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from krinks :
Haha that was funny. I can always tell the people who have only come across one Asian in their entire life 'cause they look at me kinda puzzled and go, "uhhh... I'm guessing you're Japanese... or Polynesian" It's kind of like, "uh huh... No". And then there's the Asian fetish people who, yes, unfortunately, think you will willingly bend over on all fours and your belt doubles as a whip. Mmm, yeah.
from thedrink :
You. Are. Freaking. HILARIOUS. That is all, thank you.
from explodingboy :
Yes, that always seems to work for me. I am always getting attacked by enormous Nuns nursing screaming babies. These attack Nuns chase me around airports and poke me with thier walking sticks, no. really.
from thedrink :
don't worry, the sadness wasn't about me. And yay for random drunken makeouts!
from krinks :
go you ! congrats on the scoring... :)
from thedrink :
thanks sweety! ;)
from krinks :
dude I so feel what you are saying...
from ifyougo :
Truely honest writings; the world needs some more truth. Powerful.
from krinks :
I suffer from the two-hour-perfect-smart-ass-response-delay too. And on top of that, everyone is under the impression that I'm crazy. We should start a club.
from krinks :
Yes drunken rambles are certainly the best! I've read some of your first entries and then some of your not-so-old entries but your brazilian wax entry has somewhat stuck in my head(tweezers?!?! a magnifying glass?!?!? ayo!!!).
from opiates :
you, dear, are fabulous. very, very amusing entries.
from explodingboy :
nice to see you returned - : -) eb*
from laukat :
*poke* Hi
from explodingboy :
I like this site, nice style of phrase and content. eb*

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