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from sunflowery :
Hi! I was just updating my profile and noticed you hadn't updated in over 3 months. When I clicked to read your last entry, I saw that you are locked. I am sorry to lose you as a regular (or not so regular) read. Hope all is well. If you are giving out your password, may I be included? Thanks!
from darkest-elf :
Hey... just saying I love(d) your diary, and I'm sorry it's locked. I hope all is well and that your life is going great.
from discothekid :
Thank entry slayed me, hon.
from darkest-elf :
i hope you come back soon...
from discothekid :
I'm sorry that you're quitting for a while. Maybe you can writ about what you're going through? Get mad and fucking do it! Maybe not? Either way get through this.
from darkest-elf :
I second that juice thing, though I keep reading raves about grape juice... apple, grape, prune or cherry juice, apparently. *reads* Warm baths... uhh... honey and kyro syrup, but in rare cases they cause botulism(?) Great advice. Boiled, cooled plain water. "A jar of prune baby food will make the child relieve itself within two hours!" ... Take that for what it's worth. ;P
from dani-lou :
Apple juice does wonders, but dilute it a little. It works so well, you'll be shocked! Toodles, Dani.
from bsg7sea :
Hey- my cousin had a problem when he was very small infant where he had soem sort of semi-closure in his stomach- he would vomit 90% of his food (and nearly 100% of all the liquid he took in) and having very hard time passing stools. He had to have a minor operation and is 100% fine. I don't know what it was called but I remember how he was so little and kept loosing weight etc. Just a thought Good thoguhts! -bsg-
from morbidium :
Entitled little snots who look down their noses at anyone who doesn't drive a late-model luxury vehicle and can't find love that doesn't come in less than 3 karats, you just described my sister.....sad isn't it?
from sparksfley :
My two boys are two years apart, and share a room. I remember when we finally put Logan, our youngest in his crib, I was still getting up every 3 hours or so to feed him. This however, never seemed to wake up Joseph, our oldest, who was sleeping in the same room. And when it got REALLY bad, he seemed to get that the baby was just pissed, and went right back to sleep. So, maybe it won't be too difficult?
from moviegrrl :
Ok, a possible different approach that may help you get more sleep is GINA FORD's method The book is called "How to Have A Contented Baby" and she's very hot on sleep. Bascially if you retructure Charlie's routine slighly you may be able to get her asleep in such a manner that once she's properly settled she won't wake up again until the morning, whereby your crib problem is no longer a problem. Ferber never worked for us, but Ford worked like a charm, and it may well be more Griffin friendly...
from hissandtell :
Hello. I just discovered your diary and I will be sure to be back to read more. Just so you know things aren't as quiet out there as you might have thought...
from splorch :
PS Leave Griff with J and come over for cheese dip here. (I just left this message in my own damn notes. Hee. I are dumm.)
from splorch :
HOLY CRAP! Dude! We must buy you a bubble! Or something. That sucks.
from bastion :
Your entry made me think of a boy not quite dry behind the ears yet, realizing he had the health and welfare of mate now. Then less than a year later realized that he had become a father. Damn, only ten years old mentally and a dad. Panic for a while. The Wondering Jew
from amomslife :
Hey! Congrats on your new addition! It's nice to see your humor back on the net! Best wishes for a quick hormonal recovery!
from darkest-elf :
I got bored and started reading from the beginning, because your journal delighted me... and what I truly need to know is where your friend found those who sent a package of excrement to the evil man, because I think I'd like to make my own delivery. Kudos ;P
from shortbow :
Okay, I'm going to give you one of those hum-drum platitudes that you hear so'll get better, trust me. *smiles* I know exactly how you feel. A couple of years ago, my husband lost his job due to company downsizing which suddenly thrust us into the position of trying to live off of my salary alone...which at that point was about $20,000 a year. He was jobless for about a year and during that year, we bounced more checks, missed more bills and just basically screwed ourselves over financially as we had to pick and chose between eating or paying bills. As it stands, it's going to be awhile before we dig ourselves out of the bad credit pit. But, my point is, it will get better. It looks terrible now, but it will level out for you. I know it will in my heart, even though I have no real basis for my faith in things. It did for my husband and myself, and it will for the two of you. If nothing else, I'm over here sending ya some good vibes.
