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from sunstargirl :
I clicked on you because one of my best friends is named Lexi. You are not her, but you are so similar that you might as well be her online twin! I hope you don't mind if I continue to read your posts.
from drewa :
That is such a great picture of the two of you. I hope all is well with you- maybe some day (year) we can get together again.
from buffylass :
Heh I'm glad you like the word "trawl".
from starwhore :
thank you x
from chubbylola :
Ok, you win. But I never said you had to have a wedding. I guess I sorta consider you "married" anyway. As for the virginity thing, you know what I always say. I just put it somewhere for safe keeping and when I went back to get it it was GONE!
from cubiclegirl :
quite a coincidence indeed! little weinie men. those guys need a support group.
from lexikahn :
Hmm...did he also assume you were his property and assume that his happiness was yours? Quite a coincidence, if so... : )
from cubiclegirl :
oh my dear god. my exhusband was Iranian. er. persian. and. had a very tiny weiner. in case anyone's tracking these things.
from lexikahn :
Lola, you're putting the underlying problem right out there, and making my point for me. I don't know who is telling you your "marriage" is a "bad thing." That's insane. A marriage is a great thing, and whoever is telling you that is misguided and probably very unhappy. But Lola, a "marriage" has nothing to do with a "wedding." That's the same thing you said to me at your wedding: "do you still think marriages are stupid?" If I looked puzzled, it's because I was, and if you recall, I said: "I never said marriages are stupid." WEDDING CEREMONIES ARE OUTDATED AND MISOGYNISTIC. I don't know how much plainer I can say it.
from chubbylola :
Actually, I came back here to answer your other question. You are NOT the only one who finds weddings puzzling. In fact, I find that I'm the only one who WANTS to be married. I think I feel like you, just on the other side of the scale. If for nothing else I HAD to get married in order to be with my husband because he lives in another country where I would not be allowed to live if I was just his girlfriend or life partner or whatever. As for the weddings being anti-women, I guess it's just in what it all means to you! My bridesmaids were chosen because they were people that meant very very much to me and it was my way of honoring them - the only reason I WOULD have asked you except that I know you hate weddings, but I know you know I love you as much as my bridesmaids....right?! My husband's ring is not gold, it's platinum. Why? Because the whole damn wedding was done for MEEEEEE and I thought he deserved the best. But did you note that I didn't play "Here Come's the Bride"? It's a funeral march or something. Now that's scary! Apologies for any offense! Not the intention. Just hard to have everyone around me telling me my marriage is basically a bad thing. Lola (friends?)
from lexikahn :
Lola, when are you going to let me hate weddings in peace? Yes dear, yours was misogynistic. They all are. The western wedding ceremony is INHERENTLY misogynistic. You'd have to completely unmake it and start over to satisfy me and my ilk. People do this thing and don't even realize what they're doing. Look: the wedding band is gold because it originally symbolized the man sacrificing his finanical freedom everafter. The "best man" originated with the Germanic goths in 200 AD, and he was originally the groom's "second," as in, they've usually had to capture the bride from a neighboring village ("take a wife," if you will) and this best man helped with the hunt and pillage. The "bridesknights" or "bridesmen," are today's bridesmaids, and they had the job of making sure the poor girl is delivered first to the church and then to the groom's home after. The bride stands on the groom's left because the groom needs his sword hand free to fight off her family and friends who might come to save her. She's wearing a veil to hide her identity. After the ceremony the groom would take his new piece of property and go into hiding. That's today's honeymoon. By the time the poor woman was seen again, she'd usually be pregnant. The groom was sure of it, because cake was thrown at the girl during the ceremony as one of the numerous fertility rituals. And that's just one scenario. There's the arranged marriages and the "trades" that the bride herself took part in willingly. Those come with their own whole set of backwards idealogy. In the long run, I say chuck the whole damn institution.
from chubbylola :
Hmmm...I get that feeling from security guards. As for wedding, well, we've gone over this. I always tell people if you don't know why you should be married then you shouldn't be. Was my wedding that mysogynistic? Did I completely spell that wrong? You know, I tried very hard to keep my ceremony, you know, progressive. AT least as much as anything catholic could be. You should SEE some of the readings they suggst though! You'd think we were in Nigeria or something! Hmmm...maybe you're right.
from calilulu :
HEY! Saw you on RB today, though I didn't get to post cuz I was acting all stealthy-like, watching at work and all. Huzzah! Fun Noisy roundtable. Or something like that. Now you can say you've been on national TV. Ish. Happy weekend, Lulu
from bedhoppngoth :
I hope to see all you folks at the amber spyglass show tommorrow. Or is it Friday? It's at TT the ebars. check and hit "calender" hope to see you all there! Basim Possum
from eriken :
Hey Lexi, Hope ya feel better. Try to get some rest. Must be the cold weather. I have back pains, too. I feel like an invalid. Lost my keys. Last week I lost my wallet. (Got pickpocketed). What next? It's can only get better!? Well, I did meet YOU this weekend and some interesting new people. :) "Always look on the bright side of life". Yeah, yeah. Gotta go to work now. BLAH.
from bedhoppngoth :
Hey, It's Basim. I'm really vain and my email addy is [email protected]
from chubbylola :
My back's done that too. Sucks. At least you don't have Billerica hair though.
from elposeur :
Funny, I said the same exact thing at the end of the game. Great minds think alike, even when their heads are in the gutter
from elposeur :
You know! The Piggly Wiggly has a GREAT sale on Halter Tops right now. Even ones with the Confederate Flag!
from lexikahn :
Well, I've been thinking of putting it up on ebay. "Slightlly ass only..."
from clump :
Oh my Gentle Jesus you are cracking me up today. That's something dumb I would do. Can you return it after you've sat your bare wet ass on it?
from lexikahn :
From Everett...hmmm, well, it's, how come?
from andross :
Please know someone from Everett. Please?
from lexikahn :
Really? Where, do tell! Oooo, maybe we should've save the ghost stories for Halloween...
from jwalker :
Rick grew up in a haunted house, too!
from lexikahn :
Lexi is a dumb poopy head.

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