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from narcissa :
2014. and i just found a tape you sent me.. i think it was you. it's still great. so if you ever read this, thanks.
from rock-a-betty :
Hey - I really, really like your layout! Who did it? Pleeze?
from lissacakes :
Oh, I so wish you still updated. I found your diary after you were already gone. Boo-hoo.
from dollcourtney :
love the layout!!!!
from astralounge :
You're welcome. :) And thank you for the kind words about our kitty. I'm managing ok, but I'm still really sad about it. :(
from lolasavage :
from astralounge :
Heh. The graphics thing is actually my fault, I let my gold membership lapse and your images are still hosted on my account. I'm going to renew soon, so never fear!
from astralounge :
you might want to call and check with animal control to see if they really COULD take him for that reason. it seems a little flimsy to me. cats eat birds. but even if they couldn't take him away, i spose it's still not great for neighborly relations... :( good luck. i have a bad black kitty too.
from lolasavage :
Hey. I'm not sure if you'd feel comfortable with this, but I was wondering if maybe I could have your email address because you seem superfabulousintelligentcool. Anyhow, talk to you later.
from lolasavage :
Hmmm, I would have to recomend "Sherlock Jr." it's good. I have a very hopeless crush on him. Anyhow, look for it and tell me what you think. xoxo
from lolasavage :
Hey, I just noticed you mentioned your a fan of old film stars. Have you ever heard of Buster Keaton? Oh, and thanks ever so much for adding me as a fave. xox
from lolasavage :
Your taste, your diary, truly stunning. Please drop me a note some time. Tata.
from youthonfire :
do you happen to know how robbie and myself would go about renting your place come june?
from r0see :
is that marilyn monroe at the left?
from chatnoire :
Davi! Darlink! I've been a bad diarist, and neglecting other people, but I missed you! I just popped in with a free moment, but I wanted to say hi and send love! XOXO Chat
from belasdead :
I had no idea Tanya Donelly has a new c.d.! Have you heard the Breeders "T.K." yet?
from scog :
Marry me, Miss Kitty!
from krslover20 :
I appreciate you! And I think you have every right to increase the Bitch factor. We all have to be a little bitchy once in a while to get what we want.
from shecrafty :
i *heart* yr new layout.
from warning :
i just think your wonderful!
from narcissa :
davi, didnt you used to have a guestbook? where is it? anyway. I used to work in a library also, and i LOVED the young adult section too: the judy blume, joan lowery nixon, richard peck, and best of all... paula danziger. it used to take me forever... i used to get in so much trouble.
from savemyskin :
I like your diary and especially the layout and your kitty style is supercute and cool.
from red-wine :
Wow...we're both members of pro-choice, libraryfolk and Bettie Page. You must be freaking amazing!
from pseudomuffin :
I love the soundtrack for you life idea. I'm going to steal the idea and come up with a soundtrack for my life to stick on my diary. Of course, I'll link back to ya and everything. I've been perusing through your entries and a great deal of what you say hits me emotionally some way. I think I'm going to hang around more. :)
from handyman :
"Freak out in a moonage daydream, oh yeah ..." I can't believe I've never read your diary before today. I was assigned to write a fanfic on you for The first thing I thought when I opened the page was, "Oooh, Bowie!" then "Oooh, girls in catsuits!" then "Oooh, queer diaryring member!" I'm a bit too excited about writing this story. (Unfortunatly, I still don't have any ideas.) Well, back to the research ...
