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from dangerspouse :
You're welcome.
from catsoul :
6/5/15....hi. I don't usually leave notes but I felt that after reading yours today you may need a note. I don't judge people. I was wondering why your girlfriend can't work and do her "art" after work hours. In this day and age it takes two incomes to just make it or break even in the bill paying department. Also $10,000 isn't really alot of money in one's retirement account, just saying. Sounds like she could also use some career counseling. How long has your relationship been going with her? Just wondering. Glad you were able to vent here. Keeping feelings and concerns contained inside oneself is harmful to you and her. She really should know how you are feeling with all this responsibility on your shoulders. Take Care. =^..^=
from lostgeek :
Thanks for the comments. (The car repair wasn't that expensive, and the money issues have all really calmed down now.) I should take a moment and be grateful for that. Because that's a big one, and you should appreciate things like that instead of getting sucked into all the little day-to-day dissatisfactions.
from college-kid :
Yikes-- hope it isn't a radiator leak or a bad water pump. Have had BOTH of those, and they're not cheap to fix. I'm with you-- hoping it's something cheap~
from illusionless :
Hello. I just started reading your diary and added you to my buddy list! I look forward to ready new entries soon.
from cordeliameg :
I would probably annoy the shit out of you, because I can't help but ramble most of the time.
from annanotbob2 :
I like what you said a few posts back about looking for affirmation from random people on the internet. It articulated an unease I've been having about my own behaviour. Best wishes.
from lostgeek :
thanks for the nice messages. (For a while, I didn't even realize anyone was actually READING my diary!) :)<P>And yes, it would be great if the IRS paid freelancers for filing all the extra required paperwork... :)
from college-kid :
I think my boyfriend would be able to relate to that. He doesn't like going to social outings with my friends because he feels they don't have anything in common and he isn't able to contribute to conversations. I tend to agree with him and always give the option of opting out of a get-together. You're obviously really stressed and frustrated-- I hope it all works out. (:
from college-kid :
If you ask me, anyone who does freelance should receive money from the IRS just because of what a pain in the ass it is to file a tax return. Wouldn't it be nice. D:
from lostasyou :
Adding you to my buddy list thingy :)
from codine :
j.c. from SE MI? hit me up.
from college-kid2 :
Goodness, is your girl on Birth control? The only reason I'm asking is because I'm CONVINCED birth control is evil. While I was on it I was constantly moody and depressed and when I got off I returned to my happy go lucky old self. The extra dose of hormones just makes ya crazy!
from college-kid :
*Faves* Because I feel a special geeky connection with you.
from milkykis :
Hi i am halle thomaz. i waz looking 4 a online diary and thiz 1 seemed purrfect-o-! how old r u? my diary name iz,milkykis
from westtbard :
Hey, don't feel bad about the bratty part, you're not alone! I went through a tremendously "bratty" period when I was an early teen-I think it all boils down to not knowing where you stand now that you are not longer a little kid and you have all this weird stuff happening to you inside and out that's never happened before. All and all, I think everyone who saw you go through these phases know that that was only a thin slice of who you were; chances are, deep down, they have their own bad memories of similar things they did they regretted. Some of my worse memories were of when I was just being a kid-like when I was in Kindergarten and picked up a red crayon and tried to apply it like lipstick, all because it did not have the original wrapper on it (how was I to know it was still a crayon-all of my crayons at home had wrappers). My worst teenage memories were when I would have head-butting eps with my Mom over clothes, hair, earrings-little did I know that all in all, I really had bad taste in these things at that age! Thank god for life after high school... To summarize, it's all good and normal, and you should forgive yourself!
from antiprofound :
*slight grin* --- I pay enough attention to know that your comment after my name in your profile needs updating...and to know that maybe things aren't going so well. I hope I am wrong about the latter part of my statement.
from antiprofound :
*sigh*....not only am I not the first person to leave you a note but you've typed more entries than me....hehe....i just wanted to thank you for your note and your entry...they cheered me up :) p.s. I'm really glad you got a job!
from sam :
I see you've found a job. You seem to have some mixed emotions about it, but congrats anyways :)
from lealia :
your most recent entry made me smile....i do love hearing that euphoria could erupt at any moment
from sam :
I was just surfing through diaryland and happened upon your diary. Interesting stuff. I think what first caught my eye was your description "entering month 11 of unemployment." I'm entering month two. :(

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