from bluelights :
This may seem like a mean-spirited question [please trust me it's not], but if you guys have always had money troubles why did you opt to have more kids? I know they're fabulous and wonderful and all that, but they are also a MAJOR expense, the kind that can put a couple who are already struggling financially under the mill.
from waycoolmama :
I was on full-on bedrest and drugs with both my pregnancies... 2 months with one and 4+ months with my twins. They were all early, and I even had chicken pox during the twins and bought out a pharmacy during the entire 4+ months on my back. Some were to sleep, as well. (They didn't work for shit but that's not where I'm going with this.) Read 'Drugs and Credit Cards' in my archives if ya want. Uh... so where I AM going, is that you need not worry so much about hatching the little one earlier than expected, and don't worry about taking a little something to help you sleep. Ask the doc. Lack of sleep will make you literally lose your mind... (I know cuz I'm still kinda looking)... and you should probably have as much of it as you can when you do finally deliver. My twins were in NICU for just a week and were quickly as healthy and as strong as any fat full term baby. P.S. I'm convinced that MY futon may be equipped with soothing anesthetic transmitters. I even moved my alarm clock to the living room. :o)
from gwendolen71 :
Hugs. That's all. Lots and lots of hugs for Lizard.
from curiosekwe :
transmogrify? has the readership of calvin and hobbes become a part of pop culture to the point of invented words landing in the dictionary? next thing you know bush's no child left behind will make calvinball a private school snob sport...
from jump154 :
Chicagowench is right... 30 weeks and the odds are pretty good. My girls were 28 weeks,and they were given 80% chance.. You are on the downhill stretch now -- every day and weeks and things get better and better. I'm rooting for ya! J
from curiosekwe :
hmm, i feel your pain (in a way). i tend to be the sort that lets things go until i realize i really cant anymore. and then sometimes i figure its too late and let it go sommore. in your case, i think that it would be much much better to contact a real live person that can diagnose you and find out you didnt need to than vice versa. think about it this way - your call keeps that person in the job. thats what they get paid for, and such. take care of yourself, and fuck what other people might think.
from gitchee :
Always call your OB when you are in doubt. I have been down both roads. The roads battling infertility and the worrisome pregnancy following. My daughter was actually born at 24 weeks pregnancy, and frankly that was scarier than any human should have to ever face. I know the thought of bedrest is very scary, especially with a little one at home. I almost had to do that with my second pregnancy. Fortunately, I did not have to go that route. Sending lots of good pregnancy vibes your way.
from jump154 :
Hey, Just letting you know that keeping calling your OB is absolutely the CORRECT thing to do. We had a very lucky escape with our girls -- On a Friday my ex noticed something different, but as she had an OB appt on Monday decided to ask then. Went on on Monday, 1 hour later was in The Labour and Delivery Ward, and they were trying to stop the Labour she was in. She had dilated... The girls were finally born 1 week later, but 3 months early. But the important thing was they were born in the right place, and got the right care and all was OK. BUT if she had delayed any further...who knows. So I alwasy tell everyone to call for anything they don't feel good about -- this one could be slightly different from last time. So you are doing the right thing. Jump
from olive4ever :
I'm new to this venue but utterly identify with what you're describing at work. I've been a graphic designer/artist for years and got tired of the abuse that usually wasn't intended by clients but often seemed personally meant by bosses. So now I'm my own boss. Occasional forays into the bathroom to berate my chagrined face in the mirror don't dampen my ardor to work for myself. Huge financial adjustment, I've had to have nerves of steel on more than one occasion. Just read several of your diary entries for the first time today, and find them deeply enjoyable, your word use is very satisfying (I'm also a contract editor, and have seen some withering crap that necessitated mental hip waders to navigate). Thanks for the terrific stuff.
from wilder3 :
It is rather strange. Birthdays and Defenestrations. How About Celebrating your Birth day in july On the Fourth???????? Rocks defenestrate People Fenestrate And With Mucho Grande Grisaille I bid thee ado.
from silver23 :
i know exactly what you mean about the birthday thing... but i'm a spoiled brat too.. hehehe... anyways, happy birthday!!!!
from boardho : ~ ~ tilde
from mentalblank :
Oh! I love your mommy stories! Your son is very lucky to have you!
from ker :
Griffin stories are always cute and welcome :)
from splorch :
Ahhhh, yes, the Wiggles. Thanks to my sister singing that fucking 'dance the oobie doo' song nonstop, I have decided that my house is a Wiggle-free zone. I'm not sure if it's because of the song or because of my sister, though. Hee.
