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from failinbeauty :
Love the layout, awesome song!
from le-vampire :
i keep forgetting you're only ten. you amaze me more than i amaze people. haha. hm.
from dead-wings :
woah! could it really be? was that honestly you who signed my guestbook? just wanting to know; i didn't think you were disloyal.
from herinapotter :
your new layout rocks my cow-patterned socks!! I <3 green.
from gotgaz :
oh my god, i love your template. did you make that. its great. the producers was so awsome
from joy-n-sorrow :
hey lili its vicki on another account. is OS layouts dead? get back to me.. [dead as in FINISHED] :) hehe
from amber-darko :
Hi! My name's Amber and I'm 23. I am writing a book about my personal account of self hate and self harm. I'd like to include some personal stories from different stages in healing, different sexes and different ages to show that no one is the same, but we all are hurting in ways that we are unable to convey. I do not intend on printing names, there is no length restriction and I will not censor. I have decided to also include poetry or just general opinions. Please email me if you are interested. [email protected]
from slutreviews : You're damn lucky you got The Surgeon instead of The Nurse
from sunnflower :
Harvey is one of my favorite movies too. Thanks for adding my diary to your faves!
from x-dazy-x :
why are people so nasty to you on your tag board? :(
from commentate :
thanks for contributing to commentate! spread the word, the site's not dead yet!
from x-dazy-x :
wicked! i will add you now!
from x-dazy-x :
hey this is emz-secrets new diary :D mind if i add you to my buddys list
from voodoo-aria :
Hey, thanks for the note. I did put the ring up on my diary, although the format is not the given one. Bye!!
from sweet-malice :
I got listed on there cus of stupid so called "reviewer" that tought I had given her attitude and that wasn't even the case.. so the people from that stupid page "blacklist" decided to add me without even knowing if what the retard reviewer said was true or not lol.. its ok though.. more hits to my site for me ;) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message! :) -Blanca
from vickiediablo :
Don't worry about linking me. I'm glad that you told me about it though. =)
from spunkypunk01 :
Im not done it yet.
from k813 :
I love Jimmy Stewart too...haha you rock! Have a good day!~kate
from stickyvicki :
LILI! :P First, what's your secrets password? Am I aloud to have it? Secondly, what the HELL IS THE PAWS!?!?! I'm SOO confused lol, get back to me - [email protected], thanks :)
from emeraldblaze :
I love Amanda Marshall. She is my idol.
from a-little-off :
Thanks for listing me as a favorite.
from sbspsd :
Your review is up at Sepia Reviews!
from heyjude85 :
Hey! Thanks for stopping by my diary :-D and thanks for the tag!
from idiotreviews :
Hi. This is Danielle from Idiotreviews. Your review is done. Thanks for waiting so patiently. <3's Danielle
from pokytemps :
thanks for the joke! it made me smile :D really big. y'all make me feel so loved!
from cdghost :
some interesting content..thanks for letting me read it
from kittytarot7 :

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