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from ebombmom :
Hi! I need your p'word info again, please! Just when I think you've fallen off the face of the earth, you show up again. :)
from filakia :
Hi there, Well, I only just saw the last message. Anyway. What can I say about THAT? Not worth addressing. Too many things to say and not enough space. I just wanted to tell you that based on the brief description you gave about the end of your most recent relationship, I think you did the right thing. Not that I am the best person to ask for relationship advice! But I think your criticisms are completely valid, and I'm sorry it hurt so much. Such things are never easy, but I admire your ability to accept that it was less than you need/deserve and then move on.
from foggymorning :
Katylloyd, I'm "lingovincent's" husband. In case my wife hasn't told you or written about it in her diary, I found out about her affair via this diaryland thing. The story of what I have had to go through is incredibly tragic. I am a really kind, loving, nice, thoughtful, loving spouse who never could have imagined that my wife could have done such a thing to me. I'm not unattractive. I'm certainly much more of a "catch" than her 57-year-old paramour is -- (I've met the weak, lying, pitiful home-wrecker). I'm six feet tall, 162 pounds. I lift weights, run, bike and swim. I'm intelligent and a busy person. This whole experience has been shocking and terribly devastating to me; but I'll get through it all, because I'm a strong person with a close, supportive family. I threatened to sue the son-of-a-bitch for alienation of affection and criminal conversation and expose him to the entire university for the piece of s__t he is if he didn't settle with me. I'll keep this short for anyone who reads this: No one (certainly no one who has a good heart and loves their spouse as much as I loved my wife) deserves the pain that results from an affair that their spouse has with another, especially when your spouse has an affair with someone 25 years older and one of their own professors! What a disgraceful tragedy. What an unnecessary and sad way to ruin your life and the life of your loving spouse. Everyone out there needs to THINK before they act -- and think SERIOUSLY about the LIKELY CONSEQUENCES to their voluntary actions. If anyone wants to send a comment to me, they may at: [email protected]. [The name associated with this e-mail is not my real name for obvious reasons].
from lingovincent :
Hi katylloyd, Thanks for the note. In my head, I know you're right. In my heart, I hope you're wrong. Time will tell, I guess. My spouse? Hardly ever home. Also, a bit clueless. Kind, loving, wonderful, etc. But sadly not the person I love. What a tangled web we weave. Why can't life be simple? BTW, I wouldn't mind your password, please. :-)
from anamlabodis :
Yo... I'll give you my password if you'll give me yours. :)
from alysun :
Hey thanks for leaving the note. 'Fascinating", maybe in the way someone with tourettes syndrome is; you don't want to stare, but you can't help yourself. I think I give myself too much credit there. Anyway, you have very cool taste in music.
from aesthesia :
you seem cool, i like your diary :)
from flamingk8 :
call me, sweetie. please? i'm dying to chat with you. (or at least tell me when you're home so i can foot the bill). love you!

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