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from forty-plus :
I hope you post Gavin and Santa's picture!
from forty-plus :
Dot, I'm sending a Thanksgiving Day {hug} for you! I hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones.
from forty-plus :
The frogs won't eat the snails? I had an albino frog who was a terror in the tank.
from inkdragon :
Nice job on the logo. I think it's great how you really get involved in your interests. I hope school is going well for you and that Beth is still healthy. {{Hugs}}
from inkdragon :
Drew Barrymore? How very cool!
from inkdragon :
Do you know the woman who was stabbed at WC?
from inkdragon :
Thinking of you.
from inkdragon :
It's so cool you and others were aware and intercepted that stinkin' dealer/smuggler. Excellent move.
from inkdragon :
I cannot deny...I am from Connecticut!
from inkdragon :
You so do not suck.
from inkdragon :
Nice photos! I tried to talk Hubby into the Bronx Zoo and/or Boston Museum this weekend. No go. Now I've seen your photos, I will insist.
from inkdragon :
THAT'S an impressive poop!
from gyka :
hey, i read some of your stuff. you have awesome entries and always great things to talk about. you dont' know me but i just want to ket you know you are a great writer. and the present idea... that is the greatest idea i have ever stumbled upon here in diaryland. a girl with an interesting way about things!! nice! peace!
from jadedmax :
hey mann! um i read your stuff and all. . . so from what i figure you got some good taste in music! so i thought i'd drop a line and ask you to drop one to me with some good bands that are out there that my canadain ass has probly never ever heard of. . . and to say check out a band called BIlly and The Lost Boy's
from inkdragon :
I love Ash! I'm going to try to post photos of Youngest Son's lizards tomorrow. Of course, Ash is all water and ours are all desert. But, cool is cool!
from inkdragon :
I can't wait for the photos of Ash! I have to get some better shots of our two uromastyx. Are we the coolest? Yes. Have fun in NY today.
from inkdragon :
Only 22? You've got lots of time to commit, oh I mean, complete the projects on your list! Loved the photos, especially the perspective on G-Unit's portrait.
from inkdragon :
Yay! I'm glad you're back and I do like the LJ template. I like men with long hair, but Oldest needed a change, partly due to the Ex. I hope I'm there when she sees him. Just a little gloat, ya know?
from inkdragon :
Holy Crap! How I will miss you! Promise to take excellent care of yourself, Dot. Promise. If you or Beth ever need anything, just email or snail mail, or whatever works best. I'm already missing you, Yvonne.
from inkdragon :
If you need anything, let me know. I'm always here for you.
from inkdragon :
Funky Hair!
from inkdragon :
Everyone copes with sadness in their own way. It's what's right for that individual. Molly will always have a special place in your heart, that's what counts.
from inkdragon :
That was a lovely tribute. Special and beautiful like Molly.
from inkdragon :
Love and hugs to you and Molly. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.
from inkdragon :
How is Beth?
from inkdragon :
Maybe it sounds like you had a blast. Hope your not paying for it today!
from inkdragon :
I'm so sorry Lovey.
from inkdragon :
Oh Dot. Poor Molly and poor you. She knows you love her and she will always be a beautiful part of your heart.
from inkdragon :
Being down sucks. Hope tomorrow is better!
from inkdragon :
That's because Dot is Happy Dot right now, so why not say Dot as many times as Dot feels like saying Dot?
from soulfan24 :
Was just stopping by to say that you're really cool. AFI is like, one of the best bands ever.
from inkdragon :
The sound of the Wall of Dot the Ice Princess crumbling is a very nice sound...consider yourself hugged.
from inkdragon :
"at the time of that particular hugging, was covered in saliva that wasn't his own." Ew Girl! Yuck! On a serious note, how is Beth?
from inkdragon :
Happy New Year!
from godmoney :
yeah... nice banner (ps: just because i dress like this/ doesn't mean i'm a communist)
from wateryone :
I love your new banner. To Have and to Have Not is probably the best song Billy Bragg's ever written, in my mind.
from lstxmyslf271 :
hell yes... afi lover... YOU FUCKING OWN.. yeah.... anyway .. im adding you under favourite diarys... deff
from xero-by-xero :
Jusst sso you know, it'ss 'emphysema'. By the way, I'm sstill reading your diary.
from funda :
Love music, miss it, want to learn more, to return to knowing and feeling and being in the music.
from inkdragon :
Please do say hello to Beth for me. I just sent out a new card today. Give her a little hug (you don't have to tell her it's from me).
from miraii :
I came here because you and me are the only people on dland who have Koushin Takami in their favorite authors list. And then I decided to leave a note cause I think you're pretty. Hooray! But I'm afraid the similarities may end there, as The Brave Little Toaster really upset me as a tyke, and still does, as a matter of fact. Just... those poor appliances. I felt so bad for them I couldn't get past the beginning. Yeah... I have some abandonment issues, what? You got a problem? Cause I'll come over there and- never mind. You would probably kick my incredibly non-punk ass. But I still think you're cool, and I liked reading your diary. Which is what matters.
from inkdragon :
"I'd like to climb Brett like a tree" Yeah. I love that.
from inkdragon :
Sorry you are feeling crappy, I hope it has nothing to do with Beth.
