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from weymouth66 :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a fantastic day. Love, Jess xx
from chaosbean :
I'm so very much over lance armstrong. No one cared about riding bikes before him. I hope it goes back to that. Stupid bandwagoneers. And I'm also over those rediculous bracelets that are all his faults. There is colored, glorified rubber band for everything. Supporting cancer research as a status symbol. Icky.
from poolagirl :
I clicked your banner and found your entry. I am so sorry for your loss. I am thinking of you and your daughter and the sweet boy you had to let go today. Blessings to you, and may gentle hearts find their way to you.
from thatgrrrl :
I'm so sorry for your loss.... but know that your puppy is happy and healthy now, up at the Rainbow Bridge.....playing with all the other animals and will be there waiting for you later....
from travelgirlx3 :
that's very sad :( Wishing better days for you and your family
from candoor :
hug... I wish there was more I could do.
from chaosbean :
I'm really sorry to hear about your dog. I have a talent for clicking on banners and that being the entry I read. I had to put my dog down earlier in the year, it was horrible, and I only had to tell my older brother. I'm so sorry, its a terrible thing to have to go through. Take care of yourself.
from pyroguysr :
You are more than welcome. I sense a beautiful soul here. Blossom.
from f-i-n :
hugs and kisses
from pyroguysr :
My condolences on your much-loved pet... but we are never truly alone. Even though we may feel that way at times. I thank the gods that my real-life and (especially my) internet friends helped me through some troubling times. Reach out. There are a lot of us with empathy.
from rocksbaby :
I love your banner. It's just so gorgously colourful and interesting. I love your layout too. In any event, I'm sending you a note now to send my deepest condolences on the passing of your dog. I may not know you, and vice versa, but I do know how you feel because I once lost a pet too. Take care, aight? ~Wats
from jofetish :
Clicked your banner and I took a look around. Nice diary, but I'm sorry to hear about your dog. I've been there many, many times, and I always say that I don't want another pet. Next thing ya know, I see a kitty or puppy that I just HAVE to have. The only pet I have now is a black cat named Maggie, and she's 15 years old. I don't even want to think about her leaving me :(
from loner-blues :
I'm so sorry about your dog. It's *incredibly* painful having to put your best friend to sleep...even when you know you're sparing them pain and suffering. *Hugs* -cat
from bluemeany :
I'm sorry about your dog ... if it makes you feel any better, I really liked your banner.
from weymouth66 :
Awww, I'm so sorry. Love and massive hugs, Jess xx
from weymouth66 :
Thanks, hope you're having a nice one! Jess x
from weymouth66 :
Good luck with the job search, I'll be keeping everything crossed for you. xx
from weymouth66 :
Hey babe, a 3 year spread's fine by me. My only problem's raising the air fare... xx
from weymouth66 :
Have a great time in Europe! love Jess xx
from ladygenesis :
sorry to hear about your grandmother died on friday the ninth so I know how you feel. Stop by my diary anytime.
from finalscore :
hey, i just found you through a banner and was greeted with the kind face of your grandfather. i'm really sorry to hear about his death, and i hope you and your family are well. :]
from hairplay :
Sorry, he looked like a sweet man. *hugs*
from velvet-heart :
I was gonna leave you this far out astounding note that'd leave your head reeling and eyes bugging out but dammit I forgot what I was gonna say so all you get is a "mmhmmm"
from weymouth66 :
Sorry to hear about your grandpa... Thinking of you. love and best wishes Jess xx
from weymouth66 :
Great to hear from you again! xx
from weymouth66 :
Brilliant entry. Keep DRUBBING THE SHRUB! xx
from weymouth66 :
Have a great time in NYC. I'm sure you look great in the wig! x
from weymouth66 :
Have a great time at Duran Duran - you can never have too much 80s music, and you've been waiting long enough to see them!! Enjoy Simon and Garfunkel too, I quite like much of their stuff. Love xx
from weymouth66 :
Glad you like it! x
from ericbenet06 :
don't be alarmed, but my diary is locked and will be for the next few days. the first entry will explain why....i wanted to alert you as the owner of the of-color ring.
from weymouth66 :
Happy birthday, have a great day!
