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from ms-bormann :
How is Canada? I was studying it in school and realized that I really like it. I was thinking about visiting soon, but I was just wondering how it was.
from ms-bormann :
Bah, I miss reading your stuff so much that I may have to check up on you more. :) But thanks, I was thinking about doing it as a part time kind of thing that I could pick up when I wanted to. But thanks for the input. *Gives you a huge new years hug*
from ms-bormann :
Bah, I miss reading your stuff so much that I may have to check up on you more. :) But thanks, I was thinking about doing it as a part time kind of thing that I could pick up when I wanted to. But thanks for the input. *Gives you a huge new years hug*
from ms-bormann :
I was just wondering if you were still in captioning and what you had to say about it. I was thinking about interpreting and captioning at the same time, but I wanted to talk to someone with experience.
from ms-bormann :
I miss you mucho, happy new year. I had some questions for you, so if you get this.... Erm, contact me somehow and I'll ask you that way.
from secret-sacy :
I clicked your banner and I think you are beautifully honest, which is very rare (especially on Diaryland). Thanks for a fascinating read, and I am sorry you're feeling sad. I am also sorry I am a rambling, strange moron. Totally unworthy. (For the record, you're very likeable)
from likeaforest :
all very hilarious! i wonder if maybe there is a correlation between the sort of church it is and the sort of messages they post on their sign?
from kidmittens :
You have a great way of bringing humour to even the worst situations. I actually laughed out loud as I'm sitting here at work at your description of yourself on the toilet. And although it may not have been funny at the time, you sure told the story in an incredibly humourous manner! I'm glad you're all better and lets hope for a clean and happy colon for years to come!
from minstrelite :
Yes, it is--(like salve.) I'll try and make a commitment to read more of your writing, although I just returned to D-Land after a long hiatus & am not sure how long I will be sticking around. Anyway, take care and God bless.
from feesticka :
Re: April 14 entry --- Amen, sister!
from clockworkcat :
well, i just noticed your banner, and i thought, i will write this person a note. its funny how its affected so many people, huh? im currently 16, and looking back, i was a pretty awful 13 year old myself, and the new ones are even worse. in fact, i generally dislike all teenagers, however i am most irritated by those younger than me, such as 13 year olds, who do seem to spend a lot of their time shouting their made up little sex lives around. shut up. honestly, teenagers are basically just the worst. at least im legal, anyway, when there older they will realise how ridiculous they sounded. and if they dont, they will probably be pregnant and addicted to something. erm, and theres an opinion for you. love, clockworkitty. oh, ps, i like the geisha theme.
from for-you-only :
13 year old girls are just fine as they are.
from banefulvenus :
from kidmittens :
did you like the Mod Club? I wanted to go there but I wasn't sure what it was like, although I heard it was pretty good. Another good place to check out if you haven't already been is Revival on Saturday night. I went for a friend's birthday and it was really good :)
from kidmittens :
Wow, well done! Your bf is a hottie!
from ms-bormann :
Hi, I'm Kassie, I like your template, and your diary. Stop by sometime!
from outre-fancy :
I feel almost embarassed for leaving the note. It is quite a long rant..woops..
from outre-fancy :
I stumbled upon your september 11 survey. I would just like to say how much some of the answers to "What do you think of the Muslim race?" question. I am muslim and its so hurtful to hear people judging my religion on the basis of the supposed actions of others (which may not even be true!). I'm 14, live in London and the attack has changed the way so many people react to me. People are so ignorant and naive. Haven't they a clue? My beliefs on the attack is that George Bush rigged it himself and me and my teacher have collected evidence to support this. But I am not here to make my beliefs known to the world. I am here to say how horrible it is to see people reacting so horribly towards muslims because of an attack that was *supposedly* done by a terrorist group. ~Lila
from not-tuesday :
Thanks for letting me know about his other book. I'll look for it. I'm going to work on reading this one as soon as I can finish Gone With the Wind. Damn that's a long book.
from hamiltonian :
your life sounds like bliss
from ravengreen :
6ft Under is awesome! I've been a fan since the pilot first aired. Just so you know season 2 was just release on dvd. season 1 is Great! 2. Fantastic. 3. Utterly Amazing. ...and 4 that is airing currently is a tad bit be warned.
from slutreviews :
from uniquecow :
Good like with the job ^_^
from linnyeg :
Hey! Your pics from cuba are beautiful. My parents are there right now and after looking at your pics i wish i was too!