from hrtsmom :
Ah, yes, the two-kids-in-the-car thing. DH and I decided long ago that that's why God intended children to have two parents.
from bluelights :
Sounds like you may need to take it easy for a while. When are you taking leave?
from juliekins :
leezard! My diaryland diary is going away--if you still wanna link to me, I'm at now. (I linked to you from there, wheee!)
from boardho :
Miss Double D, you crack me up.
from lizardspace :
I was a little person with a huge rack. The reduction was 100% covered by insurance because of back and health issues. Personally, I hated having to schlep all that boobage around. I don't regret the surgery one little bit, even though there were issues with breastfeeding, as I learned after about 1 week with a miserable, hungry infant. Not even going to attempt it this time.
from bsg7sea :
Curious from a fellow woman who wears big bras and hates it- what were your reasons for the reduction? How sucessful was it and did it hinder the grif's feeding in anyways? Love!
from misokitty :
Hi, me again. I strongly urge you to go to and click on the section for Financial Counseling. They offer one on one counseling sessions for families in the EXACT SITUATION that yours is in. Their rates are very low if not free. If there is not a counselor in your area, you can do it over the phone. Tell them everything you wrote in your "Panic" entry and they WILL help you develop a plan. I'm convinced once you have a plan, you won't feel as panicked. The Dave Ramsey Group is a wonderful, effective, caring organization of people who want to help working families have peace about their finances. Please email me if you want to talk about this. I'll even give you my number and you can call me collect! I was so moved by the fear I read in your post and I want to help you. Peace, Michelle
from misokitty :
Take several deep breaths and calm down. Put on your favorite music, light a candle, have a cup of tea or coffee. Tell yourself the following: My family is taken care of today. Today we have food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. Today we have everything we need. Then for the next month, start writing down every cent you and your husband spend and what you spent it on. You will start to get an idea of where your money is going. That will give you the sense of control that you so desperately want right now to feel secure. The next step is to sit down with your husband and together figure out how you can trim expenses or increase your income. Can you have a garage sale? Eat out less ofter? Get basic cable instead of deluxe package? Cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions? Ideas like that. You and your husband can set up a spending plan where you plan where each and every dollar of income will be spent. If you have to revise the plan (and you will), the two of you sit down and revise it together. Put all extra money into a savings account for emergencies only. Maybe you can up the account so that both you and your husband's signature is required for withdrawals so you both have to agree that it is and actual emergency (and wedding gifts don't count as emergencies!). Your immediate goal is to get $1,000 in the emergency fund. Pay minimums on all debts until this is done. Contact your credit card companies and ask for the lowest interest that they can give you. Even better is to cut up all the credit cards. At least put them away and stop using them. You will find it difficult to get financial peace while charging on the credit cards. Once you have $1,000 dollars saved in emergency savings fund, you can begin to pay off your debts. Put them in order from smallest balance to largest balance. Put all extra money toward the smallest one until it is paid off. Then do the same for the next smallest and so on. I know this seems like a lot and overwhelming but having a plan will help you to feel secure and in control - which I'm hearing you really need right now. Don't worry about the wedding gifts. Did you know that wedding etiquette says you have up to a year after the wedding to send a gift? Don't worry about home repairs. Do the bare minimum required to prevent further damage in the next few months while you get yourself on your feet. Go to your library and check out any book by Dave Ramsey. Especially "Financial Peace". He has a step by step plan (that I've been describing above) for easing the panic you are feeling and helping you to regain your footing. If your library doesn't have it, ask for an interlibrary loan. Or, if you send me your mailing address, I'll be happy to mail you my extra copy for free. Also visit for information. Peace, Michelle
from curiosekwe :
dont sweat the housework, our society is over anal about unimportant shit like that, and in any case why the hell is it your job? doesnt your husband also have responsibility for this? my advice is to just accept the bitchyness and bad feelings and realize that eventually the shit will pass over and you'll have found ways to deal with that which is currently unacceptable to you. ;)
from moviegrrl :
as you can tell from the sporadic nature of my entries you are NOT alone in your slump. although that sounds more cold comfort than it was meant to!!!!
from sylvan27 :
Hey - I know sorta how you feel. I am at a crossroads in my life too - jobsearching and feeling very critical and down on myself. I just started reading your stuff and I really like it. Hang in there!
