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from jiveone :
Please come back and give me ur pass when u do.
from jerrbear :
Hey folks I am locking my diary at least for right now. I would say email me for the password, but Diaryland's email hasn't worked for a long time and I don't want to put my real email here...if you want a password, leave me a note here and I will respond hopefully within a few days. Thank you!
from onelilwitch :
so i clicked on your name that is so easily spotted being in bold right to the right of this little box...and i originally thought that maybe [just from your name alone] that you could be someone i actually know in my home town. but once i saw parts of your profile and read your latest entry i knew that wasn't the case...which is cool because this makes it better. many things on your profile interest me because they are my own interests and the fact that the first thing i read you were talking about pituitary glands and endocrine and hahahahaha seafood possibly getting you high?? why the hell haven't i tried sushi yet? anyways. i guess i just wanted to tell you that?? take care.
from negativgirl :
hey, your guestbook doesn't seem to be working, so i had to resurrect my DL account to comment. you missed your june deadline... better post again, toot sweet! :) (from your pal C)
from ataraxy :
I recommend twelvebeer. It's a compilation of quotes from various not only is it entertaining, but it quotes good diaries, so it'll have plenty to choose from.
from xo-liesl :
yay you're back. I was getting worried about you.
from lenarose :
I thought of you earlier. I'd been wondering if Lee Perry was still alive (he is) and whether he was still touring (he is, but only the west coast at the moment). And it struck me that it really is too bad that USAirways didn't bump me off the last flight I volunteered to be bumped off, because it would be a lot of fun to fly out and insist that you see Scratch with me. But nope, oh well.
from tuff517 :
You know, I'm usually on yahoo at night if you ever want to 'chat'. Although that's usually the kiss of death because I'm totally boring and stupid in real life. I'm AM!
from tuff517 :
Solly, should've mentioned they were mp3s! I always look forward to CDs from you.
from tuff517 :
Jerrbear, my internet friend who I've never met, you are one of my favorite people, I hope you escape safely and heal quickly. I hope it works out for you and I have a spare room if you need to flee further.
from xo-liesl :
Please find a way to remove yourself from this situation. You already know you need to do it. Its wondeful that you are sensitive to her emotional disorders, but you also can't be her emotional tampon. I am so, so sad for you. You deserve and can and will receive much better than this.
from tuff517 :
Do you hear what I hear? Fudge. But wherever shall I mail it? Same address?
from xo-liesl :
I feel like things are kinda lame for you right now, buddy-o. I'm hoping you are not being beated down by this woman. I'm sure you love her, but is love enough? I like you. I want you to be happy. Thats all there is to say.
from yeledh :
The way she acts (escalating until you challenge her, then stopping) might not be so much because she is used to abuse, or her way of trying to get you to abuse her, or anything weird and screwed up like that. Some women (I know this, I'm one of them) just like a man to show some authority sometimes. So if you try to diffuse tension your normal ways, maybe some little part of her brain is going, "Dude, why is he letting me act like this? Is he not tough enough to stand up to me? What's wrong with him?" Might not make much sense, but lots of women are like that and not necessarily because they've been abused or whatever.
from wifemotherme :
ship me my prize asap. I will give you the adddress later. Ok so you hooked up with a nut, now learing to live with a nut will be a great life exprance that will make you a smarter and more rounded person....cause ou know even if your not living with nuts, your going to have to deal with them in the rest the world. So deal as best as you can and learn what you need to know - and try not to kill her....or be killed
from ataraxy :
She's crazy. She could be a wonderful person, too, but she's crazy. Don't reflect too much on yourself, because she flipped out over nothing. Best of luck...
from finjamartens :
Hey,that was funny,the description of the dad. You know,that m�rtyrer complex,and that quiet yet bossy and irritable.(Should look that word up.) But I have a guess. Cause there�s a similar word in German. So you don�t think I would like something when I don�t know it at all!!! Although that could happen,too. Sometimes the words just look so nice! Oh,I also wanted to break out into laughter at the word "hillier". Haha. Hilly-hillier. I guess it�s a word! Sounds hilarious though! Cute. We say "H�gel". Well,or h�gelig,that�s the adjective.
