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from twisted-mind :
Ryon looks so adorable. Glad you guys had fun.
from manda-d :
Oh, I am so sorry hon...
from cleanstart :
Woman...I'm now exhausted after reading that entry. LOL... Take a minute for YOU, ok?
from starlight42 :
hey- I hope I didn't offend you too with my football entry! I was just being silly, I was bored stiff at the game and I started people watching...anyway, I hope you don't really think I am trying to put down nerds or anything like that. But that's cool you like football, I wish I could get into it. I know it must be a major turn on for men. :)
from klcranford17 :
E-Mail me at: [email protected] or [email protected]
from twisted-mind :
Don't give up your fight with them. You keep calling back until you can speak with someone higher up. If that doesn't work email them a complaint and continue to do so until you get a response. Tell them how you were treated by the second lady and that she hung up on you. Just keep fighting you have more than enough rights and I know you've got the courage so go for it! Good luck.
from jane-does :
Oh, don't worry about it at all! :) Lol... my brother did the same thing. I doubt it will cause a google hit. :) No reall,y thanks and don't worry about it.
from lerin :
Liza- Because of the things happening in my life, I have to lock my diary. I can't have people knowing so much about my marriage... that is, people I know. Anyway, the username is "secret" and the password is "friend." Thanks for everything. Your insight has been very touching and helpful. -Lerin
from janysdrkpoet :
Hey, thanks for the note! That was sweet. Hope to keep reading up on everyone but is hard to do with 2 kids running around like chickens with their heads cut off...ack, anyway, thanks again, glad to be a part of the ring =)
from lerin :
Hi Liza! Yes, I do have AOL instant messenger as "LerinW". Thanks for adding me to your favorites. I was surfing randomly on the Top 100 Sites at Diaryland, and thought we had a lot in common. I never randomly read diaries, so I guess it was meant to be. :) I ended up reading your archives (yes, all of them!) and commenting on them like crazy (don't be freaked-- you were like a book to me that I couldn't put down.) Anyway, feel free to IM me whenever, and I'll look forward to reading more about you! I hope Ron is doing better, and thank you for writing so candidly about your life. It is really strange what a small world we live in. Again, keep writing! Take care and talk to you soon. -Lerin
from lerin :
Hi Liza! I randomly found your site and it seems we have a lot in common. I am a 20-something wife, mom of one, and nanny as well. I'll be stopping by to check out your archives, and maybe you'll end up as a favorite! If you are interested, I did start a nanny diaryring. Love your template. I'll be back soon! Thanks- Lerin
from givemeabreak :
Hi there Liza - you don't know me, but I jumped over to your sight from Theresa's. It sounds like yet another Michigan person - I am in Kalamazoo - and I also read Ursula's journal too...small world. I enjoyed your entry regarding the police officer and the crazy old man. I am just sorry that you have to work with and for total morons. In my profile I start with the words "ranting and raving too"...except I don't have a great picture to go with mine. Hang in there! -Teri
from falenangel :
i have to go w/ ruben. ive only watched ONE show.. but i was like SO amazed by him. jus everything! i honestlie hope he wins! that nite.. i voted for him from 9 till 11 straight. yeah its cheating.. but hey! haha.. :)
from klcranford17 :
Your quiz link isn;t working? :O( And I'm not ashamed of a 40 score...LOL, we gonna laren each other somehow, ya know? My quiz link was all screwy like that the first time I linked it too, then I had to go in a put in a different link because I had it linked as if I was still logged into the quiz. It was calling all my D-Land friends Karen. LOL..
from klcranford17 :
Oh yeah, I left my e-mail addy in your GB a sec ago so you could e-mail me with your help! LOL...:O) Being the sweet person you are....
from falenangel :
the layout looks great! congrats
from twisted-mind :
Your layout looks really good. Good job with your first one! :o) Hope you have a great weekend!
from falenangel :
who said u were a lesbian?!?!?! u know... stuff like that makes me mad. grrr... talkin shiznits that isnt even true. GRRR!!!!! and you're a grown up! thats something really childish to do... take care. oh and im happy for u that u and ur husband have a really good relationship. i hope to find a husband like that one day. for now i have a great boyfriend!
from starlight42 :
Who said you were a lesbian? noone told me! oh- I linked your diary on mine- used your button. it's on my guestbook page- the others dont' have enough room.
from bytwilight :
Uh, oh. Liza, you lesbian! :)
from stitch-revus :
This is Amber from stitch-revus and you requested a review, but did not read the rules. Read them and submit again. Don't forget the secret words! Thank you.