from jump154 :
Oh yeah -- hope you get sunshine too, but I have it booked up here for the weekend, as I'm standing next to a racetrack for 8 hours a day....
from jump154 :
Hey you. You sound like I was about 6 months ago... one thing that helped me.. .. Now you'll have to filter out the OTT 'gushiness' of the sight, but the underlying message and system WORKS. My kids never argue about supper now. My grocery bill went down by 30%. I'm paying off debts for a change. Sometimes, the house gets cleaned! (have to work on that one) Give it a read, and try it.You can always stop. Jump
from drahmaqueen :
Hey there. You need sunshine on your face my dear. You need a day to do something for your self. And just so you know, I enjoy your writing. I wish I wrote as well as you do. Maybe one day I will... Hope you feel better.
from discothekid :
congratulations. I love your diary and that was one well deserved award.
from sparksfley :
My husband has a theory. He says everyone should be armed with paintball guns. Each offense is one color. They do X, and they get X color shot at their car. When they have so many of one color, the police pull them over and take their car.
from drahmaqueen :
Today has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. I popped in to read your diary and I have been laughing my ass off. I needed it so much tonight, what a release...thanks for the break. Ain't it fun to be pregnant? ahem.
from moviegrrl :
{{HUGS}} Oh Lori, trust me I know exactly what you're going through with this one. If you need me, you know where I am. {{MORE HUGS}}Stay frosty.
from missleigh :
I'm a huge fan of the non-breakfasty type of foods for breakfast. I love to eat leftover pasta dishes in the morning, or something else garlic laden!
from helderheid :
Oh yes, that is so true. 2 kids is more than twice as hard, my mom told me. What she didn't say was that it is infinitely more rewarding. CONGRATULATIONS! -Helderheid - mom of 2 kids
from hrtsmom :
Congrats on the new pregnancy, and my best wishes. I've been reading your blog for a few months now and I so hope this pregnancy goes well for you. Having two children will bring on a whole new ballgame for you. Enjoy!
from moviegrrl :
i too, am a slave to stats, which is both bogus and sad...
from moviegrrl :
hey - input is input - if i didn't want it, i wouldn't ask!!!! oh and {HUGS} - just because i can!
from amiebea :
LOVE your diary. My husband and I are trying to conceive as well. Right now we are just trying the timing, eating well, living right method. But I am sure we will proceed to other methods as we go along. I really feel for you and am sorry it's been so hard. I added your diary to my favorites. Check it out sometime. Keep writing it down so we can keep helping you along. It may take a villiage to raise a child, but I think it also takes a community to live a life. Bless you!
from moviegrrl :
sweetie - you rock!!!
from b-w-p :
You may wish to check out your health insurance company's pharmacy policy (formulary) regarding compounded medications. It's likely that you will be prescribed progesterone suppositories, which are typically made at only a few pharmacies in each region. It may take time to find a pharmacy covered under your plan that also is equipped to make the items. Good luck and God bless.
from ker :
Good luck with the results!
from moviegrrl :
we've found cheapie flights to Dublin (£29 one way..) so here's hoping......
from sidherian :
I was reading the other day & there are a number of battle plans for blemishes on the site that might help.
from cyberayngel :
Have you tried Proactive? I hear good things about that. And you can also buy some meds from another skin care line (Artistry). But if you want more, info on the second one, let me know. My boyfriend's daughter has a bad acne problem & Proactive seems to work for her. Becky
from ker :
I know there are a lot of good meds you can't use if you're trying to get pregnant, so why don't you try something more natural? In highschool, to kick my acne, I used onion. Cut an onion in half, before bedtime, and rub it on your face. Get some really good soap so you can wash the smell off in the morning. It worked for me. Good luck!
from curiosekwe :
i feel your pain, only its related in an odd way. i generally never had a lot of acne, but now that im on the pill to combat the ovarian cysts that may prevent me from ever having kids (ironic use, hey?) i am breaking out like nobody's business. i have no solution except washing my face like 5 times a day and picking off the dry crusties obsessively. im sure its very sexy.
from moviegrrl :
try investing in some mask of magmaminty from LUSH, which will work on your back as well as your face. Other than that, luvvie, all i can say is "spooky" as my next entry was gonig to be along the lines of my face i currently an acne stadium.....