from bettyalready :
haha. Man what is up with you guys from Northern CA? My husband invited his ex girlfriend to our wedding. She FLEW to Seattle to attend our wedding. I was like "What the fuck man?" I have now decided it's a Northern California man thing, to be friend's with your ex.
from wifemotherme :
you went from "not sure" to shacking up in 2 weeks? DUDE!
from wifemotherme :
Why not just tell her "I have read all of the lists of the Top Ten Warning Signs of an Abusive Partner and if she needs me to, I can display some of those signs" and that if it floats her boat you can start acting controlling and jealous? Why not throw it all out on the table and be honst and ask if she would object to just skipping the whole game playing part of courtship?
from liebestoeter :
Ah, i know. It was the comic creator's choice to have it remade panel by panel. They did try to make a version of it before that, but they wanted to turn it into something that was like the comic, but not (if that makes sense). So the creator pulled the plug on the making the film. Now that someone actually agreed to go along with the panel by panel aspect, it was finally made.
from liebestoeter :
Yo, if you looked into the back history of the movie you would see why its like that. The reason for the "wooden acting" and the many bullets. Its based on the original comic book, and the movie was made to be like a giant comic. That was the reason for the cornball lines, and everything else. 99% of each scene was true to the comic. But...sorry you didnt like it.
from patw-21 :
did you just grab my ass?
from tuff517 :
Doood. I'm going to see it this weekend. Totally am. I like grossness. Sorry. And Clive Owen is in it and nothing will keep me from that man. And you know what? If you're right I'll let you know. Don't hold your breath, though. I still care for you deeply.
from xo-liesl :
NO WAY! I loved Sin City. I thought it was awesome. I am sorely disappointed that you didn't enjoy it. But alas, to each his or her own. Sniff.
from adoggy07 :
Best of luck. =)
from pansycline :
woopwoop! congratulations, you sound so thrilled! saw the swinging udders and thought I'd stop in to see how things are going. huzza!
from annivate :
that was probably the best banner i've ever seen.
from choco-lemon :
from bettyalready :
Oh yeah baby! This calls for a WOO AND a WOOFUCKINGHOOOOOOOO! I tried putting this in your guestbook. it said "Sorry you can't sign again this fast!" Huh.
from slam-bradley :
I feel like an alien trying to mix with earthings too. Good luck with this girl, it sounds awesome!
from resrap :
Jerrbear, I like the pictures that you took.
from lady-frenzy :
I chanced upon your advertisement (y�know, the one with the injected fat sacks that a stick woman might wear on her chest?) Anyway, first kiss in that long, eh? Is she classy or uptight? I like a combination of both myself, but then they�re usually out of my social range� :o(
from pansycline :
aaaha. that makes more sense. and yeah. Angelina's lips are way too sweaty to be healthy! though, that's got to be part of her sex appeal... a big wet vag on her face. hate her, love her? aaadunno. she's a total stranger! ps, nice Clowes quote.
from pansycline :
first kiss in 7 years?! you seem so nice! do you have a moustache or something? ;) I saw the wiggling breasts yesterday and laughed out loud but had no time to click and was hoping I'd see them again [who wouldn't?]. what do you know I clicked on the futuristic banner and it's the same diary! Hooray!
