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from doing-it :
it's a shame you've stop updating! here I was, just beginning to be able to relate to you... :)
from fuschiashock :
i like the big &.
from june-bride :
I am so sorry about your dog. :( I had to put my cat to sleep in May when his skin cancer metastized, and it was awful. I just wanted to say hello, from another newlywed on the block. *hugs*
from sad-sunni :
I know it's easier said than done but try not to let stress get to you. Things will get better, it may just take a little time. Keep your chin up, you'll get through it.
from cutielatina :
YAY!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! LOL Congratulations to your hubby for landing that job and for both of you!!! YAY! LOL Cuidanse....
from trapidi :
Happy B-day to u, Happy B-day to u, happy B-day to just-married, Happy B-day to u!
from shrinkodebt :
haha (just read the entry w/ a wedding pic and your first banner- love the banner :) I'm a newlywed too! :) (married Nov.28/04) ok, that's all for now :) ~the nymph (
from feesticka :
My husband and I are going to be moving across the country for his job in July. It's not a fun prospect. Hang in there!
from feesticka :
I stumbled onto your diary, and today's entry almost made me pee my pants laughing! I'm adding you to my buddy list (if you don't mind), I look forward to reading more of your entries.
from cleanstart :
Thanks for adding me to your buddies. I look forward to reading you!
from lilith73 :
ooooh, baby, talk dirty to me. ;)
from g-e-gibb :
I loved the Anastasia books! Have you ever read "Karen Kepplewhite is the World's Best Kisser"? I highly recommend it for some more "teen" reading! Congratulations on the wedding!

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