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from geek-betty :
where'd you go??! :(
from justvivo :
You've left the building, huh? :(
from freshhell :
Oh, I totally love Dodgeball and Princess Bride. I also got out my personal copy of Stripes (I'm a sucker for B. Murray) on Fri. If only I had season 5 of Curb Your Enthusiasm....that would set me right.
from justvivo :
Oh, no, no! I didn't mean that you implied that - I guess this was just the after thoughts after the thoughts! I understood exactly what you were saying, and I guess I just picked up on it as something I don't do, which honestly, was reassuring to me! :) I know you understand my fears - and you know what? We'll all figure them out! One way or another, right? xo
from forty-plus :
I had to add a ***Later*** with more information. You are going to love the newest information. I bet you didn't know this about me! xx, Y. Or should I sign it xxx?!
from sosuga :
no youre not being harsh at all and if it is, then its what I needed because youre right. hes probably being stubborn and thinking I'll cave and call and be all, "oh, I made a mistake" (which i wont be fucking doing g. dammit) and he did a real good job of making me feel stupid when issues would arise and I'd tell him it bothered me. Instead of trying to at least consider my feelings, he'd be all, oh youre just being too sensitive. arg. I'll get over it, in fact I still havent surpassed the usual 30-day-window that men always come back during. although hes a stubborn little one so who knows, I'm not waiting but it does bug the shit out of me that he refuses to see that he had an impact on why we fell apart. it takes two sticks to make a fire, dangit! but thanks, I needed that :)
from freshhell :
Actually, her Godzilla impression is very cute. She holds her arms out in front of her, tenses up her body and stomps around, growling. She keeps us entertained.
from petit-espoir :
Oh, no worries. I don't pay attention anyway. I appreciate the note though :). Very thoughtful. Feel free to read my diary, not that you'd want to as it is dreadfully boring, but, yes... I hope you're having a good weekend!
from daftish :
thanks for the note. :)
from petmykittie :
Wow! Thanks a lot! It's always flattering to hear that people think I'm interesting.
from wamsutafairy :
I love the name and I love you.
from freshhell :
I have a question to pose to you. I trust your frankness and insight and need to know if I'm being stupid and childish or if I need to get the hell over myself. Email me? Or I'll email you. I don't want to ask it in a public forum Claudia
from amblus :
I am so confused! I can't access your other diary anymore. This is Lauren, yes?
from incog-notion :
damnit, and by laura, i meant lauren. lauREN.
from incog-notion :
thank you for the sweet comment, laura.
from janetplnetoc :
I get a lot of those spammer things too, but then later, when I try again, it usually goes through. Of course, you can always email me too.... or call. Or send a telegram. Or smoke signals.
from prolifique :
Hey we know each other? :-)
from tiaris :
I get the bronze for being third! (See, it's all about me.)
from smedindy :
from sosuga :
*wink wink* hey there stranger!! :)

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