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from girlreview :
Hey, it's Dani. I've got bored again and decided to reopen girlreview. (my kid goes to bed early and I don't, lol) Would you like to review again? No worries if you don't. I'm not even sure if people request reviews anymore. Let me know! Thanks!
from absinthesigh :
Sheh-sheh for joining the Serenity Diaryring! I look forward to reading your diary as well... jun duh shr tyen-tsai. 8-). with love, ophelia
from ghostiness :
.... I like Dave Matthews. *cheese*
from my-solitaire :
i wanted to say good job on your layout!
from augustdreams :
Thank you for the sweet comment. :) Also, the fuzzies wanted to thank you for rescuing Thelma and Louise. They send you purrs, feather-flaps and tail-wags a'plenty for having such a good, kind heart.
from girlreview :
Hey. I'm opening Girl Review back up and I was wondering if you're still on board as a reviewer. If so let me know, if not...let me know too. lol. It's not a problem if you dont have time to review, I just need to know who is still on board to review, so that I can find some new reviewers if I need to. If you just need a short break(finishing school, getting married, etc..) I can leave you on, as on hiatus. Thanks! Dani
from girlreview :
Hey hon. I've added another update entry to Girl Review, please read it then look at the pending page to see what I meant :) ~*Dani
from blueavenue :
i like sister hazel's early stuff, too. AND i'm originally from Dallas. what are the ODDS?! ok anyway, i be checkin outyo diary now.
from plopphizz :
Hey, haven't heard from you in a while. Thanks for the note. If you are referring to the picture of the new Giligan's island cast, I think you are describing the Ginger. At least she looks very manly in that shot. But you are also correct that the other millionaire's wife looked a bit mannish too. What does linzmat refer to anyway? Is it linz-mat or lines-mat or lindsey-mat? I never know how to pronounce it. -- P.P.
from plopphizz :
Hey there. So first off, thanks so much for adding me to your favorites. Your graphics and layout rock! And I really, *really* like your bio section. I think should do something like that for my blog, too. What instrument(s) do you play? You mentioned that you are a musician in your profile. I'm a musician, too :).
from letomoon :
Hey Linz!!! Why do we always like the same things at the same time?? I'm on an Alias kick myself. *hug* toodles!
from edrodonwaldo :
wow!...who's this mysterious date boy?...girl?...person. I want details!
from gumphood :
You cought my much that I lost my speeling. It's a tramgity.
from leely :
your banner just caught my attention. those eyes are beautiful. <3
from heidiann :
Hi there! Welcome to the Bibliomaniac diaryring. Thanks so much for joining!
from karika :
hey u dont no me but i just found ur diary and i thought id leave u a note saying hi....feel free to look at my diary since i looked at urs, hope u wirte back...peace
from b0b0 :
Thank you for takeing several of my surveys! Happy Valentines day1
from girlreview :
Girl review is officially closed for an indefinate amount of time. Thanks for all your help. I hope that you'll still want to review when we reopen.
from edrodonwaldo :
I love you!!! :D - Eric
from musicman6724 :
Merry Christmas, linz!
from girlreview : here's a new slightly shorter scoring sheet.
from ktdream :
Shoot, I left 2 messages. I'm really sorry about that and I meant when I have time of course. Okay I'm going now before you get mad at me.
from ktdream :
You know, even though I can't review you [at Rouge Reviews since you unrequested] I think I'll still read a bunch of your entries when you have time because you have a great writing style and there's lots of introspection. I think there's a lot of what I don't have in my journal writing and you seem like a nice person so I'll do that later. It'd be easier if I could review your diary then I would read many of the entries but oh well.
from ktdream :
You know, even though I can't review you [at Rouge Reviews since you unrequested] I think I'll still read a bunch of your entries when you have time because you have a great writing style and there's lots of introspection. I think there's a lot of what I don't have in my journal writing and you seem like a nice person so I'll do that later. It'd be easier if I could review your diary then I would read many of the entries but oh well.
from melomane :
Thank you so much for your comment in my guestbook. That was really nice of you to say.
