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from clearastoast :
fabrizio filippo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hates you*
from mrsjamesdean :
*does the happy dance* huuurrraaaayyyyyy! i am so excited for american dreams to come back to me! woohoooo! hehehe i know the hedwig layout hated me, so thus i got this new one which i adore like there is no tomorrow. mwahaha i am a hopeless romantic though which is the sad part. ~Angela
from mrsjamesdean :
agreed. it shall be done at the UN with the headsets and we will have multilingual callbacks. hurrah! :)
from mrsjamesdean :
ahhh an international showing to the world leaders of our beloved rocky horror. perhaps we should also show them a stage preformance as well fully equipped with call backs? mwahaha.. the world would be looking at a new peace. hehe. mm and perhaps we shall serve chai as well :)
from mrsjamesdean :
well then if you already live and breathe rocky it will be okay hehe. mmm eddie. hehe. the world would be a better place if there was more rocky in it.
from mrsjamesdean :
i warn you if you start anything with rocky you begin to live and breathe rocky. haha. i got most of my costume today so i am a happy camper hehe.
from mrsjamesdean :
oh god the rocky cast is major major work.. sheesh i have barely had a free moment. value village is my love (i have to go costume shopping there tomorrow) and i also love vinyls. ~oregon location
from mrsjamesdean :
oh dear we are the same person and these notes just verify that fact. value village is in canada too? woohooo! thats my store haha. henna tattoos are lovely! ~oregon location
from mrsjamesdean :
oh god this is getting rather scary... we seriously must have been split apart at birth or something. Angelinda, i like it! haha it will be the best store and all the hottest celebrities will shop there and enjoy our amazing line of clothing. pink is a very good hair color. i used to use this henna dye stuff that was red and it turned my hair a shade of reddish pink... it was quite fun actually. i wish i had dark hair and fair skin, but alas i have fair skin and medium brown hair that doesnt do anything. sheesh. ~the oregon location
from mrsjamesdean :
I DIDNT KNOW YOU WERE A VEG!?! this is amazing, a whole new level of same-personness. sheesh. and our clothing line would be for drag queens and the women that love them. fishnets, garters, james dean tshirts, and rocky merchandise galore!! hehe the purple hair would be fun. i would love to dye mine but i am so liking my natural haircolor right now. i am so confused sometimes hehe. dancing in underwear rules. :)
from mrsjamesdean :
i think you should dye your hair dark dark purple and pink. and there is nothing wrong with dancing in your underwear in the dark in your room to good music hehe. i do a lot of dancing in my room in practically my underwear. it is a good pass time. ps thanks for all the notes on my blurty :) they make me smile and all happy like. your shirt that you made sounds very cool as well. one day we should start a clothing line, i think it would rule and thus we could have a chain store to add to our list of other chain things hehe. ~Angela
from mrsjamesdean :
chain person...chain boys.. what next? hehehe. oh dont worry about wasting my message space, i like getting your notes :) waste as much as you please. i however will watse yours back hehe. yes mental telepathy! woohoo... i'll concentrate, you concentrate and maybe something will happen... (think james dean haha) ~Angela
from mrsjamesdean :
oh if we had chain boys that would be just splendid and amazing. haha a double wedding, how hot is that! we should take our honey moon in europe, that would be grand! hehe i love the notes we keep posting that no one else understands... it's all apart of this chain person thing hehe
from mrsjamesdean :
well if you find the guy i described on my list first let me know, i have no problem sharing him with you hehe :) i can deliver him when we have our rocky cast thing haha :)
from nimrod86 :
oh my goodness, you're so cool. we have lots in common. i added you to my buddie list... *swish* haha random sound effect. ok... that's it... ok. bye!
from mrsjamesdean :
i hope you enjoyed those quizzes as much as i did... haha i have to admit i cheated on some of them as well... haha. :)
from kitkat-0114 :
Rocky Horror and Hair rock... SO do the 70's and esp the 60's (I'm a hippie and make my own clothing based off of the movie hair...) I memorized all of hair and almost all of Rocky Horror (and plan to go to see it in the movie theaters where ppl dress up :P) Hair rox!
from mrsjamesdean :
hello! thanks for the note, as i do agree that boys in drag are quite the greatest. especially tim curry (and only in drag i must agree) and hedwig :) James Dean and i are having a love affair, sorry to disappoint you :) you seem really cool, feel free to email me sometime. my email is
from lindiglo :
I am me
from bexx :
Hey go and read Bust magazine!
from neko-carre :
Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a knock-down, drag-out bliznast! Heh.
from bexx :
Happy B-day!
from bexx :
L- Hey, I mostly like indie movies. I just saw this wacked out film, called Chelsea House. Its about a NY hotel. -Bexx
from bexx :
lind- Can you recommend any other good movies? -Bexx
from bexx :
Found you at random through the indierock ring. Listen to Modest Mouse!!!!! Anyways, Abbey Hoffman is great! Did you see "Steal this Movie?" It was cool! -Bexx
from blubirdy :
hey linda! :) its nadia :) wanna do sumfink? ima bord:P ttul8tr
from chesneyfan :
Thanks for joining the American Idol diaryring! (Great name you have, too!) :) Linda
from march-hare :
welcome to the original breakfast club diaryring and thanks so much for joining!
from kal-uwsp-81 :
Thanks for checking out lucky designs
from darcyargue :
thanks fer joining the stop the war ring.
from darcyargue :
thanks fer joining the bukowski ring.
from gbg :
Welcome to the Emporer's New Groove diaryring!
from neko-carre :
Welcome to the Eyebrows diaryring. I love your disclaimer! Well said!
from forleafclovr :
Welcome to the Hey Arnold diaryring and thanks for joining!
from danaduck :
hey! i love ur diary. would u lik eto l/e? sign my book or leave me a nite ;)
from lacorneille :
Welcome to the Alan Rickman diaryring!
from diaryreviews :
your review has been posted at we invite you to join the 80+ review ring!
from rockkid :
email me and i will email it to you since it isnt showing up ;DD loll sorrry!
from rockkid :
hi! i like yur diary thanx for leavin me a note! heres the form
leave a note!
place it wherever you're little heart desires! night! patrick

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