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from sketty :
Mr Bison, you are a GENIUS. You should be Home Secretary. I can't even fucking remember who IS Home Sec any more. At least it isn't that toss-faced wanker John Reid. Oh, and I particularly like the word 'lumpen'....
from sketty :
I was wondering how you were! Glad yer on the mend matie :) As for the sawbones, he diagnosed tendonitis without examining me so I guess until Mr Reaper tells him differently I have tendonitis of the arm/hand I don't write with or use half as much as my other....
from sketty :
Hey Bison, if you wanna rant in my direction feel free. Heck, I do it enough around this place. My email addy is [email protected] if you wanna, if you don't well fair enough mate :)
from sketty :
Glad you had a laugh at the misfortune that is my life ;) btw - Phoe is STILL not talking to me. Bloody hell, I've gone and done it this time :(
from sketty :
Are you becoming some kind of bug-chasing antisocial weirdo? Oh I sincerely hope so. If your pals aren't bizarre freaks then you are missing out on big finger-pointing/laughing secretly behind your hand fun! As for not giving a 'monkey's ringpiece'. Class :).....btw, your on-page comments section doesn't work any more
from sketty :
I just read the Cary Grant dream again and started giggling to myself, it's probably one of my favourites! As for the head rubbing, once I'd come away from the 'puter I felt sufficiently guilty that I did in fact rub Phoe's head. Being a horrible, lazy person tho, I did it just enough until she felt strong enough to take the dogs out alone. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I then took a bath and changed from one set of pajamas to another. LAAAAAAAAZY COW :)
from sketty :
Well hi there! What a surprise - welcome to diaryland. I'm going to have to start being a nice person in my diary now ;)

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