from linnyeg :
hey i dont know where you're gettin your info for the college strike but we were told to check and it's got lots of up-to-date info.
from cdghost :
enjoyed your words!
from burnthenight :
CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D Everything is going as planned...kyahaha, an apartment shall be OURS. >D
from linnyeg :
WOW! congrats on the wedding bells!!
from celtickatt :
Good luck! (I added a note too because the guestbook is acting up)
from keryanna :
I do live on my own. And pay all my own bills. And I still don't feel like an adult. :)
from kellyleets :
Thank you for the Gender and Sex Survey. It was a great survey and I hope it opened a few eyes and minds.
from linnyeg :
That was a really good entry.
from burnthenight :
I know I already got ahold of you last night, but again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a great day and that you will have an awesome time in NYC! ^^
from linnyeg :
Happy Birthday!!
from princesscris :
Hey sweets! Have a very very Happy Birthday! *hugs*
from linnyeg :
Hey my birth certificate has been lost twice (thanks mom) and both times there was no problem getting it back. you just have to fill out a form and mail it in with the money.
from idiotreviews :
Like getting reviewed? Check out Idiot Reviews!
from everwoodrevu :
Hello! You were on the Pending list at After Hours Reviews when it closed. I emailed the owner, Kimberly, and asked her if I could offer all of the diaries on her pending list to get a review by me since she shut down. She agreed. So, if you'd like, you can request a review at Everwood Reviews. Sorry if I bothered you. Thanks for your time!
from sketchedpony :
I have never heard of a cat that was scared of balloons before, though, I have the suspicion that Candy would be scared of them too if we had any around the house. That cat is scared of everything.
from spiffy12345 :
I love the Last Unicorn! (who doesn't?)
from sketchedpony :
Sorry to hear about the neck thing. I definetly understand how you feel when all feels right and then you move you head and you neck feels like it is going to fall off. I have pretty bad neck and back problems but I don't really know why. Oh, well.
from sketchedpony :
One of the many reasons I am scared of the pill, lessened libido.
from sketchedpony :
Sorry to hear that you are sick. It seems like everyone is now. Especially since I got better.
from sketchedpony :
Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I hate being sick.
from sketchedpony :
You definetly should get things figured out before you decide to have sex with Brent or not. It could really mess up your living arrangements since you are definetly living with him until the end of school.
from waterstain :
you have one of the nicest designs i've ever seen.
from sketchedpony :
Hehehe, I went to Canada's Wonderland before. It was really fun.
from rougereviews :
Your review is up.
from sketchedpony :
I don't know if you got my message before, but this is Andrea from Rouge Reviews. Could I have the password to your private folder? My email is
from cherryrevue :
Your review is up! Great job!
from cangel160 :
hey... i just read your answers from your womens rights survey and i do see where you are coming from.. sorry if my results came out negatively, i'm really sensitive to womens rights. :o)
from weezel :
Love your diary! Your most recent entry regarding how you used to cut yourself and how far you've come is very inspiring! Keep loving yourself and writing your entries! Joelle
from myhorizons :
Great diary lay-out :)
from quitenasty :
Your review is up, thanks for requesting.
from princesscris :
Hey! I really enjoy reading your diary! I'm glad I came across it. :)
from elliorange :
Your layout is so lovely! :)
from keryanna :
Personally, I've don't get modern interpretive dance. I don't dislike it ... I just don't get it. Much like the Anna Nicole Smith Show, it both confuses and disturbs me at the same time.
from delighted :
just been nosing around, keep up the good work!
from neuroticaa :
jendra is an awesome word - is it your real name? <3
from katzy-h : ...I can't believe you got me doing this. XD
from singingcynic :
thanks for plugging femmeproject. :-)
from coolassaward :
When's the last time you got an "AWARD" for being you? Do you like your ego stroked? Do you like stroking other people's ego? We all need a good stroking now and then. Have you ever gone to a diary and what the diarist wrote brightened up your day? Or really made you think? Have you ever wanted to let that person know what thier writing and diary meant to you? Well Cool Chicks is the place for you. I know your like what the hell is Cool Chicks? Or maybe you already know what a Cool Ass Chick you are. Well good! But isn't it time to let the world know about your Cool Chickiness?
from lacorneille :
Wai! I'm so behind on everything. Anyhow, here's the ring: Tell me if you want the description or code changed.
from madam-mim :
Hey! I just took the "what religion are you?" test you had up...100% Neo-pagan was my result! That's amazing! Where'd you find the test? TTFN!