from starlight42 :
Hey- went shopping at lunch, please take the baby mozart cd off Ryan's wish list. His wish has been granted!!
from starlight42 :
No, I didn't see that...did you do that? That's the coolest!
from starlight42 :
by the way, do you have the new dixie chicks, I think I said I was going to make you a copy...? If you still don't have it, I'll make one & bring it to the party.
from mommymartin :
well i am glad you like my lay out! do you have any messengers you sound like you would be fun to chat with.!
from groban83 :
Soory I cannot understand my messages sometimes I meant we had a walk out where I work which is high school. I don't know what to think of war.
from being-katie :
Hey...i saw your banner - really caught my attention, and then i opened it and found this incredibly sweet entry =) I love it!! Going to read some more of your entries now! Feel free to call in on my diary sometime if you feel like it! Take Care & God Bless Katie
from cassiopeia- :
My husband did it! I will ask him to send you the link! Right now I am fighting for the computer with the baby, someone taught her how to play games on MY computer and not his! Take care, Sandy
from mommymartin :
yes men arrrrg james is never around james III so i see no reason that he shoudl have the right to yell at him but of course my anger with hubby stems from alot of other stuff like his irresponsibitlty!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh!! men suck sometimes!
from mommymartin :
thank you for siging my guest book. dont worry about the amount of time it took lol i know how it is. and no your not the onlky parent who cant stand her kid not sleeping under the same roof. james is almost 2 and he just last month spent his first night away from me lol i had barley even let anyone watch him before that maybe like a total of 30 min-1 hour had he ever been away from me before that night and the only reason he spent the night away was because we were moving in to our new house that night!!! lol i missed him soooo much!!!!!!! how old is your little one? feel free to email me or message me anytime!!! i am always on to talk seeing as i am a sham!!!!lol have a great day!
from great-views :
Hello. Your review is up at Great-Views. You can view it at this URL- Take Care-Carmela
from maralisa :
Has your guestbook disappeared or am I just going mad? I'm sorry to hear you had to lock for a while.I know the feeling. As to Valentines day - well as long as you love each other who cares about cards and the like?
from klcranford17 :
OK, so this is tooo funny that you posted the disclaimer....
from klcranford17 :
Uhoh... Your LOCKED?? May I have the user/passowrd...? PLEASEEEE [email protected]
from sodelightful :
Just wanted to say that your new layout is fabulous ;)
from starlight42 :
just wanted to tell you I'm glad you gave your scroll bar some color, it was hard to find before. like the web page too- I finally got your recipe for the potatoes! yum
from bitch-review :
Your review is up. Good job.
from sacredwhore :
Geez girl chill. Take it from a recent homebuyer, it will work out. So what if you don't get that credit card paid off this year, you can get it done with next years tax return. Just be glad you have the option of using your tax return.
from maralisa :
username=passport, password=control xx
from sheblogs :
awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!! :D
from opinionshere :
Your Opinions Here review is up! Thanks for submitting!
from some-trouble :
Hiya, I just wanted to say that thanks for picking me to be your reviewer on behalf of Our-Views. I've been really lucky lately as the last two diaries I have ben given have been a joy to read. I have made a few comments on your layout so I hope that you aren't too upset with me... Like I said I DO like your design, I just think that with a little work it could be even better than it is now. I always feel bad making comments or suggestions, but I aim to give an honest opinion and I hope you appreciate that. I'll be back soon to read more about your family and your son (he's adorable). Take Care, Jo
from candid-revu :
Ever thought of having your diary reviewed? Try candid-revu, for your reviewing pleasure ;) *this isn�t spam, we�re just letting you know we�re open*
from threem3 :
my new diary is sexyoldman which should be up and going in a day or so. Thanks for your notes
from threem3 :
no, i'm unlocked again. I;ll explain later
from mary-poppins :
Oh yes I know.. It's absolutely terrible about Eric.. he was SUCH an absolute sweetheart. But, as yoo read, I will not cry anymore. He's my guardian angel. Take care -ginuh
from threem3 :
Thanks for the note...I'm glad you like my writing. I just read your story about walking in on the 85 year old masturbator...probably bad timing for me to write what I wrote today *smile*. Anyway, you got to give the guy some credit for the big compliment he paid you. ( I know, yuck!) Hope to hear from you again. I'll add you to my favorites too
from ceciliamarie :
I just thought it would be fun to be the first one ;)

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