from moviegrrl :
if you leave dland it means you have to email me more often - ok? as for Griffin in pull-ups, god we thought we were doing SO well with Siobhan coming up to her second birthday and then it all fell by the wayside again. She's still in nappies and now not only will she not tell us she needs the toilet, she also won't tell us if she's poo-ed. Which means if she's in her room playing happily, while i'm in our room, well you hardly need a diagram. So HANG IN THERE babe! smooch
from rising :
I know I haven't quite stood where you're standing hon... but I've been next door at least. And I can paritally relate to how scary this is. Anyway, I'll be thinking of you, your husband, and Griffin. If you need someone to talk to, I'm pretty easy to find.
from jump154 :
You know, that cave sounds quite an attractive proposition..hmmm just me and my puter and an internet connection..
from howieto :
I happened upon you today and you saved me from complete boredom at work. It should also be noted that you used "snarky" in your profile. Very good sign.
from helderheid :
Clicked on your banner. You had me laughing out loud. You are on my favorites list, missy! I'll definitely be following your entries.
from moviegrrl :
THIS IS A GREAT BIG HUG JUST FOR YOU and here's a kiss to- MWAH!!!!! look after yerself kitten, Sas
from irnothing :
I have this one rather irritating habit. I will click on one of these new-fangled "advertising banners" if it looks interesting or strange. I will then proceed to read through an entry or 3. After that, I will check out the profile. Then click on some random diary that is listed there. Then the process begins anew until I have found one of interest, or I grow weary of my seemingly aimless clicking with this, whatchacallit..., mouse. I ended up here as the result of some severe aimless clicking and come back again and again simply because it is interesting, witty, and funny. Keep up the good work. Gale
from mangoprawns :
from moviegrrl :
now I'm SURE we were separated at birth... *grin* Sas
from splorch :
Aw, honey. Fuck you, too. *SMOOCH*
from moviegrrl :
Have a lovely time, and I hope Atlanta can live up to it! (And as you rhapsodise about Atalnta, I'm going all squishy thinking about Liverpool - *sniff*!) Sas
from ker :
Actually, I heard that if you cut a few inches off the bottom of your X-mas tree stump, then stick the tree in a big bucket of water overnight, it can suck up something like a gallon. That might help it stay up longer ;) (Of course, we've had fake trees since I was 7...)
from flyinby :
i enjoyed reading your entries, and i will be back for more. oh, i found this diary by clicking on a banner. (in case you were curious)
from bluenuisance :
I'm all about the not thinking!
from moviegrrl :
brrr- christmas, and haemorraging money.Have told all my friends this year that they can have either a personalised e-card OR web design OR mix tape OR slap up meal cooked by me next year, but they ain't getting presents. So far they've all been quite cool about it!
from moviegrrl :
have a great thanksgiving, stay sane! best love Sas x
from christa02 :
l'll have to agree on you about john malkovich :) have you seen him in Joan of Arc with Milla Jonovich? i loved him in Con Air
from deadstylish :
clicked on ur banner. u've intrested me and struck me as being similar even tho we're a gazillion miles apart and very different. plus we like d author marian keyes ... did u read the 1 where it was abt her own life? cos the way u wrote some bits about ur profile struck me as very similar :)
from jasmine-star :
As an avid reader of your diary and friend of moviegrrl, I have followed Griffins antics with great interest, and marvelled on a daily basis at how your and moviegrrl's lives are so similar and how we all seem to have the same out look on life. And how astounded I was to find out about Griffins asthma/not asthma, I have the same thing colds an coughs seem to just love me, when I get one its to stay, like an unwanted house guest. I donít have exercise induced asthma so running and exercising is not an indication if I have it or not. I have the fun one ALERGY induced asthma, and as I have hey fever, live in a big city (London) with lots of pollution and am allergic to every fluffy thing on earth (including some teddy bears). I feel for your son, and can assure you that oral steroids donít just have that effect on kids!!! They are hell on the adults too.
from roadiepig :
I landed on your page because of your banner ad, and enjoyed my stay. We seem to have listed some of the same favorites, so Iím surprised I havenít been by before today!Ö I will be back for more (even thought I have the dreaded ďY chromosomeĒ ;)
from bluenuisance :
Thanks for the note! I'm glad I gave you a laugh. Your writing is awesome.