from waterstar003 :
you are so adorable!! khrisna can borrow my beanie, but rawr can absolutly not pee in my room!! guess what? my parents have a cd burner! can you say fun mix cd for davi??? hoo-rah! ok, i miss ya, but i'll see you soon!!!! xo
from krslover20 :
OK, come here you big mean COLD! I'm gonna knock you outta Davi's sweet lil' system once and fer all. ::rolls up sleeves::
from luckybabez :
i despise my screenname, but am too lazy to change it. please disregard it and address me as some form of "banana". slinkster diary..i've become mentally dependent on it, sort of like ice cream. meow =)
from narcissa :
homework can ALWAYS wait. take care of yourself, cutie
from glitterygirl :
psst! *hands kittyspy a note* Hmm. Note passing is much more exciting when it is a paper airplane flown across a classroom. I suppose you have to make do with what you have though. . Just a hello to you and the kitten spies, and hopes that you have a wonderful sunshine filled slinkstery day! Lindsay
from sxejensxe :
you sounded pretty kewl so i thought i would say hello. so...hello :D
from waterstar003 :
hey dav. I want to start an anti-hate movement at the u of a because I too am totally appalled by the Arab discrimnation that is happening. Um, give me a call tomorrow, maybe we could organize something? I'm thinking of starting out with tee shirts and building from there. Sorry I didn't call you back tonight, but I'm just getting home now and I didn't want to wake anyone up! so, yeah, give me a call!
from kats :
yup, being a librarian's smashing! i must agree i love telling people what i do for a living... besides, you can politicize your job... after all, you are in the business of offering access to information and god knows how important that is in empowering others! xxxo kats
from ennui-me :
whee im glad the button works! much xoxox :D
from ennui-me :
I think I wrote the longest analyzer-note-thingy on here, sorry! Much hugs, - Laura
from ennui-me :
Holy smokes Batman, your diary is addictive! The government should put a warning label up on your diary hehehe :) About places to stay in California, have you checked out the Youth Hostels out here? [You can look them up online and they're just about everywhere] They're actually really clean and pretty reasonable. If you like beautiful scenery, check out the Pidgeon Point Lighthouse Youth Hostel, its about hmm 30 miles south of San Francisco and its really a pretty place, its right on this hill facing the ocean and I believe Springtime is when you can see the whales! :) The cabins are adorable and the lighthouse itself is amazing. Wow sorry this is so long, if I can think of other alternatives to stay at I'll let you know, take care - Laura xox. PS my diary -is- blah! A big :p to you! hehehe ;)
from thegerm :
i love kittyspy! yes, i have a new wonderful diary to read.
from cherrybettie :
Hey Davi- Woah! Better not ever get me & your friend Sean in the same'd be bitch-fest 2001. Hah hah! And is it just me, or are the pretty pin-up pics on your layout not showing up anymore? I miss 'em! :) xox Joslyn
from ennui-me :
Hi! Thanks for signing my diary is...retarded haha, this is like my 6th layout but its not really...I'm just reverting back to my way long time ago 2nd layout...haha...wintertime+frozen go together, do they not? So does a sad =( Anyway I like your diary too, this is the first time I've read it I think, and I really like your layout! Your diary is way more interesting then my random ranting haha...well take care + hugs, -Laura- =)
from narcissa :
you know.. i completely identify with your entry today. the WHOLE thing (except for the parts about the Sparklie Car, cause i don't have one). I absolutely go back and forth, and i know it must be cause i'm a drama queen in disguise. Oh, and about your friend... don't feel so bad. some relationships are more listening, others more venting. i'm sure she has someone else that she vents to. i'm glad you're better!
from randers :
I found you through diary of a feminist webring. I think your really neato. And the overanalyzation of yourself? It means you're really smart. People that don't think about what's happening, and can stand to go through the mundane without criticizing it are shalloow and lame. Keep on rockin' in 50's magical musical dreamland. . .
from ravieslave :
I value other people's opinions and likings. If you like Nicole Blackman, you should know she was featured on Recoil's 'Liquid'. Her contributions, however, were what made me hesitant to buy the album. She's a nice girl if she weren't such an asshole. Alan Wilder/Recoil, on the other hand, is in_tense. I reccomend it to anyone. Seriously. I am not a feminist.
from sheilasrs :
I really like your layout, and I had a great time reading your entries. Keep up the great work. :)
from kats :
I am positively KELLY GREEN with envy over your new kitty pictures. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I need catnip. Or something.
from prozacaddict :
Sometimes, I get made fun of in school. People go around saying I'm a tree hugger and stuff. I don't know why...but they do. Sorry, I just felt like being random. Tee-hee. After reading your diary, I've discovered that colors are brighter and birds sing happier.
