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from letsfaceit :
hey, thanks for the head-up. that's exactly what i'm doing. keep your fingers crossed.
from animejournal :
Do some spring cleaning among your friends! lol But hey, it was just a party, but if they didn't have the decency to tell you why they couldn't make it...that's a bit low. I would see one more time if they keep skipping your parties, and then let them go entirely.
from rigbyeleanor :
ah, yes. as someone who works in customer service i often catch myself asking customers "how are you today?" and even worse, "have a great day." it's all so shallow and superficial. but forced pleasantries like this is kind of second nature in a society where people don't seem to know how to speak to one another. i've been reading you, and very much enjoying.
from trapeze-act :
Hey, I saw your name in the public entries and took a look. I love your diary style and you are completely right about people needing to mind their own business. That whole footnote deal? Poppycock! I looked at your profile and saw you're a fan of Ryan Adams! I am, too! I take it you like his Whiskeytown stuff as well? It's beautiful music. He's a talented man for sure. It's great to find another person who likes him, I haven't met anyone, he's not really a common name in today's music. Well, you take care and have a good day. :) Remember, "I don't want to go on forever, I just want to burn up hard and bright!"
from moonlitehope :
ok, yeah, sorry...the picture didn't come up the first time i went there...just thought i'd elaborate it was just a black screen, and i couldn't see the words (cuz they're black too), so i had to highlite the words that you wrote, in order to see them...just thought id explain, cuz i looked like an idiot..."what? can't read black writing on a purple background?"...ok...i really am going now...buh bye...
from moonlitehope :
hi, it took me awhile to figure out your diary...its pretty unique...but once i did, i found out that you are a pretty cool kid...ok, so yeah...buh bye...

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