crayola123 :
hey i no u h8 boys but check out i assure u thats one boy u dont hate! :) just check it out and check out the multimedia section the videos are funny! :)
from misery966 :
lol...Now I love Rocky'e goin back out...:-) But I have been hurt plenty of times.
from misery966 :
I love Rocky. Rocky is my world. He loves me too. One day, he doesn't love me anymore. It's over. "Let's just be friends!" FRIENDS? HE WANTS TO BE FRIENDS! FRIENDS MY ASS! I hate him. In fact, I hate them all. All guys are jerks.
from madatmydesk :
I hate girls and boys equally. I don't exclude myself; I'm no narcissist. Chia Pets. I get along swimmingly with Chia Pets.
from madam-rose :
lol i feel the same away about boys at times.
from clocks :
i love the diary
from xbarbwirdrmx :
i wanna be an "s" do you get to be one?
from velvet-heart :
Hells yah! We should form a pussy posse!
from velvet-heart :
Men Suck! Im telling yah....
from williosis :
Men are what their mothers made them. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
from velvet-heart :
Happy New Years love. May this new year bring you more happiness than your last and may you have a greater learning of more things to come. Much love, Huggles
from for-you-only :
I like your banners, and I love your diary, I've stumbeled upon it twice. If you want to talk e-mail me at [email protected], leave me a note, or AIM me, it's the same as my e-mail. You can never have too many friends. :)
from livefan91200 :
sounds like you're having a rough time... no worries, everything happens for a reason.... I know I don't understand the situation you're in and these words will probably fall on deaf ears, but just know that everyone has been through hard times when it comes to relationships, so you're not alone. L'amour toujours ~LP
from poison-words :
i love you gals. and i hate the male population...well, not really, but i wish i did. stupid boys.
from pantypulldwn :
yeah there are a lot of girls out there looking for a free ride! but we make mistakes in life and let him make his if he comes back to you then he's yours. i realize that it's painful, but it's something you have tolet him do. until then you can vent to us, all your lovely readers!
from aliboomboom :
I saw your user name and had to read some of your entries. They are hilarious. I think that boys suck too. You're basically saying everything that I have ever wanted to say. Way to go.
from iamdana :
great diary! I love it and hate boys as well. They fucking suck. Hope all gets better for ya!
from n00dledancer :
this is the best diary. ever.
from jeterzgurl :
i luv dis diary it speaks da truth and im kinda feelin lik dat 2 it makes me feel alot better dat others feel lik dis 2
from uknowhatodo :
i love this diary! this is an awesome idea. i would love to post on it too, email me or leave me a note on my diary. thanks!
from pantypulldwn :
sounds like a bit of jealousy??????
from o0-girl-0o :
from likealady :
I came across your diary and like it. I haven't read too many entries, but i'll be sure to do so some time soon. -Lindsay Loo
from velvet-heart :
LOVE your entry!! *rolls on floor*
from raziela :
Hiya! Your diary rocks, keep up the good work! =) I would love to post an entry there myself, but I don't know whether my English is good enough or not... and I guess that I have so much hatred towards boys nowadays that I should keep quiet about it. >_> Anyway, have a wonderful day! =)
from peachick :
in case you dunno, i keep saying "i can't agree more" when reading your diary.
from halo-x-choke :
You guys echo the thoughts in my head. And that could only mean that boys suck universally. Yaaaay.
from im-the-mary :
you're my hero dude. down with unsavoury boys.
from mechanica :
i clicked on the "good riddance" banner :)
from no-yes-maybe :
Great site! I really liked reading it.
from punk-ette :
sure, but i still dont
from black--pearl :
yes...boys are so easy to hate. and of course, its easy to hate them all. from they're damn good bodies, to their shoulders that are just right for resting on...we hate them all;)
from inaptbeauty :
today, i'm officially a boyhater... keep up guys!! is this site a sister site of gurls-suck? just askin
from samantha-m :
Hi. I didn't just list you, I'm a fan too! =D Oh, and my diary is locked, but not from the general public. The name is "Samantha" and the pass is "locked". Aren't I clever?! P.S - I love to hate boys. How would I go about becoming one of you guys? That would be super cool. Thanks
from punk-ette :
oh i is it possible for me to join? or is it only ppl u know?
from punk-ette :
hello..i was just wondering..what kind of site is this? and how does it work?
from indierockkid :
thanks for the answer....and thanks for being nice about it!! :-) well, i have to agree with about 99% of the stuff you say. i just hate when boys take my girlfriends. see ya soon.
from ediblmercury :
Tracy (fakeitsoreal) had you on her buddy list so I assume you know who she is at least a little. Please read my latest entry for news regarding her. Thank you.
from indierockkid :
uh...are you gay or something? do you hate boys to the extent that you turn to feminism to deal with it? i hope not. Or do you just hate them cuz you can't keep one for more than two days? Im not ratting on you cuz it sounds like i sound mean, and im sorry if i do. Im just wondering. I take a harsh approach to things.
from laurenunder :
I've officially found my heros! Keepthe emotions flowing. I've definitly gone through my share of hating boys especially one in partcicular guy. I'm book-marking your journal.
from sketch6499 :
Hiya! Great diary. I hate boys too...with a passion actually.Rock on!
from paintedkiss :
ooh! ooh! i hate boys too, they just make life miserable; i wanna share some stupid stories :D <3
from pinklady877 :
Hey! This is Kristine from Our-Views just letting you know that your review is now up at! Congrats on such a high score!! Much Love, Kristine
from miss-miami :
Do not tell a girl to wait until you come over for her to get dressed after her shower, thus making her think you want her. Do not tell said naked girl that you would like to come over and watch a movie with her and then don't show up. My boyfriend was pissed between 2.30 and 9.00. I put on my glasses at 10. I put on my PJs at 10.30. I fell asleep on the couch at 11.30. I locked the damn door at 12.30. If you cant come over, fine. If you don't want to come over, thanks for pissing me off, but fine. But for chrissakes, call, e-mail or message me to just let me know you won't be showing up.
from girl101 :
but also no, which is sort of really very nice.
from girl101 :
yes, just not so many words to express it in.
from emperorincxt :
soo no one to hate these days? :P
from not-it :
i hate boys too. you guys should look into selling shirts like girls-suck do. i bought one of thier shirts because, well, most girls do suck. this means i hate people? hmm..
from girl101 :
[email protected]
from girl101 :
h8 ----��//big smiles. i could do this forever/ there/s always something, isn/t there? isn/t there. this is a nice community.
from tapestrygirl :
im the newest hater of boys ladies. yay!
from jessiewolf :
I want to belong to this. I want to hate boys too. Love, Jessie
from impiety :
wow, us guys are making some people really angry...please don't hate ME tho.
from impiety :
wow, us guys are making some people really angry...please don't hate ME tho.
from thisisjohn :
exploding dog is so very disappointing. i thought they meant what they said!
from thefields :
i see you

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