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from rotten-flesh :
I didn't know which one you'd be using to see this first so I sent one to all of your "alts" as us computer geeks say. Grow UP! And by the way...I am going to get married to Tiffany, I am going to continue to allow HER to feast on MY blood. To allow her to cut me as deep as she wants. She doesn't need a bitch like you to put her down because you have nothing better to say except, "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!? ARE YOU STUPID?!" You fucking Jehovah's Witnesses...I know what they are about. All they do is think their religion is right, they rule, and there's is a paradise. Well guess what. Your expectations of your daughter learning from you and realizing you were right when she gets older are dead.. She loves me; I love her. PERIOD! I'm glad Hitler killed all thos Jehovah's Witnesses. You should die to you lesbian. Yes. Even you daughter knows of your foursome and other lesbionic experiences..Haha. I laugh at you stupidity. Soon enough your blood will be splattered all over your own face. Looking up at me crying begging me to let you go. I'll smile at you and say, "Fuck you. Vampir rules." BY THE WAY! DON'T EVER SAY BOMBINESS AGAIN! YOU FUCKER!
from banefulvenus :
Holy Cow. Amazing layout you have there! I really like the quote on the sand sculpture! Wow! Amazing! keep writing! :)
from duke61 :
Interesting new design. Maybe one of these days I'll finally redesign my boring ole site.
from widescreen :
This is Nicola from RPDesigns, sure you can keep the image. Thanks for letting me know. :-)
from good-evil :
Your review is up! You can view it here : Thanks and have a good day!
from good-evil :
Hi there! We're a new review site and we're currently looking for diaries to review. If you'd like to submit your diary in for a review, pls feel free to visit us and request! Thanks and have a great day! - Good vs Evil Reviews (
from duke61 :
KM, Email me, I havent seen you online lately. Have you moved to KY?
from duke61 :

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