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from godhatesu :
hi, you're welcome
from lovesexnest :
HI your welcome i am glad i filled out your survey
from wiley381 :
harrumph harrumph harrumph... I agree whole-heartedly regarding the magnitude of the movement towards civil liberties and gay marriage in MA. Your tie to the events in Iraq are impressive. Nonlinear thinking to say the least. Very well said. Harrumph!
from wiley381 :
and don't forget, it's an extra $300 in your pocket, but only if you're one of the top 5% of money-earners in the US. I'm a rugged capitolist, and think that we should have flat tax (thus, I think the tax cuts for the rich are just). However, don't give them tax cuts and expect the rest of us to think you're a hero. Additionally, you can't cut taxes and then increase spending. That's just bad budgeting. If any of us did something like that we'd be bankrupt... oh wait... that's right, last year more people declared bankruptcy than any other year in US history. I guess people are budgeting just like Bush!
from real-stories :
nice profile
from wiley381 :
Thank you very much. I enjoy yours as well.
from wench77 :
I love that: "unsolicited opinions"... I also love that thing on "even good men can get pulled into this pornography thing"... I would say that men create it cuz men want it. You would think that a gang of menhating lesbian pagan witches made pornography and peddled it to men in order to turn them away from their godly natures and sexually enslave them, so they were tempted into turning to prostitutes wares... much like free cocaine given out on schoolgrounds to innocent children. Poor man. hah!.
from xquisitepain :
i love the poem in your profile. always have. just thought i.d let you know.
from xsweetamberx :
Hey, I was once xxbeam23xx...and I took your sexsurvey a while back. I was just wondering how your dissertation on that went. Just wonderin'...ttyl
from kb8 :
Thanks for sharing your, uh, feminine hygiene secrets with me:)
from desertwitch :
And I was also amazed by Kobe's attorney's bold moves in the court (wow, sounds like a basketball reference). She would be the kind of lawyer I'd want by my brother's side if some loon came after him screaming rape. The whole dirty panty thing also made me go WHATTHEFUCK. I don't care how fabulous the sex was with a guy, and there have been a couple of men in my life with whom having their cum in my panties a whole day gave me zippy jolts of pleasure, but more than that and it's just EEWWWWY! Even when I don't wear panties, just pantyliners, I change those about three times a day, sex or not -- and believe it or not, I don't spend every day having sex ;) Yikes, coming back to the point, I'm still trying to keep an open mind about Kobe's guilt or innocence, but it IS looking bad for the prosecution right now. Later babe!
from desertwitch :
and happy to know my caboose is still stopping traffic ;)~
from desertwitch :
RRRR, hm, that's the spelling on the "World Prayers" quote thing. Hmm, lemme google him and check out the spelling -- thanks for the note, also don't know who he is other than probably a Hindu monk/guru, but awesome little quote :)
from desertwitch :
Damn! Now I will kick myself for not dropping by sooner -- am still laughinf about the cannibal minks and the Vatican's latest stupidity -- "more vicious than a roomful of presidential candidates," you should make a banner from that phrase!
from daoinesidhe :
one love one heart lets get together and feel allright!!!bob lives on !!!!!!hiya from greece if you re a brother please answer!
from desertwitch :
*heehee* Traumatizing they are those couches! But I love the "panel" commentary the best :)
from funda :
something calls me back here.
from zemphera :
Intelligentsia r0x0r.
from desertwitch :
-- and your Quote o' the Day reminds me of a girl I know *shivers* . I also think that your nephew having not one but two science degrees DOES make the archeos feel threatened -- know a couple myself and my HS librarian's husband was a paleontologist working in the Mojave who also rubbed archeos the wrong way because he could out-deduce them, so to speak, regarding the cold hard facts of a site/fossil.
from desertwitch :
RRRRRRRR typos....
from desertwitch :
Thankf for the note :) Glad to know I TOO am not the only one watching.
from mipiace :
:-) Try checking your junkmail folder. Hotmail has a habit of filing messages there from people not in your address book.
from mipiace :
Hey kb, Can you email me?
from aquarius217 :
SO, you love Cibo Matto. Her music is really funny it's all about food. Thanks for putting me on your faves.. ttyl
from tinkybell- :
Hey!! No problem hehe it was fun ;-) Love ur journal ash
from kb8 :
Hey! Thanks for putting me on your fav's list! You're the tops!
from desertwitch :
OOOOOOOO -- now you MUST go on my faves list -- your profile has one of my all-time favorite poems! And thank you -- methinks your writing shines lovely, too!
