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from ds403 :
can i buy your watch or have it the pink fossil watch from the picture: what's in my bag 10.22.07 on if so send to 34697 northland dr livonia mi, 48152
from kellifornia :
@stepfordtart: I'm so glad to see you say that! The fighting started just a couple of months ago, so maybe only another year or so? :)
from stepfordtart :
I think they grow out of it. There's the same age difference between your two as between my two and now that they're 12 and 8 they rarely try to kill each other at all. Mostly because they've discovered bitchy comments hurt much more than hitting with a stick, I guess! s x
from stepfordtart :
Wallet, deodorant roll-on (for unexpected sweatiness!), meds (5 sorts!), 3 chequebooks, tube of glitter glue, gum, see-through bra straps, 4 lipstsicks, 1 nail polish, mascara, mirror, perfume, bits of jewellery (mostly broken), a pen I stole from a hotel in Germany, USB memory stick, sachet of lo-cal hot chocolate and about 50 trillion old bits of paper/payslips/receipts. Oh, and my Bridezilla Jotter with all the crap about my wedding in it. Well, you DID ask! s x
from boxx9000 :
My daughter's name is Kelly and I live in California (about an hour north of San Francisco) I hate carrying a purse, but when I do, I carry my checkbook, drivers license, house and car keys, my ATM card, my cell phone, my digital camera, and my lipstick. There's usually some misc. receipts etc and a loose coin or two. I can't keep gum or tic tacs becasue I will eat them all right away. (sigh)
from kellifornia :
@awittykitty: I know what you mean about hating them. I used to love them, but now I can't stand them.
from awittykitty :
I have the purse purse which has the wallet, digital camera (hi flickr!!), make-up, keys, 3000 coins that have fallen out of my wallet, credit card, library card, etc. Then when I go on hikes, I have the mini-me purse. Its red velvet with sequins. All I have is my camera and keys. I hate purses.
from whystinger :
Don't get discouraged if you are down 1.2 pounds, at least you dropped something... Like they say, eat all your points and by the way, sometimes you work your ass off one week, you then go and weigh in and a week later you drop... Just keep working at it. I need to start following my own advice at Weight Watchers...
from awittykitty :
Wanna hear something weird? My mom moved to Oregon in the winter and then I moved there several months later. I lived there a year. Got homesick, moved back to California and then a month later she moved back too. A word of advice: Try not to do that. P.S. You'll be together soon. :-)
from awittykitty :
Argh, I meant cheerful. I'm typing without my glasses.
from awittykitty :
Good job on the weight loss. I did Weight Watchers for a while, but they were so damn ceerful, it made me nervous. Keep going though! You're doing great! woot woot!
from annanotbob :
Hiya - just clicked on your name and had to say I LOVE your pics! Beautiful! Best wishes Anna xx
from star-brite :
ahhh moving sounds like alot of stress! good luck on finding a good place to live! your diary is looking really nice. i made mine more 'polished' by going with the simple blacktemplate and just tweaking some colors and adding a picture of flowers (much like you did!) the best thing about diaryland is it's really free form, so if you can imagine a template it's pretty much possible. if you have a better idea of what you want yours to look like / laidout i can do my best to help you code it =] & until then this site is really helpfull for explaining the basics: i realize its for kids but i've found it most helpfull. good luck and just lemme know what you need help with. (and welcome to dland of course )
from awittykitty :
The only place the weather is bad is when you go over the mountains near Mt. Shasta. We used to drive up and see my sister in Salem all the time. Just be prepared for possible snow up there. Have a safe trip.
from kungfukitten :
What a pain! I've been thinking about what would happen if I couldn't work and it scares me, because I know I wouldn't be able to afford the medications I need. I love my HMO. I have to pay $20 each time I see the doctor and usually $15 a month for each medication. It adds up, but slowly. I'm glad your hubby's doing better. It's hard work being a care taker for so many people. You're a hero!
from awittykitty :
Hi, sorry to hear California is so half ass backwards with Medicaid. That's terrible. I grew up there (Sonoma Co.), but now live in New York. My flickr name is OneCleverCat. I keep that separate from my blog though. I just finished my 365 this week, that's why I encouraged you to stick with it. Good luck with everything. :-)
from awittykitty :
I'm bipolar and on medicare too. I'm also on Medicaid. Have you thought of applying for that? They help pay for meds, although my shrink doesn't take the evil Medicaid, it might help with the meds. Also I think...I think Walmart pharmacy has a $4/ea. med plan for generic drugs. Check it out. The government just doesn't like mentally ill people, even though we elected one. Good luck!!!
from junkmel1 :
Just wanted to say hello! I don't know much about html, and have had to slog through any changes I made one redesign at a time. Good luck in your prospective move!
from star-brite :
hey, wasn't sure how to contact you. but what kind of background do you want? DLand mostly just uses basic html (im pretty sure myspace does too right?) anyways just click --> change your template --> click here to change how each of your entry pages looks --> then you see the box. if you want a specific color you can put this into the body of the html: < body bgcolor="#000000" > (without the spaces beofore and after the ">" thingies ) the #000000 is the code for the color you want.. if you want an image as your background: < body background="" > again w/o the spaces. i dunno if this helped im not that good at explaining !!
from stepfordtart :
Hey!You dont have nearly enough readers here! Now you got one more! s x PS I have no idea how to do backgrounds on your template. I am a tard when it comes to that stuff. Sorry!
from awittykitty :
Don't quit 365 when you're 9 days short. I've seen some of your photos. They're fun!

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