from angelfuck138 :
your diary rocks, i think its pretty kool.and i love that pic you put up in your profile very nice laterz ~[aCid]~
from nothingone :
i can't remember how i found your journal. and i can't remember how long i've been reading it. but i read it whenever you update. and i've "known" you long enough to have an inside joke about magenta pants.
from lifew0ntwait :
awesome diary.
from inkdragon :
Good luck at the sleep clinic. Hope they can provide answers that will help you.
from livefan91200 :
go for it man. I would get a layout from you. it would be swell! L'amour toujours ~LP
from gertierouge :
Hi Dot. Happy Belated Birthday :) july 31st right? thanks for leaving me a note, i would've thought you'd forgotten me already. did you delete some of your entries on your journal? i could've sworn there were more.
from nothingone :
hey thank you! late or not its still appreciated. glad to hear The Pants are still good. Also glad to see you didn't forget about them. haha thanks again. take care. toodles!
from inkdragon :
Changed your design art, nice. Can't wait to see your zoo photos! I'm glad you had a great time with your dad.
from xero-by-xero :
Holy Fuck! You actually SAW that ep of Sports Night? I loved that! Well, I'm on a correspondence binge. Dead i.s.p., and all. Just thought I'd remind ya that you kick ass.
from nothingone :
woh, i'm the last note...strange. Anyways for the turtle - totally go with Crush. I friggin love that guy! "RIGHTEOUS! RIGHTEOUS!" Later dude.
from nothingone :
Hey man, i wasn't expecting a huge welcome back dealy. But you've been gone for ever!! How're the magenta and neon green pants doin? (I wonder if you remember that, haha) Welcome back to dland. nice to see ya.
from nosferatu- :
o man u love like all the same things i do. wicked cool. do u own any johnny comics? so few pple like these things, its a rare moment. i think im putting u on my fav diaries. this rox my sox.
from dirtyasian2 :
the distillers rock my fuckin' world! your music taste rocks.~the dirty asian
from suckerpunchd :
the brave little toaster IS the greatest movie. it is the only thing that is 100% guaranteed to cheer me up. this one time i had mono and i was on steroids, and they made me all loopy, and i was found talking to my toaster about going to "the city of lights".
from xliberatemex :
that's SO weird. I've been reading your diary for awhile now, and you wrote about oscar and treephort. it's so weird, Ive been to many of their shows and they live quite close to me, I know Oscar's little brother. You should ask him about his old band 'shattered life' which is really good.
from joyless :
Sleep paralysis. it happens. it's not bad or anything, it just feels weird.
from kerrang-girl :
I rock, you rock. The end.
from mortiis25 :
Please look at my page. xxxxxxx
from mrs-havok :
Hi, just saying hi cause you seem to have damn good taste in music so ermm.. hi and yeah. bye.
from shinodababe :
hey...i guess u r rite on the scottish accent's cool.
from jetblacknite :
i have probably left ya a note before..but if i was drinkin i don't remember, and since i often am...(gulp gulp) A F I lkix ass!!! Brody froom the Distillers is fuckin hot, only a girl like her could marry the dude from rancid. okay, now that i have wasted the time of many i shall retreat...adue.. fair lady.. adue...
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from rubyrubysoho :
you have great taste in music. viva la Distillers. ;)
from nothingone :
Merry Christmas Dot
from kbaa :
fuckass is a cool word.
from kstarr :
from kstarr :
no. sleep. till brookyln.
from thebrenda :
banner idea: "i don't smell like crotch".
from rollerqueen :
when i was a teen girl i walked real awkward like a dog with three legs... anyway, i like you. and your diary. yes i do. <3
from neuroticaa :
brave little toaster rocks the fucking planet. that movie IS my childhood!
from lost-puppys :
I found your diary by accident. just wanted to say......crap I forgot what I wanted to say, it was definatley some thing good. oh well, I must sleep now
from kingbastard :
It's true. Ecerybody like the Beastie Boys. Read my diaries.
from liquidrave :
hey there, i just stumbled upon your diary and i'm very glad i did. i really like some of your entries. i'll be looking for more to come! Hope you are feeling better!
from monkymemoirs :
hey dotty, keep on rockin in the free world. nice to see a fellow bitter little ball o' fiesty rage. i guess i'm a big ball and not so much fiesty, but we do both wear glasses and that's a special bond.
from smackrock :
I love your diary template...just last night I was ruining my voice to the distillers and then this awful morning I come across your diary ad and it made my morning better. Thank you. *Murder, murder stole my soul, can't live without Brody in this hole* -Smack
from twily :
I love your diary and figured I should finally drop in to say so. I'm not sure how you found me, but I found it odd that you left a note two days after your username on your ad caught my attention. I really like the layout too. :) Colour me a fan.
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from multiple :
the brave little toaster kicks serious ass. i also love your layout. i found you through linking through a million different diaries a while ago and never found you again until i clicked your banner, so i'm glad you decided to be a whore and use your ads. ^_^ see you around...
from xnotlikeyoux :
you've gots a nice diary. I also heart the brave little toaster. I use to drive my family crazy by renting it over and over...and over and over..and over and over....
from ilike-tigers :
Hey. I like your journal lots. I had to leave you a note 'cos damn won't work right. It's a bitch...ok... Yes, I like your journal alot. The temp is lovely too.
from waffler :
Heyas, who's the person in your background image?
from srch-n-dstry :
Do as the prompt tells you to do and remember: Search And Destroy.

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