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from annanotbob :
Just idly clicked your name - you do have a voice that shines through your writing, even reading just one entry. Put a password on if you want to be secret, and best wishes to you xx
from aisnano2003 :
I'm also participating in Nano (third year!) and live in the FW area and I'm a dland'er although I don't update my regular diary much anymore (mamaness). Just wanted to say HI
from gypsybelle :
Hey, did you get my emails? I sent you 2 the other day before my comp at work crashed...let me know *hugs* Ps: I tried to leave you a note in you GB but it wouldn't work grrr...:o)
from marn :
It looks very cozy and in time I know you'll make it home :)
from marn :
I'm sorry it was such a bumpy take off. Maybe the flight will be smoother, Ms. Kittay.
from xpaperdoll :
woo. 3D glasses
from marn :
Yeah, I caught the space in front of the 25 earlier. The problem seems to be Opera (my browser) which refuses to put up anything but a white screen. It works fine in IE, though.
from marn :
Ms. K, the link to your card does not work. When I moved up one directory, I got this error message: Error User kitbit has messed up their journal template definition.
from marn :
Ms. Kittay, that is one beautiful cavorting graphic. Good Lord, girlfriend, but you have gifts.
from marn :
Good on you, Ms. Kittay, good on you.
from marn :
I'm sorry that your childhood, the one time in your life where things should have been safe and simple, was anything but safe and simple. It's tough growing up without the core belief that the world is a benign place.
from marn :
Yup, looks like our gbook is pining for the fjords, eh? *Sigh*. It's good to see you back in D'land and I hope your caffeine buzz has its desired effect ... man, I hate it when my clock gets turned around.
from mulher :
my sentiments are just like the others, i miss catching more of your words. Throw them out to us more, I promise i won't drop them.
from lifeonhold :
hey party hair, pretty girl, i cant promise you you can move to my town and get a place with me, but i will be your friend. and i dont even want $60 for it either! -your equally solo diaryfriend, tracy
from poetical :
I have moved my diary to "trulypoetic".
from poetical :
Happy Holidays my fellow ink And may your New Year be blissful to the brink.
from pischina :
Update already!!! Where did my little Diary-Writing-Kittay go?
from lifeonhold :
you list more music than i do. and its all good. why didnt i think of all those bands/musicians/singers/songwriters? thank you for linking me. your page is an epiphany. the layout. i am shamed. i am so redesigning. i stumbled upon you because you stumbled upon me and i am stumbling upon your words and they are lifting me and tossing me about and i am here to stay. thanks for having me.
from notahilbilly :
from winbenstein :
Hey, I just noticed you had me linked on your page and just wanted to say hi and thanks! Take care.
from faery :
kittay! I love the layout. *love*
from some-gurly :
Kool diary, I luv the picture... kitties are sooo cute! I luv em!
from pischina :
from amante :
weeeeee.... it just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? Now, if only we can sync up our hormonal issues with d-land pages!!
from rhetoric :
if i wrote half as much as you do, i'd have run out of words a long time ago. keep up the good work. (or something less cheesy..)
from writerboy82 :
hey sweetie..thanks for the analyzer're my one and only as you saw...sigh...i TOLD donny that i don't have fans like he does...he said he'd get me a guestbook and such but that hasn't happened...probably a good thing...if it just stayed empty, it'd be way too depressing...anyway, thank you for writing...both to me and in your diary...i do enjoy....oh and i miss him too....more than i dare say....hope you're having a good tuesday where you are...bye :)
from virgincherry :
You have got a wonderfull layout!! (And even though my friend already said that, I'll say it, too.) I wish mine looked this good. Mine looks like crap. : )
from dearanxiety :
wow! your comments to me mean tons because your diary is so awesome! wow! i could spend days on there. and i probably will.
from faery :
Wow. Okay, you have the most awesome layout i have ever seen. goodness. You are an awesome writer too. You're bookmarked and all, do you mind if my unworthy self links you? wow. you just made my day seriously. I'm going to shut up because I sound like an incredible doofus right now.
from ignominy :
i live in dallas. neat.
from writerboy82 :
Type your comment here! ok miss kittay....i always do as i'm told so here i am analyzing you...i sailed in here on a link from my favourite diarylander...that sweet florida boy who does have a knack for driving me a good way, mind you....ahem...oops sorry...this is YOUR analyzer isn't it..not donny's...hehe....i have ventured around your site a bit and have bookmarked it so i can return easily...interesting poetry...i really need to do more of that's so nice to find diarylanders who are capable of cogent i guess what i'm trying to say is yeah, i enjoyed :) nice to meet ya, so to speak
from pivotal :
I love you too.
from kittay :
Weeee...! Anna, I love pj and patti both, they're actually the two I was contemplating working into my layout somehow, but I couldn't decide to do it or not. Hmmmn..uht oh, no that would get me too near to wanting to redesign too much again. *sigh* Oh well.
