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from rosine :
I feel your sister's pain. My Zack was 10lbs 8oz at birth - about 12 lbs at 6 weeks. Diapers became a problem at the end of his babyhood. So did fitting him in age-appropriate toys. But big uns are healthier and shrug off injuries and illnesses, so there's a wonderful side to "monster baby"!
from hissandtell :
Thanks so much for your wonderful note. I'm so glad you enjoyed my entries! (Yeah, I know, some are much better than others...) I've read some of yours, too, and I'll be back for more.
from rosine :
Sorry - my "guestbook" attempts always time out. I would be extremely interested. Not "justa little" - extremely. I think the "women's Cotehardie" era (If I try to find the exact time period on the computer right now, it will freeze. I'm fielding "Help me now" questions from our autocrats staff).... I think that's 15th, yes? The time of the Duc du Berry's manuscript? Ohhhhh..... low country, low country!!!! Whatever that time period is with the great painting of the women weaving and embroiderying to the right side of a woman on a chariot - I konw you know the one... with what looks like "italian renn" gowns with dropped waistlines and pinned on outer sleeves that don't always match the gown. I could embroider! I would love it! I'd have to make a gown. No problem. The chair - oh, need the chair AND the embroidery stand. Oh yes. (I'd get "furnishings" for whichever period. I'd make something decorative "needle-arts". A tapestry, if I had time.)
from padraiga :
It won't let me sign your guestbook again! So anyway, regular streaky bacon. I think I used Walmart-generic brand hickory smoked. Pan fry till cripsy, drain on paper towels, and cruble into the sauce before serving - that way iot doesn't get too soggy. Being a fellow tomato-hater, I have sampled quite a few white sauces. Anything that comes in a jar is yucky.
from hiccup588 :
Hello. I'd love to live in London. I'm getting real bored of America. Especially if you've lived here all your damn life. ~Carolyn

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