from windshadow :
Welcome to the garlic-lover diaryring! Thannks for joining!
from weymouth66 :
I changed my mind :o) Happy July 4th, by the way.
from weymouth66 :
Thanks for the invite, but I'll take a rain check - it's not really my scene. No offence meant :o)
from weymouth66 :
Nothing against the Williams girls as people - I just like Henin-Hardenne and Clijsters in their own right, and would have liked to see someone different in the final for a change...
from weymouth66 :
OMG - I'm in total shock after your last couple of notes!! It's unfortunate, but the UK government is really cracking down on dodgy marriages now, plus I'm planning some changes to my life over the next year that mean we certainly couldn't get a place to live together at the moment, which we'd have to to avoid detection. Sorry about that :o( Also I don't have a PC of my own so can't download IM. But I am genuinely interested in getting to know you, I'm happy to be e-friends and I'd be delighted if it became something more - I'll be able to visit you in the States during the second half of '04, and you could have another holiday in England. So sorry I couldn't be of immediate help - please forgive me. love Jess xx
from weymouth66 :
Of course I'll marry you, as long as you let me watch women's soccer unrestricted :o) love Jess xx
from jerseymike :
Thanx for justvisiting my diary, justvisiting! I didn't know who you were... still don't I guess. thought you might have found my diary via my web page. have a look if you get the chance, the page is at: A bientot!!!
from saiyanstar :
Hey. love your diary. I stepped on the scale for the first time in like 6 months last week. I'm trying to start a diet plan, hopefully it will work :) Well, stop by my diary anytime. ~Star
from sponge22bob :
It was your b-day? Well, happy belated birthday then lol.... anyway, thanks for the note. It DID kinda sound like a joke, my dad laughed his head off when I showed him ^_~. Actually, I'm not a grad yet. My age is 11-15. I don't like sharing my age too often. write me when you can, sponge22bob
from jason75 :
Happybirthday and just read your diary for the first time. nice!
from is-this-me :
Sure miss reading your writings. Hope that you start writing again soon. Bye for now, Sappy
from weymouth66 :
Happy birthday - have a wonderful day! Lots of love xxx
from annielloyd :
no idea who u are but your diary sounds cool. Plus you used the word retard, which is not right in Great Britain where I am from. Which is why I laughed so much. Keep writing, social retard. haha.
from weymouth66 :
Thanks for your note, and for listing me! Much love xx
from emobeatdown :
hey. i moved. come see me. peace out, tracy
from asteroidbelt :
thanks again for the shirt. you rule. :)
from lifeonhold :
thanks SO much for that time clock program link. my clock is always losing time. i so needed this. thank you !!!!
from coolassaward :
When's the last time you got an "AWARD" for being you? Do you like your ego stroked? Do you like stroking other people's ego? We all need a good stroking now and then. Have you ever gone to a diary and what the diarist wrote brightened up your day? Or really made you think? Have you ever wanted to let that person know what thier writing and diary meant to you? Well Cool Chicks is the place for you. I know your like what the hell is Cool Chicks? Or maybe you already know what a Cool Ass Chick you are. Well good! But isn't it time to let the world know about your Cool Chickiness?
from poppindaisy :
Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye
from conejo :
Sorry about the $50. Perhaps you should check my diary again. I think it has a disclaimer. If I'm wrong, the check has obviously gotten lost in the mail. Sorry. Got no control over them damn postal workers. Joined your ring. Thanks for the invite.
from rez :
Thanks for your note! Good wishes for your hair journey (and it really is a journey, believe me!) and thanks so much for inviting me to join the ring!
from lifeonhold :
you are my official first valentine. i might accept offers of others, but what does that commercial say? you never forget your first girl. heh.
from ann-frank :
Kleenex-schmeenek! Once a long long time ago in college we ran out of every paper product immaginable - 'cept coffee filters. They are not - in case you were wondering - downy soft.
from johnpowers :
I used to have to sit in the dark for hours when I had migrains.
from lifeonhold :
thanks for the kind words. this ache has got to fade at some point. i know its got to come eventually. why o why did i send the letter?! you know exactly what i mean : )
from ann-frank :
I was unaware there was a diary ring for the mored age - ed dland people such as myself (pushing 30! can't say that for much longer!) you crack me up by the way ...