from pivotal :
So. I'm taking time out from writing up Christmas cards because I'd rather sit in a chair and stare blankly at the monitor's screen than do anything productive with my life. Your layout is very aesthetic and the content is fulfilling. mmm... Bj�rk. Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" is a great song. You may like PJ Harvey, on the off chance you haven't heard of her yet. And if you like PJ, you'll probably like Patti Smith. I'm rather tired and so am feeling scrambled, random, and incoherent. Apologies.
from nieldsnut :
hiii... You don't know me, but das ok. I just saw Ani... and wondered if your "mourning Greta" entry title was a Nields reference? You seem like a Nieldsy kinda chick... so I just wondered...
from artsykelly :
*giggle* well, the red glasses are my 'normal-everday-i'm-too-lazy-for-contacts' glasses :-) but i *do* seem to collect silly/funky/disco-glitter type fun glasses as well. even though i'm blind as a bat and hate the evil contacts which make me cry. and uh, i *do* have green ones. light green lenses and lime green frames to be exact... and it's a shame we can't be closer, cause i love sharing my fun little toys! (such as the glasses *grin*) love love love ya! smooches*kelbel p.s. the diary is a rockin' !
from kittay :
hehee...oh my, imagine the rides those kitties get to go for! Woowee, that kinda reminds me of this one video game...
from notahilbilly :
and on the next jerry springer: Transsexual Satanic Priestess Taxi Drivers, and the cats who own them!
from kittay : It's not in any of the free sets that I've seen, and I look through them constantly as I just did again. And even if it was, there'd be a required link back. That's her kitty kitty, who's basicly a trademark of her blog. And if she did give permission for you to use him, I might be surprised, but seeing as that's not a likely thing to happen there's no way that I could have guessed to such. AND seeing as she has a history of people stealing her free and personal graphics and bandwidth, I am defensive about anyone I come across who does such a thing. However I never implied not liking you, rather I complimented you on your diary even though I pointed out the wrongness of that one little aspect, and I did give you a good amount of benefit of the doubt. Sorry I defend the kindhearted people whom I admire, but I'll never stop doing it despite if I like the person, or if they've been my friend for years. Usually my friends already know that the only reason I'll get bitchy is if it's something important to me, and they won't be too hurt by it. Cuz I may be a bitch, but damnit I try to be the nicest bitch I can be. I'm sorry if it offended you, and if you still think I'm jumping to fast conclusions and implying more than you like.
from myoandphy :
Um, we asked Miz Kitty first. And it is part of a free set. Sorry you disliked us that much and jumped to a bit of conclusion. And we were given permission to use it till she made us a new one. But oh well. To each there own, sorry your tail is a bit bunched....
from alwayslolita :
Your diary rocks the mic! Tori AND Stevie, cats too? You must be some kind of goddess! Your layout is hot too. come visit me sometime...
from Jennx :
Hey Hey! love your diary I plan on keeping up with it :)
from pischina :
Oh, Mew-Mew-Mew!!! Scritch-Scratch for Kittie-Kittay! Such a sweet widdle Kittie-Kittay!! *Pet* and *scritch* and *snuggle* for Kittay!
from myoandphy :
Hey kitty!!!! We're kitties too!! Meow!!!!
from kittay :
lol..HRMPH! see if I bother asking jenifer anything again! Hmmn..broccoli and paper you say? Weird, I thought the little people went for bread milk and honey...hmmn, interesting. I think you've made me more confused than I started out *baffled scowl* ;/
from Jenifer012 :
Hello kittay cat! I am sorry to say I am kinda sworn to secrecy about just how I got my starry background, but I'll give you a hint. It involves 3 pounds of finely chopped broccoli, 68 sheets of looseleaf paper, and 2 tiny elves (well they like to ba called "little people" now; something about being politically correct). Anyways, the big guy said I'm not allowed to tell me secret. Im sorry =0( Please continue to read. Please, I'm begging...x0x0, Jenifer
from pischina :
Ya know the best part about my New Computer? Now I can read your diary from Home!! Hurrah!! Love ya Kittay, ME.
from april-brat :
Meow? So, what does a Mew need to say in here? I *heart* the Kittay site! (even though this is the third or more design since I started diary-ing) BratCat is tired. Going to the big kitty-bed now... Mew.....
from pischina :
Oh Kittay! Don't get me all riled up and worried about little kittie-kitty being lost on Halloween, I mean I'm glad she was just out trick-or-treating, but you had me VERY WORRIED! That was a Bad Kitty! (But I'm very glad she came back)
from fattitude :
That cat really freaks me out.
from notahilbilly :
aight kittay...git yer ass in the kittaykamper! I'm takin ya back to florida with me and that's that :> but hey, I'm here 'till sunday- CALL me, biatch! *licks*
from pischina :
Wherefore art all our Lovin's??? OH, The Humanity!!!! Kitty-Kitty-Kittay, such a sweet kittay, needs lots of hugs and pets and scritch-scratches. Wonderful diary and now it includes Pictures! Yea! Go Kittay! Love ya, ME.

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