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from draining :
draining is now locked. if you would like the password, please email me @ [email protected] with your username and email and I'll give you the password.
from candoor :
happy new year :)
from mizjulie :
you know i luvs ya...and yer new design kicks so much ass. does it make me a weirdo that I had the EXACT same edition of AYTGIMM, so I recognized her stylized yellow hair instantly? or course it do. why don't you get one of them vagina enlargements? we're talking about CHINA now...
from wilberteets :
Thanks for the note. It's unbelievable how much I miss my little guy.
from gumphood :
You cucking Funt. No but really, when I worked with little ones I was a potty mouth myself. I mean when "you fucking retard" is a Bostonian catch phrase you know what kinda person you are dealing with. ... This is the third note I tried to leave...Each one was worse and worse and then worser.
from halcyone8 :
Hi, I'm pretty new here and came across your blog. wow, super great layout and i enjoyed reading your stuff. hope it's ok if if peep in once in a while... god bless!
from candoor :
This is a test. (beep) This is a test of the Emergency Valentine's Day System. (EVS) This test is to see if leaving notes around DLand will make this a wonderful day (and weekend) in spite of not particularly being with anyone romantically at the moment. (ummm) May the results be that all this love in my heart found some productive use. (smile) And maybe a giggle or few (Happy V-Day from my other persona too :)
from gumphood :
Radical. When is that? I don't know my holidays. Is that in Spetempber. Or what ever month most closely resembles the word Spetempber.
from emmazchaos :
HAHAHA! You have my Super-knickers! AHAHAHAHA! Cute layout.
from gumphood :
Holy shiznit. Congrats on the job and move. That rocks
from elliorange :
♥ Your diary is absolutely gorgeous! *Hugs*
from audgie-ak :
I love your template so much! I swear, every single one of those people are one of my favorites! feel free to stop by sometime.
from lobsterchick :
Hey, ho. I mean, Joe. I mean...whatever. Damn straight you need to make some banners. The people don't just come to you. Is it at all Freudian that I accidentally left this note for myself the first time through? Hey, dude, I totally read your diary all the time now that YOU FINALLY UPDATE MORE THAN ONCE A MONTH. I'll bring ya up to 41.
from candoor :
I love your movie picture layout and your writing and the person I imagine you to be... hope that inspires a smile at your end, cuz you inspired one at mine :)
from aberrations :
I am angry. I just read where Clay is touring, with Kelly! No!!!!!!!!!!!!
from gumphood :
Oh now really...that spelling comment was just low...hehehe. I loved it.
from gumphood :
Also I am really sorry about your hands and arm. I got to distracted by the picture to be sensative.
from waycoolmama :
I love your diary. Just had to let you know.
from gumphood : ---------enjoy
from reviewgirl :
Just wondering if you'd like a review. :) Stop by and check it out.
from dinguspie :
now that was a hilarious note you left me
from gumphood :
come to send, not condescend transcendental consequence is to transcend where we are who are we? who we are trampled moss on your souls changes all you're a part seen it all, not at all can't defend fucked up man take me a for a ride before we leave... circumstance, clapping hands driving winds, happenstance off the track, in the mud that's the moss in the aforementioned verse just a little time, before we leave... stop light plays its part so i would say you've got a part what's your part? who you are you are who, who you are
from wzrdofozfan :
holy f-ing crap!! Judy Garland!! Yippy!! I just noticed it today, so sorry if its been up there for like a week or something. Yay. Wow. You totally rock in my book.
from fieryswallow :
I too experienced the joys of private catholic education, only mine was in a boarding situation so we got up to quite a bit. I'm never sending my daughter to boarding school. Not after what I got up to. We didn't have a dress code, we had uniforms. that included hats and gloves!!!!(Vomit inducing)
from dinguspie :
Stan?! That's hilarious! It's just a certain sort of fundamentalist that gets my knickers in a knot, you know?
from fieryswallow :
Thankyou, it was worth that. The entry is about my father. He died three years ago. We have...issues. One of them being the manner in which he died. Three years on I am still pissed at him for it. (Hey, I'm a scorpio, we hold grudges.)I'm impressed by your ability to find a theme song for every occassion. My son has his own soundtrack that he constantly hums. Drives me insane. I get very strange looks from people on the street, in the supermarket when in frustration I ask him through clenched teeth to turn his soundtrack down. (He gets it from his father.)
from dinguspie :
Hey there. I have decided to stalk your diary in return. We can be each other's stalkers. By the way, like the layout, but I am still trying to figure out the Clay Aiken thing. Ha!
from gumphood :
I got googled for "i hate clay aiken diaryland" which was out of context, but I don't think you can ever talk to me again.
from lobsterchick :
Dude, I miss you, too. I thought you had blocked me on AIM, loser. Yes, it's summer vacation. Come visit me!
from gumphood :
I have to run, but I must say that I liked it. Except the Duran duran one, but who doesn't have one of those. HAHA. I love it. You were a cute kid.
from worldofwings :
Thank you! I never realized how much hearing (or reading) those words make you feel much better! I think everything will work out, he just needs to realize that I should have more standing than his friends. Travis and Darryl can kiss my big butt, because Paul is the only one that should matter to me! Thanks again! :)
from theltomyolo :
are you from mass, i noticed the worcester centrum centre thing in the clay of the day diary... just curious.. leave me a note at
from wzrdofozfan :
Yeah. I've been told I have a little bit of ESP here and there. Wuhaha. Anyways, so yeah. Judy Garland 110%.
from lobsterchick :
Dude, you act like we never talk to each other. lol
from katehackett :
Aw, I'd love to have scary stories like that.
from gumphood :
Dude. Now you are 33 going on 16!! You uped it didn't you!!
from diary-rating :
Your diary rating is ready to be picked up,
from fleur-review :
Your review is up at Fleur-Reviews.
from iratelobster :
It seems like you had a lot of fun at the concert! My friend wants me to go to the concert when its hits NYC. And now I'm thinking I might!!
from tryingbaby :
Thank you for your wondeful note! I hope evrything works out for you, as well! Much love!
from fieryswallow :
Must be because it's all true. I for one find other people's humiliation and embarassment a type of sport. he may have shat himself two Xmas's ago, but I still find it funny enough to bring me to tears.....
from gumphood :
Clay is the way. I can't beleive you have four copies. HA
from fieryswallow :
Stalk away...every one needs to feel special every once in awhile....and I simply HAD to do my own drinking entry and of course link your drinking entry to it.Becasue you know, I am lazy and have no current life of my own to write about, Now I am off to bed to have nightmares of all the times I have been so drunk it makes people feel ashamed to know me.
from gumphood :
Well thats a bunch of variables but I will take it as a large compliment. Thank you very much. I look wicked short in the picture is all. I am actually much taller than that. My three favorite pictures of myself I look short as a dipple. (dipples are short)
from gumphood :
I will put you on, or you put me one, and we will hook up. (not in that way) (OR THAT WAY!!)
from gumphood :
are you ever on Instant Messanger?
from gumphood :
Its a good thing. You see I will never remeber how I felt today later in life. This will give me some idea of it. I think that is a good thing. I mean, you can look back and remember Clay Aiken years from now, soon after a newer better version of him arises. (if thats possible ;) )
from joeparadox :
Do these damn things work?

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