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from frankie123 :
you're my new favourite
from anticrew :
and to think i thought youd disappeared
from sunkship :
i'm nadia
from sunkship :
hi you. i like the little pieces of your life you put up here. you know i found your old diary when i was still in middle school and now it has been many years and can't believe we're still here can't believe it! "holding hands and whispering that this is just night, this is only some temmporary thing until we're blinded again tomorrow and i could hope to believe that again." this reminds me of when i go out really late at night in the summer and walk down my dead silent street and the asphalt look soft and the houses settle heavily into the earth with sleeping bodies. it is well into morning and i have not slept for a while, but what is your name?
from caustic-slip :
guess who just locked their diary? me. username:wallswith p-word:eyes
from dishevelment :
excellent entry.
from thefallofart :
username: sunkship, password: lungs
from thefallofart :
your latest is something to whisper to myself in the very earliest of mornings, before the sun is even up. that is beautiful, not the empty kind of beautiful that people just repeat to other people, but the sort of beautiful that is quiet and on its own.
from parlance :
Oh, driving incoherently.
from sleepystorm :
my new favorite. i cant stop reading. gorgeous. x
from thefallofart :
i still come here a lot.
from bourgeoisie :
impressed :)
from caustic-slip :
sorry i just realized that i made a typo: where it says "you sound any less eloquent", its supposed to say "you dont sound any less eloquent". wow thats an important typo. oops.
from caustic-slip :
so, wait, are you drunk right while you were writing that...or are you just recounting it? i've been reading your diary for awhile...and, if you were(/are...i guess since you just posted a few minutes ago you would still be)drunk, you really sound any less eloquent than usual...huh. but i like it.
from girl-razor :
very glad to see you back.
from anticrew :
the dictionaries don't recognize the word nor do they give it an english translation. but here's a link that somewhat explains how the word came to be:
from anticrew :
"nibelungentreue": sacred or honoured blood pact which bonds the parties to their agreement and surpasses any other type of contract that they may make in the future to overthrow it.(i owe you a mixed cd, too!)
from anticrew :
which one? the one that means "blood pact"? i think it's the only german word i've referred to. there's also "weltanschauung" which means "world view". help a girl, out, al!
from screamingemu :
I love you Al Charity.
from folkbitch :
I really enjoy reading. Please don't stop writing. :(
from thepassives :
hello jello.
from thefallofart :
hooray, have a good time
from tonightsleep :
you made me a tape? well that makes me very happy. ill be back july 27th so i could make the show in kentucky the 29th. who are you touring with? you should just bring my tape with you, hopefully ill see you on tour.
from tonightsleep :
youre going on tour? are you coming anywhere near ohio - illinois, kentucky, philadelphia?
from thefallofart :
i should be thanking you. it was raining for weeks here, and the night pavement smelled clean. yesterday brought heat and crowds as the carnival moves into town. the sidewalks are hot, the sun is swelling, our steps grow heavy.
from hu-man :
spent the morning reading yr diary and listening to patti smith. thank you.
from projectavoid :
Quite welcome, sir.
from nakedembrace :
<3. happy day-after-loveday. i have not forgotten about this.
from tonightsleep :
still beautiful and still inspirational. im jealous - keep going.
from s-p-a-c-e-s :
nice to see you are still writing. all the best.
from nakedembrace :
     love.     hello again babe someday we will be standing beside each other     watching the ball drop on new year's counting countingdown    not knowing     (((glad to see you are back)))

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