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from minstrelite :
Funny, I was just wondering about you, and when I signed on, you had updated. Doctors can sometimes be incredibly out of tune with what's going on in a patient's body. I can understand your frustration. I'd wanted to comment on something you wrote earlier that I thought was very poignant, and also just to let you know, I have finished a new piece (re-composed from an old one), however I'm removing the link I posted earlier today because I believe there are seven serious flaws. I realized that when I thought it was ready, I was only rationalizing. Hope to chat with you soon.
from minstrelite :
Dumb - I meant, 30:29 - and that was Isaiah. Not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that.
from minstrelite :
I've been trying not to comment on every single entry by every one of my favorites (because it seems obnoxious) but I had to comment on your Psalm 43 because it's one of the few Psalms that I have set to music. The only others are Psalm 98 and Psalm 30:39 (a single verse). One wonders what it's relevance is for you right now - I hope you're ok - but it's definitely distinctly beautiful.
from minstrelite :
That's really interesting about there being something positive to fear. It reminds me of the Book of Proverbs, in which fear is associated with wisdom in certain contexts. Also, the (Alexander) Pope quote: "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread."
from minstrelite :
Just to let you know, I've been reading. It's hard to comment on individual entries, because your comments seem to be turned off. But I am reading them.
from minstrelite :
I just sent you an offline Y!M message with the username and password. Thanks for still reading.
from minstrelite :
can i have ur user/pass? also it's burdenproject on Y!M if that wasn't clear -- but i'm okay now
from minstrelite :
i am on a comp at a cafe on my ZR-Net card and can't access AIM only MSN and Yahoo [email protected] MSN and burdenproject yahoo i dont want to do this but gimme shelter
from edouard :
I really miss watching Survivor with you over your house. Also, I think I'm in love with Ethan.
from tamajinn :
What bank do you work at? I live in Woodbury, NJ too. Mail me at [email protected] if you'd like to chat!
from bluecharis :
Hi there and welcome to the Paul Simon diary ring. Thanks for joining and for putting up the code already... lovely diary design, btw! Take care, Charis :-))
from z0tl :
welcome to no ring! to be removed, simply do nothing. to join, same thing only with emphasis on the noth. good luck in your future, present and past endeavours :z
from neko-carre :
Welcome to the eyebrows diaryring. ;)
from apexsensatin :
I like the layout and the creative way in which things are categorized in your diary. Kudos. And thanks for joining my eaten-entry diaryring. You rock.
from emok1d :
wow, mary ellen, that was a very insightful entry. it was very big of u to be able to admit to a realization such as that. u are certainly a very enlightened being and more "awakened" than most people i've met in a loooooong time. u give me a new confidence in the youth of America, mary e., a new confidence!
from emok1d :
hi, mary ellen, it's adaM <adhamh>! i've signed up for this crazy dairyland mumbo-jumbo and i must say i'm a little perplexed but like christina aquilera said, "whaever, whaever". i'll get the hang of it...anyway, um, check me out on this crazy interweb site!
from jerseydevil :
I went to Holy Cross, and graduated in 2000. I knew a handful of people that went to Eustace--Lauren Delricci, Ellen Karas...okay, so I suppose two is a rather small handful. But I have rather small hands.
from mattu :
Aww. You're too nice. I don't remember how much rent costs, truthfully. I'm pretty sure it's by the semester and averages out to around $500 a month or something... but I might have those figures totally wrong, so whatever.
from dreamreview :
Hey there just letting you know that your DreamReview is up --> :)
from tiki-reviews :
Your review is up at Tiki Reviews, at
from diaryreviews :
your review is up @ we invite you to join the 90+ review ring.
from sylphskies :
Just to let you know, one of those tickets is mine....

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