from zyzyha :
It's funny you should write that stuff about personal hygiene; you sound exactly like me. I'm so hideously lazy. I love winter because you can wear trousers everyday and don't have to shave your legs so much, and I never used to floss but now I'm obsessed with it. I went to the hygienist recently and she practically told me I was the storer of half the world's plaque. So now, if I'm not rinsing with the mouthwash, I'm flossing like crazy. But, I'm lazy and I can't be bothered and that's why I'm sitting here when I really should be having a shower. Must. Do. It. Now.
from of-her-soul :
Garbage is sexy, I agree.
from diaryreviews :
Hey! It's Caroline from diaryreviews. Your review is up at "". Thanks for giving me the oppurtunity to review your great diary!
from moviegrrl :
ugh! money! i know EXACTLY what you're talking about, in the great grannd scheme of trying to reorgamise our finacnes so that we can actually LIVE i am now the one who deals with the consumer credit guys, i arrange the bill paying, and all the cash goes into my new account. And it's stressful as hell when i get told "Oh I need 40quid to pay back so and so....." It's a foul situation. So as ever you have my sympathies and hugs! Sas
from jasmine-star :
I love halloween with kids, but you didnt tell us what costume he was wearing ????
from keryanna :
I think, regarding women who stay/pick bad men, the issue is habit. It's scary to abandon what you know ... even if your present circumstances aren't exactly the healthiest. Fear is a great motivator. That's why many of us are content to let our ideal job, husband, life exist only in our dreams - because to fly to worlds we know not of is far too risky of a proposition. That aside, thank you for visiting my diary ...and for making me aware of yours :) I'll definitly be peeking into your psyche on a regular basis.
from devallyk :
No, you're right. It does seem that she enjoys messing with my head. Paul was saying the same thing last night. Shame 'm such a sucker I can't simply tell her to take a running jump, huh?
from jibbermonkey :
I love your diary!! Read mine it is [email protected]!!!
from rockyraven :
Hey you nice diary
from moviegrrl :
But Lori - to me YOU are one of the cool kids!!!! *shy grin* x Sas
from sidherian :
1999 - I was watching a drag show perform to an extended dance mix of "Final Countdown", standing in a crowd of around 5000 people at a dance party. It was odd, very odd. Love your diary, just started reading.
from sorcerer :
An explanation of my previous note, through anecdote: I once found a diary that I liked to read. The diary was witty and sarcastic and interesting. I read it every day. Then one day the diarylander said that she felt discouraged that she didn't get many visitors (other than me, I guess), and that if things didn't pick up, she was going to stop writing. Nowadays she hardly updates at all, just a couple of lines here and there. But I liked to read that diary! I would like for that scenario to not repeat. :(
from splorch :
oh my GOD, it *is* a small (journalling)world! I take it you've been to MATH+1, too?
from caithalia :
you should try listening to Johnatha Brooke, if you haven't already. i bet you'd like her.
from spamloaf410 :
Regarding your entry about Diarylanders wanting an audience...this is very true. I know everyone that *I* know from Diaryland wants people to read their stuff...if not, why would people go out of their way to change the layouts of their diaries...for just themselves? I think not...I know in my case, I love having an audience; it inspires me to write every day, and to make my layout as entertaining as possible. I kept a written journal for almost 3 years, but I find this online thing to be much better...if you're life is worth talking about, might as well share. ^_^ toodles!
from silvermaiden :
*looks around shiftily* Um, Hi. I'm Random Internet Person number 31415926535... Heh. Stumbled across your diary (via banner, I think?) and added you to my faves. Somehow, somewhen, you remind me of an older version of "me," at least in your humor. *Smile* I dunno. Just felt the need to poke you, since you asked to be poked. (Poke, in this context, meaning "to bother.")
from jump154 :
Hey -- no worries about the grammer stuff. I needed to get better -- i'd annoy myself when re-reading. Thanks for the wakeup call! And the message did not get lost -- thanks.. DO you find the .... and the ---- habit annoying? Jump
from sorcerer :
Hey there, you said that you wanted feedback, so here is some. For starters, you seem to understand English grammar, which means you're one step ahead of the rest of the internet (as well as every boss I've ever had). Secondly you have just the right amount of cynicism to let me know that you have your own brain . . . though really I don't know why lack of cynicism spells brainlessness to me. So it's good to read, and it's witty, and it's entertaining . . . but will I go out and recommend this diary to all of my friends? Probably not (in fact I've never done anything like that). Are you sure you want your diary to turn into a popularity contest anyway? Time for me to sleep.
