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from frenchpress :
did you hack my computer? ugh
from greentealeaf :
uh oh. are you leaving d-land now? =( i hope this isn't a permanent thing. please keep on writing! i heart reading your words and feeling completely floored. you floor me.
from holdmeplease :
You're amazing. Maybe I should start a fan club .. you're my idol. Wow, I sound like one crazed fanatic, don't I? -- Marisa
from greentealeaf :
ps. your diary reminds me of kurt halsey's paintings. (i should stop hogging your notes page now.)
from greentealeaf :
starflyer 59's album 'gold' is brilliant. and so are the wind up bird. but i think you'd like 'm83'. check out their newest album if you haven't already. i'm addicted to architecture in helsinki now thanks to you.
from greentealeaf :
(sigh) your music taste rocks my world ...
from greentealeaf :
yay! my favourite diarist updated .. you're my favourite diarist.
from longitude :
superbe. j'aime les oiseaux.
from greentealeaf :
i'm only denying myself that sip (it'll be back up shortly). on the other hand, you mr icky, should write more regularly. every four hours each day if you can and i still wouldn't get enough.
from killingjar :
nice name.
from greentealeaf :
you're so great ..
from alarm-call :
I like your words. and your layout. and you. even though adding you to my favourites is going to mess my alphabetic order right up.
from sparklytears :
is it just a coincidence ?
from ihatemilk :
I've started read you religiously again. I still write you letters every few months and never send them. I still have a huge sealed envelope with your name on it, but not your address. I still procrastinate.... I'm sorry to see that another love affair has ended for you. I'm glad to see you still have a way with words. Take it easy on the sun and salt, beautiful. *~i
from pip :
i do love the nutter butter. also, i do love the ickypop. sometimes i wish you'd update more, but sometimes i understand.
from pip :
from zoetrope :
Hmm. Dear friend. I hope all is well with you. It is a late night, and my heart again, once broken. I wish upon all others that are the same, that they are mended. And if not, in time. Soon. Wishing the best for everyone. This day forward, I will be a better person. I will be. A heart of gold.
from ickypop :
my cat seneca is a lush. he lives for the scratch. he won't cuddle or chill, just begs and begs. doctor, what should i do?
from zoetrope :
Many and many books pass my time. And with that, many words. Sometimes it is hard to find the right ones.
from caterwaul :
deary darling ickypop. it is about time
from ickypop :
white wine and tea!? grr. for a zin and coffee person, is it even possible?
from thatmarygirl :
from vidapacifica :
Try white wine and tea. I quit two and a half years ago, and it is what I am most proud of thus far. Saving your own life is a very tangible accomplishment.
from iooi :
i so hear you on the smoking thing. you can do it. i know how bloody hard it is but it does gets easier i promise.
from mary-harper :
come back?
from paperbridges :
oh. this is.
from zoetrope :
Ghost girl and blood car. There is a lot of that going round. Driving aimlessly. Is it special where you are? Is it anything like Omaha?
from ickypop :
warm and fuzzies. yum thank you, special note-friends are neat!
from pip :
you dont seem especially happy, but im especially happy youre back. xoxox.
from frenchpress :
icky..i wanna mess up your hair.
from caterwaul :
oh oh icky icky pop. icky pop.
from ickypop :
3.3.30 - i finally tweaked the template. it looks right in ie 6 and mozilla 1.3 on a pc. i hope it doesn't suck for you.
from ickypop :
my cat is playing with his poopies.
from ickypop :
today i was so sad that i bought amelie on disc. tonight i feel much better.
from ickypop :
there's just something about franka potenta and matt damon on the alternate ending of bourne identity that leaves me weak in the knees.

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