from onlypinkstar :
hey babe, thanxx so much for ur notes to me.. i wont be leaving.. just perhaps not posting so much.. im truly addicted to this diary thing too. lol.. ur so sweet to me! thanxx for ur support!.. never stop being u!..
from ravynespeaks :
one, I know *we* live in a republic not a democracy. two, it isn't a republic that they are setting up in Iraq, it is supposed to be a democracy, and Free Press is still a democratic principle.
from mipiace :
Hey, I read your entry today and I liked it. You seem like an interesting person I'd like to know more about. Mipiace
from precrime :
your so funny i am making some changes to my page so when i am done i will unlock it okay, i am also writing a mini entry so no worries if it takes me over 3 days i will send you the password. alright...
from precrime :
if your membership is running out do more surveys then
from precrime :
hey, that is funny and sad that is all they would show for playboy. good thing that they show more now huh. i was wondering how old are you??
from onlypinkstar :
hey hun, wow i really loved reading ur entry calld "dad".. it was so honest and clear! i often worry about my grandparents passing, since they r all i got as far as fam goes.. also, ur welcome about me doin the surveys.. no prob. if u ever do up some more, lemme know. i'll do 'em too!.. another thing, thank u for all ur "notes" to me!
from imetpatricia :
Hahaha. No, you certainly don't have to remove your comment. Hahaha. I was just curious. Don't worry about it. And thanks for the compliment on my writing. That made my day!! :-) Take care.
from imetpatricia :
Hi again. I just wanted to say thanks for adding me to your faves list. Hahaha. As sad as this is, you've got me kinda curious, though: Are you ragging on me for my whole "I hate the word pussy" thing? Or are you supporting it? Just wondering. Either way, thanks for adding me to your list. I'm happy to return the favor. Take care. :-)
from im2unclear :
Just popping in to say your welcome for filling out the surveys. And to say thanks for trying to give me a little happiness boost. You seem like a nice enough guy, so have a marvolous day!
from precrime :
hey, that is cool. i was just wondering what you ment, so thanks a ton, you seem like a sweet heart.
from precrime :
thank you for adding me to your list. you yet describe me as "soft" why is that you do not know me other than what you read. thank you again :)
from imetpatricia :
Hey, no problem. I mean, c'mon, if you can't use total candor when filling out a sex survey that's available on Internet for public viewing pleasure, then when CAN you use it? Hahaha. That's a rhetorical question. :-) Anyway, I'm glad I was able to help out. Best of luck on your dissertation, and take care.
from aura-chic :
same to you!... and thanks for adding me as well :D
from precrime :
okay then...
from littlebites :
My pleasure to fill out your survey. Hope your scholarly stuff goes well.
from aura-chic :
no problem.. hope it helped.. :D haha..
from blacksoul69 :
hey, i liked your survey, i've taken many like it. just curious how do you pick to ask to take it?
from precrime :
hey, thanks and i hope that everything works out. that is sad when you have no tears left to cry...
from onlypinkstar :
hey hun.. whats ur survey calld?.. i will take it..
from precrime :
okay then. who are you??
from im2unclear :
I took your survey. Don't know why you wanted me to fill it out, but I like surveys so whenever you have another one just let me know.
from ihatepizza :
from celetra :
hey any surveys you do let me know so i can fill it out my email is . Thanks Bye
from amishchick :
I'm glad to know that you know who I am and that I'm not some random person you snagged off the members area. Oh wait... no. I will not take your survey, even if I could find it.
from skankiness :
Hey sure, i'll take the survey...iz there a link 4 it?
from sexonatable :
dude there is no text under the flag??
from pinnyknows :
from tryna01 :
You know what? I don't know anything about these surveys, so you'll have to tell me about them.Thanks and sorry.
from tryna01 :
I wanna take your survey
from diva35 :
sure... I am as open as one can be
from beckymojo :
there you go. you owe 5 bucks.
from sanchezcafe :
Hi i'm the owner of COZY CORNER CAFE and just started please will u come and test it? I'll give you some crackers!
from othelladub :
take my tastylips! survey
from othelladub :
take my tastylips! survey
from blab :
I'm not inclined to take surveys, and yours doesn't really interest me. If you are planning on using the results as a basis for a doctoral dissertation, I am surprised that you have left out questions such as gender and location. I imagine that your results would be pretty skewed already considering the limited demographics of Diaryland anyway. Anyway, have fun with it... hasta
from justiceluv :
it was my pleasure. I wish you much success with your dissertation Dr. kb8!. Peace.
from rumblelizard :
No, thanks.
from jezolina :
Anytime. = >
from stare--girl :
i don't think so. sorry. why are you asking me?

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