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from sasori-gal :
I'm here for you! Sorry...I've been out of touch myself these days with school dominating most of my life right now. I'll try to get back in touch once vacation begins next week! Thinking of you...take care!
from hamiltonian :
new address?
from sasori-gal : have moved too?? As soon as I have finished with unpacking hell, we must catch up. Take care and know that I'm thinking of you! *hugs*
from raen :
OK. Nevermind that question about your diaryland journal in the email I just sent you. Here you are, so this answers my question. :D Later!
from sasori-gal :
Thinking of you during the holidays~ hope all is well. *Christmas cheer and holiday hugs*
from sasori-gal :
Keep smiling! :)
from my2ndside :
to get rid of your "box": go to edit your profile and click on change the picture....
from jilljohnston :
Can you help me? Is anyone aloud to send in their poetry and stuff? I can't seem to find the guidelines. I'm interested in sending stuff, can you tell me more about it? <3jill
from candora :
I sense something very special, wish I had more time to read you.
from deadthyme :
Thank you Jill. You never expect this sort ov thing to happen to you. I think i'm still kind ov in shock. Anyway, thanks for your kind words.
from trinity63 :
Send me your email and your phone number and I'd be glad to give you a call to fill you in. I hope you are doing okay. hugs. xoxoox
from inkdragon :
Couldn't get to the guestbook...Answered my five! Thanks so much for the excellent questions. I love this stuff!
from keeds :
hey jill
from inkdragon :
Dah. Just realized mylaw is you!
from miss-morbid :
Hey! It's a new journal because of many unwanted visitors. I'm now True Fucking Love,Kittee
from inkdragon :
5 Question Madness! Post these questions and your answers in my guestbook and on your diary. Link back to me. Also ask those who read your diary if they would like five questions of your making. **Hot Motorcycle Mama** here are your questions! 1. You are in the process of moving to a cozy, smaller town. What are your expectations? 2. With two young children and two careers, how do you and your husband keep the romance going? 3. Aside from your family’s safety, is there a cause you would be willing to protest for and possibly be arrested? 4. Do you believe in angels and/or spirits? Why? 5. A person has been really nasty to you on a number of occasions. You’re driving down and long, lonely road ten miles from the nearest gas station and you see this person next to her broken down car. What do you do?
from ray0flight :
Hello hi.. I just wanted to let you know that I will no longer be updating smushy. I have started a new diary .... the OF is actually zero-F not o-f :)
from devilme004 :
hiya!!!! why did you take me off your favorite list???? please note me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from devilme004 :
hiya!!!!! could you add me to your favorites list??? cause I added you!!! please tell me in my notes!!!
from slashrgrrl71 :
Hi- thanks for the note. :-) My name (and nickname) is pretty similiar: kirisute, or kirisu, and the all encompassing Kirisuto. Hey, could be a good pen name for me....:-)
from samantha-m :
My diary is now locked. The name is Samantha, the pass is "locked". I'll explain later :)
from mroutt :
Thanks for the advice. The problem I am really facing right now is rent. I have 250 and need 300. But thanks for the note. the guestbook is really a map and you just click on the thingie on the entry page, 3-25
from lunablossom :
The Survey was hard, it took me like three hours to do. :)
from raen :
Hmmm...a fee? Mwahahaha... ;) I should start my own videogame-character porn site! X) Glad you like the pics!
from trumishalin :
Totally agree with you on the Vegetta thing, and wanting to get sucked into the show or game. That's why I role Play online.... not exactly in an erotic way, but it satisfies me temporarily. ~Tru~
from dazedkitten :
that is so funny, about the 107-going-on-13 date! lol! next time don't try to use your mother's taste. congratulations on your wonderful diary!
from mary-poppins :
*Has researched* Nope, it's just a regular clothes store.
from mary-poppins :
Yep, it would be very lovely if they sent yoo commision for that. I'm going to go research what kind of store it is now. I think it was a maternity clothes store?? Well we'll find out soon. -Gina
from mary-poppins :
Hey! Guess what? The other day at the mall, they were making this new store called "j. jill" and I thought of YOO. =)
from lagrimitas :
I clixed on ur banner and let me just say I love that image on ur template! very very nice =)
from p-brain :
I have to take a tour in your diary sometime. There are so many things to go through. =) Thanks for the GB entry! I never really use banners but when I do I get slightly disappointed if people have been viewing a lot of pages but don't comment them. Am I selfabsorbed? ;)
from trinity63 :
HA HA HA! I am, now that's just too funny for freakin words! Yanno I am dipping my popsicle in vodka. Is that bad? Where's your guestbook?????
from smushy :
from saiyanstar :
Ah, another DBZ fan :)
from bisa-pet :
Don't you dare delete the Fantsizing entry! Oh hell no don't delete it. You said things in there that others have thought, just didn't have the ovaries to put into pixels. Hells bellz Jill, when I'm working up a graphic with a Warrior and his conquest or a Knight and his lady, do you think I'm solely thinking "Ok, time to do a graphic. What background should I use?" Pfft. Nuhuh ... there are REASONS why I do those particular graphics when the monsters are away. *grin*
from trinity63 :
Oh Jill - muhahahahahahahahahaha I love love love the whambulance quote:)
from bisa-pet :
ok, I'll get my shit together here in a minute. Wrong email addy .. just send it to [email protected] and it'll get to me. :) *mutters about too many damn email accounts*
from bisa-pet :
fricken gbook wouldn't let me sigh again so fast: Duh .. you don't have an email link set up anywhere that I'm seeing. Email me, sweetie and I'll send you your pressie. :) [email protected]
from deadkittee00 :
Woo! Happy Birthday! hehe! Hope everything turns out..grand,and wonderful! xxx kittee
from deadthyme :
Happy Birthday!!! Yeah- 11 people (including me) have taken that survey on their diary. Guess I started something, heh heh. Is that Phyllis Diller on your profile?
from writerchic88 :
yeah and actually, i meant it :P well keep n touch
from deadkittee00 :
Aww! Thanks for my birthday note! : ) Thanks for putting me on your buddy're comment for me in there is soo cool! *feels special* Ack! Everyone loves me! xxx Kittee
from mslover :
Yo chickie - wish you were closer. I'm going absolutely crazy up here and I feel so out of it. At least your diary helps me feel more in touch with you and what's happening there on the "ranch". I'm not even sure what I want/need anymore besides to be independently wealthy. :) ARGH!
from nosocer4me :
I love the poetry you have from when you were 15-16... lol reminds me of what I write/have written. Love it! Me!
from inkdragon :
J: ooooh mmmyyyyy ggggaaaawwwdddd. The eighties thing was so funny. I must be older, I hit the early eighties and was married and prego by the mid and late. Do you remember Nic Cage in Valley Girl? My husband thought I was nuts to think he was going to be something. (hey, he thought I was talking talent, it was actually the bod in the making). Always enjoying you, Y.
from bluemonkee :
I agree with you about SRV......... my boyfriend that I'm on a break from/with is obsessed with SRV I swear he watches the DVD while jacking off. JK we joke that he does thought thats how much he likes him :) I like him too but not as much :)
from raen :
Yay for notes! Always handy if the guestbook site is down, that's for sure! :)
from justjill :
These are my notes and they work now. :)

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