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from nccountry :
So What do you hafta say about Kurt Bush Gettin' suspended???
from sarahsundae :
oh bobby, what are you doing?? a PETTY car? oh boy....
from beckybaggins :
Very cool you met David Akers on your birthday!
from sarahsundae :
Come on-it�s HIS house, remember? It�s fixed. I swear to god, Julie. It is. FIXED! He takes the lead with like what? 20 laps to go? HATE HIM!!
from matthewpv2 :
I am sure you have been cheering on the # 07 Jack Daniel's car driven by Dave Blaney....right? :)
from sarahsundae :
Just wanted to pop in and say hello, Julie. Do you make your own diary templates? Just curious.
from sarahsundae :
yeah-it was a boring race. i do agree. and congrats to biffle, too.
from jak1983 :
from matthewpv2 :
Hey, what is your new AIM name again?
from sarahsundae :
I'm sorry Julie. Things will get better.
from iamhubpluh :
If you are voting AGAINST Bush, check out he is for stoping the war in Iraq, and NOT sending more troops as Kerry is for (based on his debate answers). Vote your heart, not the less of two evils!
from ravynespeaks :
Thanks for joining my James-Taylor ring!
from matthewpv2 :
I am loving on the B raves today! Thank you Jose Mesa!
from caspia :
Welcome to the A.J. Pierzynski diaryring!
from nccountry :
Here's my e-mail addy: [email protected] :)
from kahneluva9 :
Hey, I joined your ring. Would you mind if I put your link on my diary?
from starlight42 :
thanks for joining my dixie chicks diary ring! I like your layout, very unique :)
from lilpeanut80 :
Welcome to the Kool-Aid diary ring. Woohoo! ckb
from silentsigh :
Neat, STYX is awesome. They rocked too in concert, for them being as old as they are. But yeah, thanks for the note. -Lisa
from mmlove :
Sure I'll try to make you a Bobby layout. I'm a little swamped on requests, but give me a little while and I'll whip one up. Thanks for the comment. :D
from hockeydork3t :
Just wanted to leave a note and say thanks for reading my diary. Also, my friend was just fooling around with the picture and layout I already had, and that's what came out. So that's how I got my layout. And I just have to say, Flyers? *scoffs*
from sarahsundae :
OMG! I can't wait for Daytona!!!!!
from hockeygirl08 :
My uncle got me hooked on Nascar over the summer. My driver? Ryan Newman - young guy, good rookie season, and he drives a Dodge!
from sarahsundae :
julie? julie is that you from the Marlin board?

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