from jump154 :
Thanks...And i'll work at the spelling...(thinks maybe write in word and cut/paste...or just slow down..) I type like I play the Piano -- All the right notes, just not neccessarily in the right order..
from jump154 :
PS -- you owe me feedback (assuming you have read my diary...)
from jump154 :
Cooo -- 2 notes now...shows i read ya! I empathise very much with today's being an Engineer, which must mean freakin miracle worker in everyone else's dictionary..(I do do minor miracles at times, when I feel like it). Mostly it is someone on the floor saying "This does now work, and I want it fixed NOW!! (fair) then next day going to their boss to complain "The lazy engineer hasn't fixed it yet"..when i'm still trying to work out what the hell has happened.. LoL -- you're not alone.. But then I do it as well ...I have been heard to say "Oh, that will be easy, it's just software...." but normally just to get a rise out of our software developer.. He he he Jump
from jasmine-star :
Hello, It feels a bit freaky to be reading someone else's diary to begin with, but then to find some who seems to have exactly the same out look on life and feels strongly about the same things. You have me laughing out loud at work and crying at one point too. Thanx, Jessica P.S. You need to mail 'moviegrrl' and ask her about the Bear Bum Tights, you will appreciate it after your experience with Naked Boy.
from jump154 :
And I was grumpy this weekend, cos the kids were with my ex, and I have no relatives on this continent... But my quiet holiday weekend now sounds blissful...
from moviegrrl :
hi i stumbled across your pages, after a friend similarly stumbled across them today. (Sorry if that doesn;t make sense - it's 6.00 in the morning, and i'm awake after a nightmare.) Anyhoo, we both decided there and then you were someone we'd want to go out drinking with ! (sounds more stalker-ish than it is!!! I rilly am v tired.....) Just read some more of your pages and have come across the miscarriage ones.....god really yukks it up sometimes, huh? (one miscarriage 3 years ago, 1 stillbirth 7 years ago, and if you want an example of grim hospital behaviour i was put back on the pregnancy ward and got to hear the sound of other people's babies ALL DAY....). My story has a happy ending, but that's not the point right now, the point is that god is sometimes a wanker, but now and again you come across a random soul who knows it too and is always good to rant and roar at.... keep writing, i'm hooked! (i'm a newbie too with even fewer pages than you, please feel free to drop by) Sarah
from elizbeth :
i'm such a freak, but i feel bad about leaving a note about your layout and nothing else. since you haven't been on diaryland very long, you may not be aware of which is basically a place where you can go to get some beautiful layouts designed by other people. ps my layout is beyond hideous on my computer. i think it all depends on the browser. it looked decent on IE on the PC i designed it on, but looks bad on my PC in Netscape and looks bad on IE on the mac i'm on now. i don't know, computers are weird that way.
from elizbeth :
bonjour, another random banner ad clicker... i know you only have seventeen entries, and i think you are capable of HTML (seeing as all of your add-ons look normal) so i was wondering why you still use the run of the mill dland template as the basis of your diary? i mean, you're a graphic designer, no? really, its just that when i read a fun diary it always disappoints me when the layout is not reflective of the writer, as it perhaps should be. i sound like such a bitch, and i'm really not, because other than the layout issues, i think you're great! (i have this need to leave people notes about their layouts because i believe in beauty, especially in web design --> then again, you may find my layout hideous, so i guess its all a matter of taste). keep writing! =)
from gonzokid :
High there...Randomly came acroos your little words, and although you seem like someone I would never hang out with, I get a kick out of you entries~! SO keep writing...Check out some of my entries some time and tell me how much I suck- Laters, Gonzokid
from mamalou :
Hello!! I just randomly clicked on the ad for your diary. I've only read one entry. I loved it. I might not have thought to write you a note...but then I saw your "word of the day" and knew I'd found someone with whom I can relate. I just started here in diaryland and only have 12 entries or so. But I have a word of the day thing going on too. I'm an idiot...but I was absolutely thrilled to see that at the bottom of the page. Yes, I tend towards dorkism. I've already got your diary on my desktop and am looking forward to reading more. But right now I'm horribly late for work. As is my usual state. By the way...I'll never forgive my parents for not forcing me to take gymnastics. I'm sure I could have won the gold in the Olympics. As it is.....I can barely do a cartwheel. I did, however, take piano lessons for years...and can barely play chopsticks.

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