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from onlyemma :
How on EARTH did you log in as me?? (thanks, by the way). Update! I miss you.
from boo40 :
yeah, like your sister said, "update you boob!", love you loads, miss you more. mumbly jane xXx
from onlyemma :
UPDATE YOU BOOB. I miss your updates, even though we live in the same house.
from boo40 :
congratulations on the 2:1 sweetie, (tell yemmy congratulations too) Hope Joe behaved himself. See you and fambily soon? love Mumbly Jane and fambily xxxx
from blujeans-uk :
Hello lovely. I'm sure you don't look chavvy. I'm going to try and come home for a bit before I go to Panama - will you be in Notts sometime around the 12th June? Love you lots xxx
from boo40 :
hi katie just wanted to say hello,(not seen you in ages) stay luffely mumblyjane x
from zanks :
Dear Katie, I'm sorry about your Nana, but don't feel guilty that you didn't say goodbye, because she still watches over you. Never have regrets about it and you were not selfish, and no-one can think that of you. Dealing with death is a personal thing, but if you ever need me I'm here...Meg XXXX
from btvs35 :
thanks for the message kate, can't wait to see ya, love emma xxx
from psycho-k8tee :
i appreciate the was funny as always. should update more often, i could do with laffin more. Katy x
from ubermeister :
'Smooth' as an althernative to cool. Sorry, was reading entries from three years ago.
from blujeans-uk :
71 days kate! c'mon man!
from buffylass :
we definately will have to yeah, poark scratchings are food from heaven. love hol x
from onesweetyear :
Hi Kate I have a new diary hope you like it : )
from liebling :
please get the the calling diaryring code up or the rings url working within 3 days. thanks.
from hol :
hey kate, tis holly. just wanted to say that i hope your grandad gets better... when shit stuff happens i find it's better keeping yourself busy. thinking of you hol x
from onlyinpink :
I am so sorry about your grandad, yeah he will be in my prayers love Jodie
from carsie :
Hey babes, thanx 4 the e-mail, haven't had a chance to reply, got exams on at the mo, POO! Will do tho once i get em outa the way. Good luck with Anton, dont be scared, boyz are just stoopid girls really! Caroline.
from onlyinpink :
About James Mills if it really gets u down just remember "Never stop smiling u don't who's falling in love with your smile" Thats is what holds my smile together hahahahaha
from t0m2002 :
Hey Kate i can sort those links that arnt working on ur diary if u like sum time Rock On! Tom xx
from onlyinpink :
hahahahaha I just wrote to your sister telling her we are like twins then realised she already is a twin I'm sorry!!!!!! this made me laugh. well your diary is cool bye
from bluekittycat :
Hi Kate! Ur Diary is so cool:P Keep Updatin' and I'll be readin' LOL. well talk to you l8erz buh-bye!
from lilkate :
look jonathan this is what a note looks like!

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