from taydo :
Do I have a shopping problem?
from miss-edith :
I think the Spuffy thing had a lot of potential, but I am SO over it now. It could be good, but only if the writing were to suddenly improve to season 2 quality, which I don't see happening. I'm glad you like my diary! Much Love, Miss-Edith
from letomoon :
Thank you so much Lindsey!!! I really miss you too, and I think that's awesome that you'll be in Dallas, because that means I could actually visit you sometimes. Of course, I've decided I'm not moving until I graduate, but... hey!! I can visit you on the way, my car ride down there!! Maybe even stay a night and you can show me Dallas. :) Are you going to be there during the summers? Yes, must get together before you leave. That sucked about Debbie getting sick. Poor Debbie. Talk to you later!! I love moo!!
from nikilynn84 :
Linz, I hadn't talked to you in a while, but I have been thinking about you and wondering what you've been up to so far this summer. I hope that you had a great birthday....Jennifer T. brought a cake and a present to Character Camp for you, but of course you were "flooded in". :) That's alright: I wasn't in the mood for it either. At any rate, I hope that things are going great for you. I just started my cushy "yelling at 7th graders from a lawn chair" job, but I am off on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays so perhaps we could get together soon. Besides, I have got to make you some of those AWESOME (notice the correct number of "E's") no bake cookies! :) I'll talk to you soon! I miss you! Love ya! Nikki P.S.--And when I say "Love ya", I really do mean it. The whole "journal incident" is a thing of the past: you can say/think whatever the hell you want. :) Friends are the people who still care for you no matter what, so that's what I intend to do. I know high school is over, and we'll both be leaving soon, and I'm REALLY irritating, but I do think you a great person and I want to try to keep in touch. Anyways, I hope to hear from you soon! P.S.S.--I tried to send this to you via e-mail, but I got a message saying that you didn't have an account anymore. I figured that the next place to try would be your journal.
from dietcokegirl :
you mean to tell me people don't actually burst into song, and perfectly timed dance numbers? what? I want my money back!!! :) Just kidding. However, I both dance and sing to myself when i am walking home, and i don't care if the whole world thinks I'm nuts. I hope you get the chance to do that sometime..
from nikilynn84 :
Linz, I don't know if you've checked your e-mail yet. I'm too scared to call....but I wanted to tell you to do so. If you have, then great, I hope we're cool again. If not, you should consider checking it right away. Talk to you soon...Nikki
from nikilynn84 :
Ok, so I'm sorry for leaving a really uncalled for message. I've cooled-off and I've had a good cry and some time to think. So I'm gonna try to tell you how I feel without ranting: Linz, Look, I got into calculus and physics for my own benefit, not because I long to be your groupie. I know that "diary's are full of crap", but that doesn't mean that my feelings still aren't hurt. If you hate me so much, you could have at least told me in person. But it's ok, I've just been added to a long list of people that have been hurt by your cruel words, including Cole and Cara. The funny thing is, I still like you anyway. I know it's crazy, but I made a pact with myself to be more understanding toward people and not to judge so much. I just wish that you may adopt the same philosophy. People are annoying at times (although I obviously am more than others at the moment), even you are Linz. But the thing is....I like you "just as you are". Even if you hate me. And I even respect your opinion. I think you are a wonderful person, I just wish that you weren't so mean sometimes. I assume that now I will be added to the list of your unwanted friends, but I just wanted to let you know that I still care. And now I understand what you mean about friendships being one-sided. Oh well. Nikki
from nikilynn84 :
Linz, For your information I didn't get into Calculus 2 and Physics in order to have the same schedule as you and Cole. In fact, I could care less. You know, you are one of the harshest and most judgemental people I know. You seem to forget that you yourself are as annoying and bitchy as everyone else. But yes, I suppose I will transfer out of your 2nd and 4th hour now just to appease you. Oh, and maybe I'll just try to stop being friends with you all together, in that I have noticed that the relationship is pretty one-sided anyway. So thanks for giving me insite into what you really are: A COMPLETE JERK! with the upmost sincerity, Nicole Ebert

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