from imriderwaite :
hey, your diary is the funniest thing in the world. Reform judaism, isnt it great? I used to be a telemarketer and htis woman tlaked to me about it for like an hour when all i was trying to do was sell ehr opera tickets.anyway i just wnated to elt you knwo that i really liked your diary and also its weird that i randomly came upon it. anyway keep brinign ion the good stuff and check my diayr ot if youd like, that would be nice.
from lifeonhold :
do you think? quoted should know about my lust?
from lifeonhold :
i am giving up my whole giving up men and getting on the brandon boyd train. and we are leaving the station. and i didnt bring no luggage. not even one pair of panties.
from asteroidbelt :
and having the left so disorganized also makes it really easy for others to dismiss and leftist supporters to become disillusioned. but i bet the article says that. uh... yeh
from lifeonhold :
exactly. this is why i am giving up men for halloween. its the next holiday and i need to do this quickly. hehehe.
from lifeonhold :
but river isnt why i came here. tell me where abouts you want your image and i will try to fit it there and send you the code in mail. there. i didnt think it was fitting to stick that on to my last message.
from lifeonhold :
oo. i never noticed all the good movies you have listed as your favorites. yay. i worked at a natural foods store here and years ago, we had this big animals rights day thing where we had an awareness tent in the store parking lot. i was outside helping people with their awareness and river came up, just like he was anyone, and he talked to me about how he thought vegan meats were creepy. it was brief but he was beautiful and he was kind and normal and his death was just so sad.
from inarticulate :
Oh, also, can you give me instructions on how to edit the ring things? Thank you, dear heart. I bet this ring will become the talk of D'land!
from inarticulate :
Hah! That looks great!!!! I can't view the HTML source for the whole thing, though I tried. Did you try just a plain
after the pic? (If that doesn't show up in this box, I wrote BR with angle brackets around it.)
from lifeonhold :
hey congratulations. nyc. you are brave and cool and i want to be like you.
from plankton :
You might try modeling overcoming mistakes. It helped with Kat's perfectionism. Every time you make a mistake, however, small, you say something like, "Rats! I made a mistake. It's okay. Everyone makes mistakes. I just have to do my best to fix it. I think I'll [whatever will fix it]."
from lifeonhold :
October 2, 2001 - 4:23 p.m that is the kind of sentence that just knocks the wind of a person. you rule.
from lifeonhold :
i just put it on the 5mb of space i have at my regular internet provider. if you dont get any space, i would be glad to host your image.
from lifeonhold :
welcome back. i am so glad to see you back to a big post and not a sentence about how you arent back yet. have you spent the money yet? post about what you do with it. i will be curious.
from lifeonhold :
hey thanks for visiting to me. office servers should always work. there should be a law. you are on my daily visits now. i wish i had a big bottom. i have no bottom. ever ounce of me goes to one place, my tummy. i wish it went to my hips. or my self esteem. can i be a pretend member? : )
from inarticulate :
Hey chica. Yeah, go ahead and make the ring! But tell me immediately so I can be the first to join it. :) The reasons why I haven't yet are because I'm not good at designing things, and was going to approach the designer who's going to do my page about doing little buttons for the various rings I want to have, and also because the whole name doesn't fit when you're creating it, which stumped me enough that I haven't tried again. So it needs to be abbreviated in some way, though then I realized (duh) that it can be spelled out completely on the actual button/link. No real problem there. I do think it is a much-needed ring. I have this OUTRAGEOUS picture I was going to try to use on the button. Do you want to see it? (You don't have to use it, of course.)
from frenchpress :
i too am wery from all the loss.i have much family in far every blood realitve is ok but the stock broker who worked in wtc so word from him..sigh hang in there and count your i grew up in northern cali...and just moved here to seattle...i miss and s.f. the whole bay area...when will all the ugly turn over ?sigh**big hugs** heart~frenchpress
from frenchpress :
hi :)thanks for stoping by. heart~frenchpress
from inarticulate :
I just submitted your orthopedic shoes passage to Quoted. I got a great laugh out of it. Hope you don't mind that I sent it in.

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