from thirdeye7601 :
So I'm sure all 167 people that clicked your banner will say they did it because of the wiggling breasts! But I have to admit, that is the only reason I did so. It's great! I love the banner. Don't take it away. I also really enjoy your journal. Don't worry about being terrified of women, I'm a women and I'm terrified fo them myself! Also, where do you live that there is a nude beach not so far? Are you in the States? If so I'm gonna have to head that way. OH YEA! Which character on the Simpsons is the one you are referring to. I mean what is the character's name, if you don't mind telling me. I'm a huge Simpsons fan, so I just gotta know! Love the journal, am adding you to my favs and will be back! :)
from itineration :
i was drawn in by the wiggling breasticles
from ataraxy :
Just found your diary from clicking on the wiggly boobies. Heehee. They made me giggle, so I had to click. Anyway, nice to see another local (sort of). I live on the peninsula, still...bay area pride, right? Something like that. Anyway, I grew up goin to Dead shows and listening to other great music, so it's nice to see that out there in diaryland as well. Just wanted to say hi.
from delirium21 :
why does everybody wanna see my shlong?
from xo-liesl :
If I ever buy a used car, you're coming with me. I know we're both bookkeepers or whatever, but I suspect you're better at it than I am.
from delirium21 :
("What if she's wearing a colostomy bag?") then we'll all know you went to Bender for your dating hook-up. ;) good luck. i hope she's as cute as her pseudo-photo, and not a Trekkie. because we all know what those are like *shudders*.
from miss-miami :
maybe you would enjoy
from bettyalready :
I would be shuddering the thought of Burning Man also. That is really not my idea of a good time.
from xo-liesl :
what is this ice cream place of which you speak? I don't think I've ever heard of it. I HEART ICE CREAM.
from delirium21 :
*loves neil gaiman* - as you can see by my screen name. ;)
from xemowhorex :
oakland lake merrit? heh i'm in the east bay too... if thats the same lake merrit... farther east but east just the same.
from cindreviews :
Cinderella Reviews is a brand new review site. So if you would like a review please come and check us out at . We hope to be hearing from you soon. Thank You!
from xemowhorex :
so is the banner supposed to be eyes or boobs? nice diary by the way.. how strange that we compliment people on thir write version of their everyday thoughts and lives... any way i'm drunk. nice boobies, like the guy below said already.
from coldandgray :
That booby banner is the best banner ever.
from foxinsnow :
I like your diary. It's very readable (some people's aren't). I'm adding you to my list of favorites, okay?
from mrgrey :
Sorry, I guess with my engineering unfazed just looks terribly wrong.
from bettyalready :
Happy Thanksgiving, smoke one for me!
from xo-liesl :
I didn't! I swear! But I'll update right now. Geeze, you're easy to piss off. :D
from bettyalready :
I forgot to say that the email thing is genius. I like your plan. I'm voting for you.
from tuff517 :
Hi again. Just hi. Have a good weekend, pally.
from tuff517 :
Hi! Just hi. Poo eating kitten? Give her a kiss for me.
from xo-liesl :
Mr. Computer Savvy guy: I use a Macintosh computer at work, hooked up to a network of other computers. I delete my internet history after work everyday. How else can someone watch what I do at my computer?
from xo-liesl :
Dude, Splenda is amazing. It tastes really good in things like sodas and chocolates. I'm not kidding -this chocolate I eat, I get at trader joes and it tastes like normal chocolate. Theres just no sugar. And sure, you can buy me a beer, but it has to be a diet beer. xoxox
from suprgoddess :
you hung out for over an hour waiting on a gal? wow...what peseverence. that's admirable.
from bbwing :
(7/14)Thanks for that note. Means a lot to think people think I'm hot, but I'm totally over it. Trevor loves ME. But seriously thanks for the note. I'll have to check out your diary.
from bbwing :
(7/14) Hey, just found your profile, and noticed we both read invinciblegirl's diary. That's kinda cool.
from oliana :
You're lucky the hummingbirds allow you to see them up close like that. I have a hummingbird feeder out back and I caught sight of one that I freaked out with my presence and saw it flit off into the trees.
