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from nico-nico :
you know michelle tea? ooooh, intrigue...
from delighted :
I'm going to keep waiting
from secondborne :
where did you go? you suck.
from yellow-hair :
74 days!!! That is too long to be deprived of yr verses. Come back to me. xoxo-Chase(r)
from peteypuke :
thanks for the tips on S.F. - I can hardly wait to explore the city. i hope it's as beautiful as the way you write about it ...
from peteypuke :
i'll be in san fran over labor day weekend - any suggestions on tasty eateries or non-annoying fag bars?
from devilbaby65 :
hey i know you dont know me but oh well
from kincon99 :
hi mate me again i would like to get to know you if possible
from yellow-hair :
Yea! Yr still alive! My heart has started beating again. xoxo-Chase(r)
from kincon99 :
hi my names conrad and im 15 im just like all you guys i think i have made a friend with yellow hair (chaser)and i was wondering if you wanted to be my budy with your boyfriend of course luv conrad XxX
from yellow-hair :
Where hast thou wandered off too??? Daily, I find myself awaiting your return to this land of diary. Godspeed, you majestical wordsmith, you! xoxo-Chase(r)
from dsdiary :
so how are you lately?
from peteypuke :
littlecough - where are you? you ok?
from maryeliz :
from yellow-hair :
straight guys are evil! steer clear. they will ruin you. But it is fun to get them drunk and see how curious they are. Not that I've ever done that or anything. xoxo-Chase(r)
from thepeachtree :
No no no, you have it all wrong. The best looking guys are all gay. Trust me.
from disolvedgirl :
I think it's sweet that you think all the cute guys are straight. Straight girls think all the cute guys are gay.
from yellow-hair :
Pixies and the smell of boys. That's why I keep reading. yr so kool. keep it up.xoxo-Chase(r)
from nosferatu-tu :
from greatgadfly :
Fun diary - I'll be back.
from myhorizons :
from dj-eurotrash :
So, cute dead guys. Totally great idea, right? I hung out at the house of the dude whose blog that is (Jonno). That was where I truly discovered the standard I know judge my potential suitors by: does he look like he used to be a sailor? And he DEFINITELY does. Tattoo, broken-looking nose, thick, seafaring build. Yum.
from no-yes-maybe :
I love the eiffel tower! Awesome diary
from frances1972 :
Mostly I scroll down so I don't have to see the banners, but I followed yours, so happy I did. You the good stuff, littlecough. This is from Frances.
from dj-eurotrash :
que vous etes dreamy! your site continues to entrance me. i dream of a day when i can lure you to the smoking side. i would love to get some of your zines, where should i go about procuring them?
from fulminous :
Monday night I meet my boy's mother for the very first time -- I will hold on to the thought of you, and the knowledge that there is life after introduction to the parents...
from dsdiary :
that entry would have made me cried, if i had feelings.
from thepeachtree :
Happy 7th annaversary! I hope you feel better.
from starry79 :
Happy 7th, I think that's awesome. I've been reading your diary alot and it is quite the extraordinary little cough. Keep it up!
from thepeachtree :
Haha, your so cute. Your on my favs now chico, i'll be back.
from adroite :
happy 7th anniversary!
from fulminous :
I feel terribly naughty, reading your delightful (and dirty!) prose at work -- but at the same time I can't stop thinking that you would be the perfect drinking friend. We could wear matching mohawks.
from dj-eurotrash :
heyzeus christo. you not only have a magnificent ass, but you are a freaking genius. i'm too fucked up to be at work, but here anyway, poring over your diary like mad. j-p belmondo is fucking gorgeous, breathlessly so. I was always confused by that title, because it should translate as 'a breath of air' but that doesn't really make sense either.
from amberfalls :
I clicked on your banner and did a little reading so I thought I would leave a note and say hello.
from yellow-hair :
Wow! I've been an admirer of yr diary for quite sometime now. I've been wanting to put it as one of my favorites for a while, but I've been lethargic and neglectful in terms of my profile. I love the way you write. Thanx for putting me as a favorite. I will (finally) do the same for you.xoxo-Chase(r)-
from heartshaped :
yr a doll. i'll be back.
from strummer- :
I love your diary! You are delightful!
from dsdiary :
neat is a great word, and neglected as of late. you have a cute butt. and i like your diary too. i was just thinking of taking up skateboarding (just cause i'm lazy and it beats walking), but i don't think it would go over very well.
