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from xorbit :
I'm locked out :( *paws at virtual door, whines* Please may I come in?
from xorbit :
Re hanging out and looking cute - that *would* be fun, but unfortch I'm well past cute and actually in danger of looking my age. *wry grin* Re locking - I would like to continue to read, please. xorbit at dl .com will reach me, or use the gb (all comments are screened - I can delete the post once I have the info).
from newschick :
i don't know u, can i have a user and pw? jgal 713 at msn dot com :)
from xorbit :
Know exactly what you mean re long penis. Effing painful. (I'm a mere 150cm tall, so my insides are proportionally small... which some guys just don't seem to get. wtf?)
from snowlandq :
Girl from Canada - read your diary by chance. I really like your style. I happen to love someone named Dan too so made me smile :)
from xorbit :
Thanks for letting me know you like the layout. At least one person doesn't, and that bothered me way more than it should.
from glass-slide :
Age limbo is a frame of mind, and sadly 25 is no better. So, feel better!
from nelapsi :
Thanks for the support! :)
from xorbit :
Aww :( Sorry to hear things have gone downhill. I hope he realises what he's done and works his ass off to make amends. xxx
from argentum :
Stay away from the boys in prison, and let the 'bad boy' complex go. They are losers in the game of life on many levels.
from xorbit :
Just wanted to say hi, I've been reading, and your writing is awesome. It's been ages since I randomly found anyone really worth reading (tho I have found 3 today). I'm in Sydney too, so it's nice to find a "local" in amongst all the usual American opinions :)
from i-lost-sarah :
thank you-- that comment made my day...that makes my day seem really pathetic. who am i kidding, my day is more pathetic than i could ever imply. thanks for the comment :)
from call-me-out :
you seem honest and genuine. you need to be more confident! you seem like a cool lady.
from pettyquarrel :
I liked this recent entry of yours -- "I want to be perfect." It's really very honest ... and I can relate to some of what you say. "I'm sick of treating my life as though I'll have another one." -- love that. - petty

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