from cecilearl :
I've been reading your journal for quite a while now, and I've often considered leaving you a message, since so much of what you say is exactly something I would say. Also, every single time you post the results of a quiz and I take that quiz, I end up with the same results! Anyway, I've never left a message for you, and I've only left one or two messages for anyone during the years I've read journals here. However, I just HAVE to let you know that I pass one of those billboards that say "Choose On Taste" every day, and it drives me CRAZY! I've wondered so many times why, WHY someone would choose to put that on a billboard, and how it got past as many people as it takes to decide on/carry out something like that. Also, as long as I'm finally leaving a message, I'll let you know that I love your journal and your writing, you often make me laugh, and your snail is cute.
from bettyalready :
It's always good to see someone in a towel. That you want to see in a towel. Yeah.
from havechosen :
You know, that banner would have been hysterical if you'd just written something like: "They're eyes! Eyes, I tell you!" All the same it made me laugh and click on it! :)
from honestlyou :
Your review is finished. Thanks for requesting. :)
from ishtar6 :
hey well i just saw a picture that was on a banner that looked like boobs and kinda like eyes so i clicked on it cause im a perverted little girl and your diary came up yea its a pretty diary bye bye -spiffy
from catfood-girl :
i'm sorry, i'm gone forever! =( you can come visit me at
from b0b0 :
Thank you so much for taking my survey! I think your resturant is the first I would like to eat at! -love bean and cheese burritos- with sour cream! Thanks again- ♥
from themarassa :
Heya, I guess I should introduce myself... I am known around these parts as "kitty", and I have been reading you (off'n'on, ya know. Im not a stalker or anything) since the bar napkin contests that The one and only Ms. Jessica Lovejoy held. And yes, I FINALLY got around to adding you... which I should have done long ago.
from prosti :
If I were eating meat, the pork chop thing would be a great recipe
from madam-rose :
very cool site.
from uglykatey :
the diary is locked up for good right now. i'll let you know if i post again someday.
from fight-club16 :
hey i work over at r-e-v-i-e-w. and you do know you're applying for a re-review? i just wanted to check to make sure. also, I reviewed you last time, so i'll make sure one of the other two reviewers does this time. cheerio!
from home-alone :
aw thank you. this is nice to know. and woah, you actually read my other diary?!
from xo-liesl :
You know, I actually thought about using Desitin. Its mostly dried out and gone now, but it was so gross there for a minute that I considered buying some diaper cream. Plus, just between you and me, I think that stuff smells really good.
from rkwj1 :
Happy Holidays! Later, Rob
from elvisload :
how dare you minimize the capture of you then in the same breath minimize the lives of the 300,000 countrymen he extinguished...and the lives of our brave men who put an end to that process...?
from my-sweet-sin :
I just looked up and there they were.....swinging to and fro. Great banner!
from sourballs123 :
i saw ur banner with the boobs and i had to check it out col diary kepp writing boy i sound liek a stupid teacher saying good ob johnny
from thevow :
Great banner. Minimalism at her finest.
from jane-reviews :
Your reviews is complete! Thanks for your request.
from glitterbat :
stream your cd changer can DO that? is it extremely difficult and/or time consuming?
from xo-liesl :
I am really sorry you're having to go through this.
from bettyalready :
probably wouldn't help to say I've been there. I have that feeling in the pit of my stomach right now as I did back then.
from atgaspain :
Nice titties on that banner of yours (which drew me into your diary).
from invisibledon :
thanks for doing my ruethical survey
from trapidi :
your banner is sick...i just wanted to say that!
from m0nique :
lol very cool diary . Just droped by to say hi .
from aphrodite057 :
hey...hope you don't mind that I added're just too funny!
from wench77 :
hey, thanks for the lego ween link! very fun! (though before i hadnt singled out that flute in the song so much... sort of too zamfir!)... i'll dig out that record... mmm. Glad you liked the flowers! Did they take long to load? I should add more to that page. The legotestament totally rocks, doesnt it! Now I can quote the bible! LOL! I'm glad you bothered to check out some of the links and other pages. Ciao!