from dsdiary :
why, nice to meet you too. spks versus chocolate? they're in two different leagues. it bothers me so much when people call chocolate bars "candy bars". that may just be an american thing. oh - and likening spks to sex? good stuff.
from dsdiary :
ooh, a diary by a little gay boy with references to a bout de souffle and candy and dreams of living in paris. hello, person who is exactly like me except less vapid! tell me, what is your opinion on sour patch kids? ps - if it seems like i put effort into this, that's because i did.
from duckykong :
Hello, I just came across your diary and I really like it. :)
from purfiedwater :
you are awsome! thank you so much for writting me back. and a lot at that! mmmm..incense city, i like it already. i'm actaully looking at schools there so we'll see if i am even eligible to apply! you are to kind. thank you. and hey if i do end up moving there maybe i'll see you on a bike, red no less, and say hi, and you'll be on a bike and say hi back.
from purfiedwater :
what is san fransico like? do tell. please? that would be very much appreciated. i live in so. cal right now. a big move may be planned in the future
from adumb :
little c, you really are a great writer. patrik emailed me the link to your diary and said: "you especially need to read the entry where he eats out jamie's butthole." i read it. i've been wondering what you've been up to, i saw your name in a magazine a little while ago; you wrote about how nice it was to walk through a bombed-out-post-bubble sf. at least thats what i remember it being about. i'm living in new york, at my friend's mom's apartment on 92 and park at the moment. i've been here in new york for months; moving from one place to another to avoid having to lock down and get an apartment. i've been trying to leave new york for months. every week is my last week here... i keep saying, when i have enough $ saved, i'll leave. but on the other hand, i'm having fun. my whole pre-college/pre-california life is here. old friends from everywhere and everything, and it really is wonderful. j, my plans are so different than anywhere i would have expected myself that summer when we were friends. "Naked and doomed in solitary confinement," that's basically what i did with myself after i graduated: i stuck myself in solitary for a year and a half with a pair of sweatpants and a toothbrush and waxed dental-tape. any its funny how things that were so important to me once stopped being important...and i became so much happier! so anyways, that leads me to tell you that i decided to become a doctor! i'm starting this "post-bac premed" thing at harvard extension in the fall so i can get my shit in order for med-school applications. remember my yummy dill potato salad? how are your sister. maybe she has graduated already? and your mom and your dad? i'll keep up with your diary, it is a nice thing to lay yourself out like that. but do you censor? or is it all there? when i come to cali (sometime soonish/aka by june) i'd love to see you. email me your phone#. please reply to my email "[email protected]" and not my diaryland members thing. xoxoxo, adam rees [email protected]
from delighted :
I read about rachel corrie too. I just wanted to say so.
from ouijaboard :
long live THE LASHES
from peteypuke :
hey thanks for the tips on those two authors ... wanna recommend a good title from each? would love to check 'em out.
from moony68 :
thanks. :) and your response makes excellent sense. i now have a new outlook on sex. :) may you both be happy in whatever you do!
from moony68 :
i'd like it if you replied in my notes section, please. :) i love the way you write, but this perplexes me, and don't get me wrong - my friends faZe and alicia do it too - but how is it possible to maintain such a fantastic relationship with your boyfriend and still fuck other people? i like that. that's faith.
from littlecough :
i couldn't part with the shirt cause it's actually my boyfriend's, not mine, and it is so perfectly worn thin. i am trying to get in touch with marc who makes them, but he's hard to get. i think they sell his t-shirts at Alife in NYC, one of those stores like that.
from vivakate :
can i have that t-shirt? not the jerk one, the hand in glove one...loved your entry.
from redivivus :
what a pretty entry
from starry79 :
You know someone named Donal? I thought I knew the only one...
from starry79 :
Tyler....sounds like such the catch. Rock hard and amazing. Lucky...
from shamsi9 :
famous blue raincoat. i thought it was perfect. am i part stupid.
from shamsi9 :
well. here's to trying.
from delighted :
I think you are like winter mornings and summer afternoons and a little bit like raspberry flavoured sore throat soothers.
from shamsi9 :
can't tell if that was intentionally tongue in cheek, but i found it very funny.
from shamsi9 :
i'm glad you shared it with me.
from shamsi9 :
incredible entry. reminds me of the many times random people have made me cry. i don't think they were geniuses either-meh.
from checkrdmotor :
brilliantly simple
from shamsi9 :
feel better, little cough
from shamsi9 :
merry merry whatever. your mom sounds neat.
from hermitage :
double hurray for the pastels

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