from lacorneille :
I think I can probably deal; I check to see if ring code is up on my rings anyway. I'll try to do that this weekend. What description would you like?
from madam-mim :
Jen...I live in Kitchener/Waterloo...give me a shout when you get up here...883-9713
from lacorneille :
I'll make you a dlandgod/dess ring if you want.
from roguemarine :
Hello, It's Rogue from Dream Reviews. Thoguht I'd let you know that I've completed your review, and it should be posted within the next couple of days. Nice diary, by the way.
from madam-mim :
For everything...
from madam-mim :
I'm sorry.
from deb-e-ne-ne :
Thanks for giving me such a great diary review! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
from madam-mim :
Thanks for the congratulations. I'm not exactly enjoying it and believe me I know how bad of a habit it was, which is in part why I started again...I started after Francois and I hit a low...I didn't want men to find me attractive...guess it backfired because I'm with James...*L*
from madam-mim :
hey...don't know if you read my last two entries but thought you'd might like the second one of them...I put two in on the same day...I took the tests and I was thrilled to find out I'm a Kiwi!!! *L* TTFN
from katzy-h :
*LOL* Where did you get that first test, Jenn -- the one with the amusing comments about the name? I want to take that one myself! XD
from madam-mim :
I haven't been able to update for a few days but now I have. I thought you should read my latest entry because since you never really got to know me you may want to read this and maybe remember stuff I've told you before. I miss talking to you and I wish that you'd at least leave me some sort of message. ps have you heard from Rock Star lately?
from nakedthought :
there's somene called him/herself as my "angel" as you can read in my newsflash and his/her fave icon is ^_^ ... i don't it's you, i think. i'm so confused now :o(
from nakedthought :
look at my "news flash". you'll know why i'm intrigued by "^_^" ... :)
from nakedthought :
have we every "met" before? your ^_^ icon intrigued me ...
from jendra :
I've only ever sent an unsent letter to an old crush. I'm sure you can think of that may be. But yeah ^_^;;
from madam-mim :
looking around the site for various outline ideas. came across "unsent letters". kind of an interesting idea. looked at what people were saying and wanted to leave one for James. came across one that really hurt. was it from you? it's ok if it was. but I'll leave you alone now. Goodbye.
from madam-mim :
Thanks. I was thinking I hated my template. I'll check into it. Gonna go have a beer with the guys down the hall now. TTYL.
from madam-mim :
Thank you for that note. Just so you know, I'm not writing anything about my friends in my diary is that's what you're looking for.
from lacorneille :
Thanks for the comment. :)
from madam-mim :
Well, some interesting toughts I must say. Never knew you felt that way about a lot of things and people. Quite the eye-opener hon. And the man friend thing just makes me sound like a whore, considering he's the man I'm marrying (and it makes me feel old: "oh, grandma's out with her gentlemen friend...") But on the whole, you write very eloquently (despite spelling and stuff). Has Brent ever read any of this? Could be interesting if he did. What about Matt? "Too bad you were gay." Why you told Rock Star to read this stuff is beyond me. But it's your life. Glad to see you miss me so much...oh wait, we never really had anything to say to each other top begin with right? Well that just makes the SBS fall to shit. Whatever. Blessed Be.
from lacorneille :
Okay. Some random pulled together thoughts: back when you mentioned that stupid women bother you even more than stupid people in general, I realized that the same goes for me. I suppose it's either that I expect better of women -- we're *supposed* to be more mature and rational or that societally, women aren't seen as being as smart as men (although that's changing), so it bothers me to see women fulfill that stereotype. Maybe both. Regarding "you throw like a girl," my taekwondo instructor says people "kick like a girl" as a compliment. ;) He did once tell me I was kicking "like [his] grandmother...and she's dead," though....and I'm not sure how this connects, but in my convoluted little mind it does.
from katzy-h :
FFX is GOOD, Jenn. It's so goddamn good that you, Miss Artist, will fall in love immediately. ^_~ It's so...pretty...and the characters are nowhere near as annoying as VIII's, and they have more personality than IX's. And the storyline rocks. Get hyped!!
from lacorneille :
De nada.
from lacorneille :
I see. :) That's cool, then. I get all put off by bad grammar, too (thus my membership in the grammarbitch diaryring).
from supernova412 :
Hey, Since you're obviously a Our Lady Peace fan, I thought I'd drop you a note and let you know that I just started the Official Our Lady Peace Fanlisting. If you wanna check it out and become an Official Fan the URL is TTYL -Mel PS. I love your site layout!

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