from wench77 :
hmm, i see i am the last person to have left a note and that was a while ago... today i ended up here thru Meeyapede's squirt (mizzle) entry... and ended up reading here and there.. i assume you are in SF if you are on the bart... hey, leave me a note or email to say what comic/nostalgia shop you went in where there was a beaker... (i think beaker is the best, tho having swedish blood i do have a slight leaning toward the swedish chef)... i do comics and have lots of cartooning friends in CA... thanks!
from wench77 :
yo! clicked on yer banner... funny you went to Ween in concert... i like some of their music quite a lot... LOVE their Country record (being a bi-dyke feminist, their lyrics are funnily offensive as shit, teehee!) and also The Mollusk. Got their new Quebec cd and it hasnt grown on me yet. Camel shit huh! Wonder if you can get a buzz off of camel shit (and where they got a camel in Germany).
from blaiyze :
from bettyalready :
I know I know. I just wish things were different. I wish people didn't make the choices they did. Bad, evil choices spurred on by greed. Ok, so in other news, the kittens are little balls o' fluff and they pounce as if they're big bad hunters. They're small! Your comment about your cat doing the prairie dog thing made me think of them. I'm weaning the little fluffies and they're actually using the cat box. I LOVE KITTIES! They're so much fun
from xo-liesl :
I am most definitely a product of a number that is not equal to itself.
from glitterbat :
well, for awhile i'll just sit here, running my tongue over them and marvelling at their shiny smoothness. then, when i tire of that, i may eat one of those forbidden braces-foods. popcorn! taffy! apples with the peels still on!...ooh, rebel rebel.
from miss-miami :
I missed you.
from glitterbat :
yeah, but they're treated like shit.
from seventigers :
Thanks for stopping by. I agree with your comments in my book. I also agree about the tea. I hate tea with sugar. Clean ice tea or hot tea is perfect. The best actually...I drink a mug or two a day actually.
from glitterbat :
i know, i'm sorry, that was cruel. i'll probably write a real entry sometime tomorrow. today i have to frantically complete a piece for the school art show. if i don't submit it soon, it won't get a frame. the horror!
from jettasmark :
great theory about squirrelx, I've wondered if it were fiction myself - but your idea...
from lilchrissi :
love your banner - love your diary even more! [eew! and I just spit on myself]
from seventigers :
Very interesting theory about SquirrelX. Anything is possible, isn't it? Clicked through on your very interesting banner. Made me smile!
from glitterbat :
he wasn't supposed to be a pet mouse. he was a feeder mouse, meant for someone's pet snake. my friend rescued him and gave him to me, but he'd had a pretty traumatic life. can't blame the store entirely for that, even if they are evil motherfuckers.
from ravynemyst :
The dumbing down of was highly planned and implimented and probably one of the only Governmental programs to succeed so well. oh joy
from myhorizons :
Great boobie banner :)
from glitterbat :
yeah, but wouldn't people's sweat and body heat dissolve the glue and create a gross, sugary, sticky mess?
from catfood-girl :
no, that was her name, but ugh, i most likely spelled it wrong. she's from some weird country somewhere, or something.
from xo-liesl :
You said, "skeebed"!!!!! Perfect usage, my boy. And by the way, I totally refuse to believe that men are that unilateral. The "skeeber" and I had an amazing date and I felt that all implications were on the romantic, lets-see-where-this-could-go, tip. I guess I'm saying that if all he wanted was sex, he went to really great lengths to get something that was not guaranteed at all. And while I fully acknowledge that my being bummed on it is probably stupid, I have to say that if all he wanted was sex, he should have said so. Bottom line, we fucked and I drove him to the airport: I'm just feeling like he should have called. That is all.
from glitterbat :
oh. and. i stopped smoking because for some reason weed started having crazy dissociative effects that were really unpleasant. i also sometimes will dissociate on my own out of the blue at odd times and without warning, which is even less fun. it's actually something that's been happening to me since i was a kid, and i've sort of adjusted to it, but pot seems to make it more severe. so i figured it was best just to stop.