from kats :
spiffy jiffy jar full of mayonnaise. have i ever told you i have a sweet tooth? maybe that doesn't come across all the time. but you are sugar. *twink*
from krslover20 :
when you find it, I want to live there, too. don't know how but you just spelt utopia...
from waterstar003 :
hey davi! I just wanted to let you know that I found riot boy, and his url is!! he doesn't have many entries, but he's adorable! check him out!! ok, i love you, bye bye!
from miracleworkr :
Hey Tenderpoison- what's so degrading about the pic? Its not like she was FORCED to do it, she WANTED TO. She's beautiful and she's proud of it! There's nothing wrong with that! Define feminism for us all, why don't you? You know what it is to me? Not allowing your self to be oppressed and doing your own thing, not what somebody else wants you to do! Davi, you are super rad! I love you! :)
from waterstar003 :
I love you Davi! You always light up my world and make me smile! I was so happy when I saw what you wrote in your entry today that I decided to write! Diaryland should be a safe space! Rock on!! And, yes, I do have a date with a cutie on Friday... I am soo excited! Well, I love you and I will talk to you soon! Keep up the good work!
from tenderpoison :
What's with the degrading picture? Some feminist. Doofus.
from novena :
Wow.. Looking at your profile and diary, I think you're another me that's running around somewhere in this world.. all of our favorite stuff is the same.. But you seem to have the lead in the graphics department. Cute layout!
from kats :
viva la bettie page! quote of the day "i just have a thing against people in sparkly jackets... don't know what it is though..."
from narcissa :
what's your address???? i will send you a valentine!!!1 except... it will be late. but that's okay. maybe i'll just send you a postcard. with a heart on it. and a cat.
from indierawk :
I don't really know if I can say this often enough... I 'heart' you with all my heart. I'm serious! If Arizona wasn't so darn hot and waiting to give me skin cancer, I'd come live with you! ha!
from narcissa :
this is going to be lame so you have to imagine that i'm looking you right in the eyes, and i'm speaking very very sincerely: i really really like your diary. it feels...real - no posturing/drama queeniness (not that that's a bad thing necessarily).. but your writing is so sincere. rock on rockstar! (you can come to canada and visit any time)
from ms65442 :
Hey, enjoy your diary. Just wanted to let you know! I'll be back, so keep writing.
from krslover20 :
This diary belongs to a wonderful person with hidden talents galore. I knew you were gifted but you continue to surprise and impress me. I stumbled onto your diary by accident tonight and realized that we have so much more in common than I ever would have thought before! I think we should hang out at the Grill all the time and make 'zines together and talk about stuff.
from virgincherry :
I love your diary!!
from glitterygirl :
Analyze analyze analyze. I am analyzing Kittyspy. This seems a lot like a guestbook, which I think I have signed many times. But, I analyzed that she should not edit either. Kittyspy has nifty slinkstery entries. We want them all because we are greedy analyzers. . I'm through.
from bitchtrix :
You are so rad! When I grow up, I wanna be just like you! hehehe... Just kidding. Really.... :)
from narcissa :
no! stop it! DON'T EDIT! if you have to, change wordings a bit - but think about why you started this. do you want yet another place where you're afraid to show all of yourself - including the dark/silly parts? and think hard about telling people about your diary. i know that a major part of it is the need for validation, or recognition or something... just make sure that you won't start censoring yourself. and your diary is NOT lame or silly - i think a lot of your genuine personality shines through your writing, and that's why i read it. we all just write the way we are - you can't force it. good luck with your thing tonight!
from indierawk :
You are the cinnamon on my toast. No joke! And that David Bowie pic... pure beauty!
from narcissa :
except they should spell it right.... K-H-R-I-S-N-A
from narcissa :
tis was a good monday morning find... your diary kicks ass... good luck with the vegan thing, i can never make it. it's the hot chocolate, it gets me every time. everyone should have a friend named khrishna.

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