from glitterbat :
i know, it's like nature's perfect food. for dinner today i made daikon-carrot-cucumber sushi and daikon-iceberg lettuce salad.
from amberfalls :
Your banner ad was very...ummm...artistic or something.
from solstice36 :
i can imagine that panic. i really really hope things work out well for you. :-)
from solstice36 :
ahhh, locked. can i have a password? :-)
from prostituee :
manipulation about anything is not good. Total bummer
from hot-crumpets :
Hey :) Thanks for the guestbook message! I love your little Hell Bear... In fact, I love your diary full stop! I think the menus are fantastic! -x-
from diaryreviews :
Hey! This is Alee from DiaryReviews! Your review is up. Go Check it out! You have the chance to join our rings for people who scored over 90! Congrats!
from glitterbat :
oh yeah! notepad. that's brilliant. thankyou.
from laciryl :
hey, thanks for the note. i'm doing better, now, actually. thanks for asking. i got your cd today in the mail (at least i think it was from you...i'm also nicedream06), anyway, thanks! haven't listened to it yet, but it looks good, and i like the little comments.
from glitterbat :
yeah. i also learned that it's a bad idea to place myself in social situations in which i might be encouraged to contort my body in any way, i.e. doing the splits, placing both legs behind my head, etc. etc.
from prostituee :
That's really great that you attended that. I like to see when people get involved in something, be it volunteering or politically or peace active.
from prostituee :
Condoms. I LIKE THEM because of the ever lasting issue. Did I say I didn't like condoms? Or were you suggesting? Because that's a good suggestion. Very good!
from glitterbat :
wow. i don't even remember doing that '101 things about me' thing. that was a long time ago. 9 months is a long time, in my world. yours was far more interesting, anyway. i don't remember writing any of that crap. i remember the kiddie slide incident though. hhhhrrrrm, bye.
from prostituee :
hahaha, I was totally joking! It's sometimes hard to get what someone else means when you're just seeing words. That's nice of you by the way, to worry. I worry about me at times too. It's kind of a strange contrast. I'm where I want to be in a lot of ways and in others, I've regressed. Hmmmmmmm
from jerrbear :
No you don't.
from prostituee :
Oh great, so I remind you of this dip shit.
from prostituee :
crap! I sent you a semi long email. Let me know if you got it. My comments appear to be on the fritz. And no, you mean more to me than 0!!!!
from catfood-girl :
why thank you. and yes, dvds are very, very, evil.
from glitterbat :
wow! hi! i went to a mall in the suburbs today and my friend bought me a stan keychain. it's big and shiny. i was rambling on about south park to some people on the phone as i read your entry. it made me smile. also congratulations on building up a CD collection that i approve of. quite a feat; not many people will ever accomplish that. my ears hurt.
from xo-liesl :
I know, I know. No cats. I would get a rat, except my dog is a Jack Russell and they're bred to kill rodents. I have a hamster, its a nightmare. You're right. I just want warm fuzzies. Haha.
from glitterbat :
paranoia, paranoia, everybody's coming to get me. sigh.
from prostituee :
Aw man, that's terrible. Don't hate me. I don't always feel this way. I just didn't want my sister in law reading this shit in my other diary. I get it out, I'm ok.
from prostituee :
I love the attack banana
from hellkitty :
perfection bore me. and my hair is something that far to easily suffers under my mood swings and boredom
from melodica :
yeah, i know how frustrating the lack of a prev-entries link and older entries page is. i think it's a problem with the account, i can't get either of them to work anymore, although they used to, and i'm almost positive there's nothing wrong with my HTML. i've been working around it but i think i'm just gonna switch to another username, because others seem to work fine. it's kinda odd.
from jayerocks :
from jayerocks :
you like daniel clowes too? i love him. i have an eightball tattoo from "like a velvet glove cast in iron" it's of clay loudermilk's girlfriend. that's cool. just wanted to let ya know..
from jerrbear :
testing drop a note to jerrbear

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